Kundalini Activation – What are the Dangers?

There seems to be quite a bit of concern regarding Kundalini activation in the body. Individuals ask if it can be dangerous if awakened abruptly or before the body and mind are prepared. I can only speak from my own experience. For me, the sensations in the spine came on very gently for me…so gently that I was not able to associate anything with it. It seemed strangely familiar, and quite pleasureable, but I did not know how to maintain it. I felt like I was walking on air for a couple of weeks or so…until it went away…for years.

Fast-forward many years later, never forgetting the experience and wistfully thinking that a door that had once opened itself to me was now impossibly shut. However, to my great joy and for reasons I will not get into quite yet, the sensations returned. This time around, I was able to follow and feel the intensity of the vibrations back to the spine. Oh…my…God! Again, the feelings began very gently, but then built up into a crescendo of convulsive contortions of the body accompanied by hissing breaths…and yet with unimaginable sensations of pleasure and bliss!

Getting back to the question regarding whether or not Kundalini activations can be dangerous… Well, I believe there can be a danger if the body is not physically healthy and pliable, because the amount of energy going through it is quite high. It would be like having a body that is fit for 100 watts, but 1000 watts of power is trying to surge through. I also believe it important to have emotional baggage cleared out, because stagnant or stuck energy in the body can be quite painful when the energy surge finds any type of blockage.

The energy has its own wisdom, and especially when Kundalini moves through the body, it knows what to do, taking up certain postures and breathing patterns without our having to direct its flow. It is very much like a serpent spirit in the body, moving and undulating, twisting and squeezing…

Oh, and something else to consider… I believe I missed Her (Kundalini) for years because of her subtle, in-the-background presence, like white noise that I paid little attention too. Something that might help: pay attention to the finest sensation that you can feel in the spine and allow the breath to build up the sensation. Allow the body to assume whatever position it needs to, to magnify the feelings in the spine. The breath and body posture is not something that you think about, it just happens.

Hope this helps. Also, the visual for me regarding what is happening in the spine is that of a microscopic thread of pleasurable vibration that is being pulled through the spinal cord while the body naturally assumes certain “locks” or positions. This is a way of literally “following your bliss.”


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  1. Vivien

    I’ve gone through this recently but my entire body vibrated. It wasn’t soft it was intense I felt like I was floating and my eyes were shut and I couldn’t open them. I couldn’t control any part of my body. I only thought of holdi g myself down. And then it stopes. can you explain this to me. Please.

    • Thanks for sharing Vivien. I don’t think I can explain what you went through as it was your experience. I can only share from what I’ve gone through myself. For me, no matter how intense the Kundalini experience may get, there seems to always be the option to consciously stop it… but outside of some looming emergency, I would not choose to stop the pulsations of this blissful energy. There is, however, a sense of surrendering totally (a giving up control) to the ravishing vibration that moves so powerfully through the bodily field… and it stops only when it seems that every cell in the body, every fibre has been disassembled and then reassembled. Does this make sense to you?

    • Stephen

      I know this is an old post but I also did this and even if you are ready your still going to have that happen to you. The pores of the body are opening up taking in more power. This is what causes the nervous system to go all crazy. Its normal and will happen at least 4 times or more in the first year then it stops. But you have to work on the other things on the side flexing the most important muscle in the body your brain. Everyone is different and wired oddly mine moves very fast sometimes to fast others well you know. Learn how to partition the brain out to take on 3 or more tasks at once to trick the body to think it needs this much power. After a year or so it will stick and you can do more then before allot more.

  2. I have experiencd the kundelini , unexpected one night , a loud crack and seeing a geometric pattern which my living entity was part of, no human body just one pattern/grid . since then i have experienced every emotion experienced in my life , it has been like a release of emotions held and infused in my spiritual DNA . 1 year later i,m reaching equilibrum and peace and having had what i call a stripping away of every concept and belief i held , replaced by a blank and empty vessel, this is a very odd but liberating feeling , detachment from all , like being in the world but not of it..my own thoughts are i,m but a grain of sand in the universe , i claim no power/insight to the meaning of life. just a deep knowing that all life is an illusion , manifested exclusively for expansion in the growth of the all.

  3. Your article is most certainly well documented and quite interesting to read. The Kundalini Awakening experience is quite extraordinary in the fact that it bursts so much energy through the human matrix, to a point where it deconstructs and then reconstructs the energetic points and minor chakras. This is said to occur as a form of transitioning in order then feel the ethereal world much more sensitively. If you would to read more about my personal Kundalini Awakening please visit Kundalini Awakening.

