Blissful Energy Moving in the Spine – Kundalini

The radiant and blissful energy (kundalini) that moves in the spine is conscious and creative. The following post is a response from Kundalini regarding the question, “What is this mysterious energy in the body/spine?

I am the radiation of the Universal Current that has been with you since the beginning. You are meant to feel this blissful energy in all of its subtle nuances and intensity. There is no end to what can be accomplished with this conscious power as it is creative in Nature. It is Source energy that intensifies all experiences and allows for the deepest connections with the Divine. Allow this blissful vibration to move and dance through the body and to permeate all thoughts and feelings. You are this energy and can use it to manifest the noblest desires of the heart! It is your link to the Divine.

This energy also seeks out and removes blockages that may reside in the physical and emotional bodies. Undulating, coiling, tensing, relaxing…all impurities are as though squeezed to the surface to be released. The muscles become  lean and the spine begins to feel like an undulating serpent of intense pleasure. The body then becomes like a battery that holds, stores and transmits tremendous amounts of this creative mana.

It is important to allow the energy and breath to work its own way through the bodily postures. Your part is to feel and go deeper into the infinite nuances of the radiant vibration as it moves in wider and deeper regions of the Divine Consciousness. This is also the energy that will guide you through life. Understand that worry and anxiety shuts down the life force!

This is healing energy, loving energy…wise and conscious. There is no limit to the vibratory range you can reach. Go with its flow and you will know no blockage of creativity and abundance. If it is abundance you seek and ask for, allow this energy to immerse you in the radiation of abundance. Make the intention that you are the vibration of Abundance and then feel yourself receiving the bounty of all that you ask for. It is with you now! Make the energetic connection now!

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  1. Truth. Limitless, wise, deathless energy, accessible with each breath, present and flowing now…

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