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I’m familiar—as most people are—with the emotional states of sadness, grief, joy, anger, etc. The wide emotional range of what it means to be human. Take joy for example. If we follow the sensations that move through the body, it seems to trigger a smile response upon our face, which also has a sensation. Now, when tuning into the sensation/vibration of joy in the body, the mind’s attention can easily follow and “attune” to the vibration. It offers a natural way of focusing the mind, relaxing the tight and distracted mind.

The body has the sensitivity to feel deeply and in this sensitivity to vibration, we can learn to use any feeling/sensation to go deeply into the body, to attune the mind—in resonance—with exquisitely fine sensations. What value does this have?

For one thing, it is a natural and simple way of focusing the mind, a way of releasing thought loops of worries and anxieties. Also, when the attention is focused upon sensations in the body, the natural pathway of attention, of mind, seems to be towards finer and more subtle vibration… and it is in this subtlety that the connection to the Bliss Resonance can be established.

I find it interesting that in all my years of meditation “practice,” my attachment (and rigidity) to doing technique “correctly” served as a mental barrier that would ensure my eternal inability to connect with the fine bliss sensations in the spine that the gurus spoke about.

In releasing the mental constructs of meditation and allowing myself to simply feel and follow the inner prompts of sensations, wherever they started (joyful, sad, angry, scary, etc.), I found that all feelings/sensations are connected to a deeply vast resonance that has an ecstatically “feel good” component.

It is a matter of getting past our inner gatekeeper, the thoughts/beliefs/assumptions we have regarding God, spirituality, techniques.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic. Having thought about this myself too, but somewhat differently.

    I’d go further than the harms of “mental constructs of meditation”.

    How about these unprovable “mental constructs”? Aum or cakras, Third Eyes, or Spinal Currents (kundalini serpents).

    Failing to ever know for ourselves whether we really experience these we rely on the gurus, texts, and spiritual traditions which implanted the concepts in our minds in the first place. It’s a perfect recipe (dished up by the teachers) to never trust oneself, one feelings or sensations.

    • Thanks Scott, for your thoughts and insights. My approach and thinking around the “mental constructs” of Aum, chakras, third eye, etc is this. I have my physical body that is able to feel sensations. I also feel emotions like sadness, joy, anger, etc. I also know that I have what I call the “mind” that wants to make sense of the world. Concepts, such as “Aum” has a very different meaning for me now.
      When I sing/tone Aum, I feel for the sensations that go from the back of the throat and ends at the lips. I tone it in a way that vibrates my nasal cavity. This has a particular sensation that feels really good. That “feel good” sensation expands the more I allow myself to feel.
      It wasn’t always this way. Chanting Om had no real affect on me, at least not in a deep way. It wasn’t until I started throat singing, gutteral singing that I started to feel in a deeper way. Still, no real big shakes. One day, for no reason that I can remember, I noticed how sensations had “underlying” sensations, very fine vibrations that I could feel. Not in my imagination, but really feel. This opened the way for me to explore subtle vibrations. In exploring fine vibrations in the body, I also came to feel exquisite “feel good” sensations.
      Attributing any special “spiritual” meaning to this visceral experience would just get in the way, as the act of thinking about it seems to cut off the deeply felt “feel good” feelings. I describe this as the “Bliss Resonance.” I use the term “Bliss” because in my experience it is a visceral experience, just as intense as sexual orgasm, just in a different area of the body, higher up in the spine. Ascribing otherworldly, spiritual meaning to the experience is not necessary, but words are required in order to convey the process.
      Thanks again Scott, I’m off to bed. Will see about continuing tomorrow!

  2. Hi Scott, I think your above comment is so important to consider, that I’d like to continue this discussion in my next blog entry and will reference your comment. As always, thanks for your participation here!

  3. Hey Bruce: I’ve also experimented while practicing certain yogic and “sacred” chants, sounds or words and their meanings.

    With Aum, Kriya, and Hong-Sau Technique practices, for example, that supposedly require “correct” chanting, intonation, or mentally repeating certain “root” mantras.

    In my meditation technique practices, I’ve compared chanting or mentally repeating using the “correct” mantras or versus some nonsensical or contrary word or chant, such as substituting hong-sau with bull-shit, or blah-blah, or Aum with duhhhhh, or Kriya EE or Ah sounds with omitting the sounds or breaths altogether and just imagining the spinal currents. I discovered the same feelings, saw or heard the same “internal” sights or sounds regardless of the words I used. Does this mean the techniques “work”? Maybe. Does this mean the techniques gave me whatever my mind was programmed to? Probably.

    I’ve also experimented with the “interior” sounds or feelings themselves and discovered that the feelings I get from them were either pleasant, boring, or meaningless depending on the “mental constructs” I interpreted them with. After I stripped away the “mental constructs” instilled in me–by guru, by religious texts, and by spiritual traditions–I found nothing particularly special about meditation practice or the “interior” sounds or sights.

    I look forward to reading your future posts. Thanks

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