Bliss Consciousness: the Transmission

Certain positions of the body, combined with the internal “squeezing” of particular muscle groups generates unbelievable degrees of bliss sensations in the bodily field for those who are familiar with Kundalini energies. The awareness then naturally follows the vibration to deeper and deeper nuances of its expression. Like waves that come and go, yet the consciousness is ever aware of its connection with the Infinite Ocean!

It is so simple and yet understandable why this awareness eluded me for most of my life. Rather, I eluded it. I unconsciously shielded myself from the vast “feelings” implied, too outwardly preoccupied to look into the deep abyss of Self. It was easier to lose myself in the challenges of “surface” living, focusing on the day-to-day struggles and responsibilities, endeavoring to do my duty and dharma as any good citizen of the world would do. It was the default “nine-to-five” daily grind existence handed down to all of us by the predominant culture of a world mindset  that did not know how to connect with the deepest layers of the human psyche – let alone Bliss Consciousness.

There is no “technique” that needs to be “practiced.” The energy will do what it needs to do in order to clear out any impediment or blockage to bliss energy. The body then assumes certain positions of itself to intensify and magnetize the field of the spine and body. Our conscious part is to allow the energy to move as it wants to in the body in order to build up the  field of Kundalini. A gentle twisting or stretching of the spine may suffice, along with a deep listening and feeling for the subtle vibrations that accompanies every posture and movement. This blissful, cosmic vibration is the very river and ocean of Love, in all its power and subtlety! It is the dance of Creation moving through all bodies, singing through all Nature, in the stars and galaxies!

We miss its presence because we distract ourselves with the countless mental stories of our little daily dramas. We short-circuit our direct access to bliss through the culturally created belief that the connection with Spirit/Bliss is only for the saints and supermen/women. And so it is for lifetimes that we pass this belief down through the generations.

There is no difficulty in connecting with this great power. Any perceived difficulty lies only in our resistance to the depths of our feelings. We fear the ocean of Bliss, forgetful of our divine connection with its infinite waters. We are the Ocean! What seems so immense and vast and overwhelming within Nature is a reflection of the infinite depths of our Selves. We hide and lose ourselves in the drunkenness of forgetfulness, choosing to stay little because it is too scary to feel the vastness of our Cosmic Selves. It feels safer to be wrapped in the cocoon of smallness, more comfortable to remain in the “safety” of limitation. We equate “familiarity” with safety and security and then lose our way, haunted by the call of the Eternal Vastness, drowning its voice by magnifying our littleness, building edifices of beliefs that protect our narrow existence in a world that depends on the security of fight and struggle. And yet the transmission of light is available to all who would simply allow themselves to feel deeply and to embrace even that which may seem at first uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Feel! And then follow the sensations as they go deeper and deeper within, along the trail of subtlety. Understand that the heart is a most powerful instrument that can plumb the depths of the deepest realms of any dimension. We then follow the vibration to its most subtle and sublime realm.

This is the transmission: allowing ourselves to feel and follow the pathways of subtlety wherein lie the primal forces of Cosmic Energy. Our deep listening and feeling then becomes the teacher, the guru. This elemental force is conscious and creative and knows how to magnify itself in the bodily field. Again, there is no sense of “practicing” a technique, or following and believing in a particular religious path. Teacher, student, path, it all dissolves into the field of the divine play of Bliss that dances and expresses through the unique creation of our lives!


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  1. Linseay Jo

    Laying in bed one afternoon I was wide awake/aware. My large dog at my feet, TV on. Was during a time I had experieced several losses and grieving. Without trying I was in a ‘zone’ and was so comfortable when I felt a warm body against my back (I was on my right side) though my dog had not done this before I didn’t shoo her away. I didn’t want to ‘do’ a thing, just be.
    An arm slid across my waist gently and my vision shifted. It was of Spirit in male form. He was perfection and perfect. He spooned me and spoke perfect/whisper not of voice yet could here, “I have missed you so much. I have searched for you so long.” In that intant I FELT FOUND. He resonated unconditional love to me and from within me I gave back. As this continued the LOVE grew and filled up my entite being. Unable to contain this bliss ecstatic LOVE it spilled out of me and filled the entire room.
    He offerred to give me more. Up to that point I had simply went with this sweet, ineffable LOVE, but then I wondered some things. I’d heard of mergings in Spirit, but I was still physical. I ached to say yes but great sadness I said no. Without a question or pressing me I felt his arm gently slide away then his presense gone.
    The LOVE was still there. Unseen yet felt I could cut it with a butter knife because it was tangible. For several minutes I basked in it as it dissapated.
    I call him The Most Beautiful Spirit. Though he presented to be solid I KNEW he was of Spirit. So perfect (was wearing a short wrap-like skirt and sandels, he could have been Jesus. He said his name but I can’t remember it. If I could I couldn’t say it or write it. Felt it was an ancient name.
    Not till he spoke did I knew how lost I had been.

  2. Linseay Jo

    Sorry, I hit post too soon

    I did not know how lost I was, I was unaware.
    This Being KNEW me. Since then I long that he come back. This LOVE is not emotional love that can be given and taken away.

    But I learned from that experience that who and what we all are within, is LOVE. With no conditions. And our spirit is way bigger than our physical body. If I had said yes it would have gotten bigger than the room!

    Someone said it was my higher self. I really don’t know. If so, why those words?

    Am wondering if anyone experienced this ot similiar.
    Thank you,
    ; )

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