The Resonance of Bliss – Portal to Higher Dimensions

Higher Self: As you are beginning to understand, the experience of Bliss is like ambrosia flowing through the energetic field of the body. It is nectar-like and can be moved/pushed/pulled through the spine and the rest of the body. When its resonance reaches a certain stability in the bodily field, the consciousness shifts to accommodate the higher frequencies. How you experience the world then transforms radically, opening up worlds and dimensions previously unimaginable.

If the experience of the world remains at a level of existence that is not to your satisfaction, then it can be changed by connecting deeply with the Bliss vibration. The dimension of struggle and limitation exists only in the resonance of thoughts and beliefs that are stuck in base fears and anxieties around survival. By shifting the body and mind, heart and Spirit to the frequency of Love/Bliss, the consciousness naturally and easily shifts to the dimension that is wider and in harmony with the Soul’s innate longing for Oneness.

Of course, the resonance of the ego’s existence that includes the body and all the circumstances and challenges continues on for the duration of its natural life and according to the soul’s agreements and energetic momentum of its particular “reality.” In other words you still interact with and take care of duties and responsibilities as required by the physics of the world that you were born into. The big difference is that as you receive the deeper and wider field of the Bliss vibration, how you experience “reality” shifts. The sense and experience of the emotions takes on a different “texture.” The vibration of Bliss changes all emotional states­­—significantly the ones such as anger, fear, sadness and depression. Even if circumstances remain the same, Bliss energy has a way of changing the response to them. Invariably though, by shifting the response to difficult emotions, the circumstances also begins to change, more in alignment with Divine Harmony. At first the change might be a greater neutrality towards the “difficult” feelings. With a deeper connection to Bliss, the thoughts and stories surrounding the depressed feelings are short-circuited, opening the field of consciousness to higher dimensions of feelings that attract and create circumstances in alignment with the Soul’s natural longing for Love and Beauty.


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  1. shalom

    Thank you for this beautiful elucidation of the healing, transformative power of love/bliss.

  2. Greg

    Thank you.

  3. Thanks. I have been having some Problems lately regarding psychic attack from negative beings. The information I was guided to and the messages which seem to flow through me, point towards my need to ‘create a high frequency field of energy’, one which is closer to love/bliss. This type of energy seems to scare off, or push away negative beings.

    I’m going to be checking out your blog, thanks. I got here by googling the thoughts which flow into me to help me.

    • Thanks Starlight! I too have found it helpful to create “high frequency fields of energy” around myself before going to sleep. I do this through certain rituals (meditation, chanting, smudging, etc.). Even so, if I’m caught “off-guard” and find myself in a scary place while sleeping, I chant “Om” and focus on the spiritual eye. It’s interesting to note, though, that there are occasions when the remembrance of Spirit and the sense of knowing what to do eludes me…totally! As though even the concept and memory of Love and Spirit is withdrawn for a time. In the past this type of dream was quite perplexing to me. It was easy for my rational and awake mind to think, “It was just a nightmare…” I’ve come to think there is much more at play. It has to do with the idea of “Grace.” To me, when the dream experience of primal fear is accompanied by utter forgetfulness of Love and Divine Protection, the first glimmer of remembrance gives birth to “Grace,” an experience/vibration that infuses the awakening dreamer with waves of gratitude… gratitude for the miracle and mystery of Love!

  4. omnimind2013

    The words on this page have been wonderfully compiled.
    They reflect the truth of the Source found within all of us.
    This is very inspiring material!

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