The Great Alchemist, Love – An Answer for World Peace, Pt II

Although I posted this 10 years ago, I believe it remains timely considering the intense times that seems to be “ramping up.”

Accessing Your Higher Self

The following post is a response to a comment in an earlier post entitled: “The Great Alchemist, Love – An Answer for World Peace.” (Thanks Vicky! Your deep and thoughtful comments generated some thoughts that I wish to express here). It also addresses some of the issues of fear and freedom as expressed in my post, “Zeitgeist the Movie.”

Yes, the world is at a critical juncture in time: the mass consciousness of people on the planet, along with all the warfare and violence has created incredibly destructive “resonant fields” of anger and hatred. The imbalance created are like vibratory grids that threaten global destruction. Fear, like invisible talons, hold those who succumb to its voice in perpetual paralysis and confusion. We stand like deer in the headlights awaiting the inevitable “hit.”

A million Jesuses, Krishnas, Buddhas and Muhammads can come to earth, but unless we individually release the dense…

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