The Alchemy of Feelings – Tuning Into Bliss Consciousness

Dear Higher Self, in the dimension of this 3D world, along with all of its physical laws, transformation seems to take a lot of time and effort. It doesn’t happen “overnight.” I’d like to transform my consciousness and circumstances, if not overnight, then very quickly. How can I do this? 

When you go to sleep each night, your consciousness transforms instantly and your 3D existence “disappears” “overnight,” only to continue on upon awakening.

“Yes, I want to change my circumstances and thought/life patterns of lack and limitation. I want freedom to move, create and thrive in the world.”

This is the predicament of so many souls such as yourself who feel/believe they are “stuck” in a certain pattern of existence, unable to move forward. Everyday they awaken into the same predicament they lived through on the previous day. Stagnation sets in and then they feel trapped and unable to even imagine a better existence, unable to move towards the innumerable possibilities that invite them to consider.

In this type of existence, “stuck” feels like depression, overwhelm, sadness and frustration. It also makes the world look and feel insipid, boring. The mind that is stuck in the rut of stagnation degrades to the helpless desire, “I want/need money!” which can lead to a subsistence level existence and feelings of panic.

Understand that the ongoing drama of the world is no less a dream than the dreams you have during sleep. By changing the energetic signature of your consciousness/life you can transform very quickly the circumstances you find yourself stuck in. If you cannot see how this is possible in the present state of your existence, please consider that all of your “reality” is held together by the “resonant frequency” of the dimension that the totality of your consciousness has “tuned” into.

If you feel lost or incapable of switching the channel, trapped in circumstances and ongoing “situations,” the emotional response to them can be changed in an instant by tuning into the higher or wider energetic spectrum of consciousness that is always available to you.

Can you feel what is offered here? The emotional response to situations need not follow the age-old familiar patterns that resort to fear and anxiety, sadness and despair. There is an “alchemy of feelings” that can be used to “graft” the feelings of Bliss to any other feeling, be it anger, sadness, depression, etc., transforming it alchemically into a feeling/consciousness that expresses the light of the Soul’s true existence as Spirit.

How to do this?

This is done by allowing the Bliss energy, that is readily available within and all around the bodily field to merge with the emotions. This then changes the “texture” of feelings, the usual emotional response to difficult situations. By opening up to the wider field of energy, the feelings/emotions are absorbed into the vast ocean of consciousness that, when identified with, transforms the emotional response along with the underlying identity of the little self (the ego) to Higher Self (the soul).

As you tune in with the Bliss vibration and merge it with any emotion/feeling, the power of Bliss allows a wider field for emotions to flow. Feelings of stuckness, sadness, depression, frustration, etc. can then be channeled into the wider ocean of consciousness that is connected intimately with Spirit. The emotional response then need not continue on in old and worn pathways of constriction, fear and anxiety.

How to tune into Bliss?

There are so many avenues to this vibration and one of them is through the very emotions that are felt in the bodily field. Feelings are vast and connected with the underlying Bliss that permeates all things. It can be felt in all things, especially in the bodily field.

Feel and breathe into any emotion or sensation as they arise in the body. As you relax into the feeling, observe the finest movement of energy. It may feel like a pulsation, a radiation, a tickling in the spine (or any part of the body). Relax deeper into the field and allow the energy to build up in power and intensity. The magnetism of this vibration will then absorb any emotion, transforming the texture or feel of its impact in the body/mind/heart.

The baseline experience of how you “feel” in the world shifts to accommodate the higher frequencies of Bliss that flows through the body. Physical circumstances oftentimes do and will change with the shift to a wider resonant frequency, but even if circumstances remain apparently the same, the energetic feel shifts so that they are no longer the “problem” they once were.

The body is a vast field that is wide open for infinite exploration. It can be used as a “launching pad” for any intention or prayer. There is no upper limit to the degree of Bliss that can be experienced. The body, as a Bliss generating machine can be used as a connection with the highest manifestation of Love/Spirit.

This does not make you less effective in daily life, but rather opens you up to the greater potential and possibilities that are all around, waiting to be tuned into.

If it is freedom you want, or money to do the things that support freedom, look at the gifts you already have! Follow the trail of Bliss and Love through the doors of synchronicities that begin showing up. If you feel drawn to explore a certain avenue of creative action, follow that trail with openness and awareness. Go deeper and deeper into the magnetic river of the spine that attracts all that you want and desire. And then take note of what shows up in your environment, in your thoughts and feelings. If circumstances are painful and difficult to navigate, tune into the spine and the energies there. It is not about “controlling” the emotions but rather allowing them space to be absorbed into the wider field of Bliss.

What is strongly calling out to you? Take note of the ideas/thoughts/feelings that arise. Do not judge what comes through. They may be practical or seemingly frivolous. Do not judge but feel the directional pull of energy. Solutions to any problem are very close at hand. All that is required is your openness to explore and then to act upon the impressions that come up. Inspiration requires follow-up and action!


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6 responses to “The Alchemy of Feelings – Tuning Into Bliss Consciousness

  1. shalom

    This is the winning formula, beautifully stated, which I see as the antidote to the grave problem that’s built into our capitalist system – the problem of needing to trade time for money. Rather than make this grim trade, let’s all find our bliss, as you advise, and allow it to flow naturally out into the world, in ways that support not only ourselves, but also all beings (for as you remind us, we’re all connected, and what benefits you benefits me and benefits all of us).

    • Thank you Shalom, for stating it so wonderfully, “…let’s all find our bliss…and allow it to flow naturally out into the world, in ways that support not only ourselves, but also all beings…” It seems natural to expect that we, as spiritual beings, can “find our bliss” and thrive by doing the creative work that we were born to do through the gifts that we have. Alas, it’s a lovely but wishful thought. That this is not the case for the vast majority of humans on this planet shows how deeply we’ve enmeshed ourselves in the dream nightmare where suffering and sorrow are part of the price of living here in this dimension. It’s a crazy-making paradox: that we are divine beings (powerful beyond measure) walking through life caught in the hypnotic spell of societal powers that demand offerings of our money and life energy… and this we do in order to survive and become “responsible good citizens.” I think a shift is happening though as more and more souls are awakening to their own powers and casting aside the great game of masquerade we’ve been playing with ourselves.

  2. Well said, Bruce! I couldn’t agree more.

    Your writings and reflections on the subject of embodied spirituality have been very inspiring to me. Inspired as well by a meditation retreat that I recently did, I just wrote this piece on the subject of breath awareness that I hope you will find both interesting and (more importantly) resonant with your vision. Here’s a link to it:

    Shine on,

  3. Jocko

    I was so connected a couple weeks ago, so many weird coincidences now i feel cut off and adrift & alone again, I feel so frustrated with everything, I’m tired of the way I live. Thanks for writing your blog, it helps

    • Riya

      Tell me about it. It’s been happening with me for 9 long and frustrating years… but what seemed like coincidences then are all fitting together now, and emerging as patterns in the larger picture… as synchronicities that all involve tuning in to my higher self and connecting with my soulmates… to find incredibly and staggeringly deep soul connections that have shifted my sense of… everything I thought was real. My mind is still blown. I hope you get to experience some answers in this lifetime as well. They can and will come through if your heart is open to it…. the REAL issue here might just be, can you handle what you find?…. 🙂

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