  4. arun kumar

    My kundalini experience was fantastic at beggining after activation of crown chakra
    i started to experience pressure in left side of head,insecure,fear of spirits,and
    i tend to get emotional a lot. it feels like i want to stop this,but its impossible.
    So i need help, i tried other websites but there was nothing much relating.Hope u answer me quickly.

    • Hi Arun, sorry to hear of the difficulties you’re going through since the activation of kundalini. I can respond only from what I’ve experienced and would not assume to understand what you are experiencing. For me, any kind of energetic or physical constriction in the body gets magnified, and Kundalini energies work to unwind or release them, and it can be uncomfortable, if not painful. Thoughts and emotions are also magnified, and so I try to do my best to maintain even-mindedness and calmness through regular deep meditation and regular physical exercise. I have found ecstatic dance to be an wonderful outlet for the powerful energies to flow. It has also been extremely helpful to engage in creative expression such as writing, drawing, playing music, etc. Kundalini energies want to create and manifest in our lives. The energies are primal and so vast that it can be quite scary, like looking into an abyss.This can trigger a fear response or it can be felt as excitement. Trying to control the energies are like trying to keep a wild tiger as a house pet. The natural and healthy movement of Kundalini seems to be towards expansion and creation. The feeling response is ecstatic bliss. A loving, grateful approach to this energy is also very helpful. Emotional and physical health and groundedness are extremely important in working with these energies. Staying connected with earth energies and doing creative and physical work while developing a strong and confident sense of Self is also important. Going out in Nature, lots of physical exercise, being with strong, heart-centered, confident individuals can help too. Anyway, good luck and let me know how it works out for you!

  5. Teneisha

    Hi I have just came across this website today because I wanted to research what I have experience last night when I went to sleep. And I read a lot of the stories on this site and felt that it was exactly what I had come in contact with.
    If you want to read further I talk about my 3 recent experiences with what i think would be my higher-self.
    I have been reading a lot about spirituality for the past month and sometimes I would like to share my beliefs with my current bf who disagrees with it completely that one night we had an argument that left me insecure and sad, bottling up my emotions, I asked and wish that there was such thing as us having spirit guides and we are more than just human but souls, after that i went to sleep and dreamed of myself sleeping at my old home looking through the bedroom window and seeing a yellow glowing light and hearing a loud vibrating sound that gave my mind and body chills, and scared that I wanted to wake up right away. So I did just do that and went back to sleep again after relaxing and came across exactly the same light and sound.
    And now 1 week after that last night I had the most intense experience I have never felt before. I guess because I did the same ritual as the last time I was sending thoughts to my higher-self and asking to come in contact with it and my spirit guides and fell asleep after 11 p.m. I had a quite funny dream to share to others but i dreamed about masturbating until i orgasm that while in the moment i felt great and than all of the sudden i felt energy flowing upwards through my spine and into heading just ever flowing energy. It didn’t seem to stop it kept going and going that I felt my head was going to explode. The energy intensify when it reached my throat – to my head. I was starting to be conscious and asking it to stop but it wouldn’t, left me scared. I started to make grunting noises out loud until I finally did end up waking. And this is why I am on this site now.
    Thanks for all of you that have read my experience.

  6. Does that mean that one who is not entirely healthy, should never try to awaken Kundalini? I mean, not all of us are in perfect health.
    For example, me myself i suffer from kyphosis and inguinal hernia. In other words, if only a healthy person can experience Kundalini, than anyone with serious physical problems should just give up?
    Some physical problems cannot be corrected, neither by modern medicine, or any other type of physical exercises.
    So what happens next? Is Kundalini available only for the perfectly fit people?
    Unfortunately i am not one of those. Apart from my physical problems, i suffer from depression as well, from many years now. Does that mean there is no hope for me, in activating Kundalini?
    I have no support of any kind, either i do this on my own, or i don’t.

    • Thanks Mezel for your comment and questions.

      “Is Kundalini available only for the perfectly fit? Should one who is not entirely healthy…never try to awaken Kundalini? Should you “just give up?”

      I’m sorry your thoughts went to these questions after reading my article. That was not my intention. My point is that it is helpful if the body and mind are healthy, as the energy of Kundalini can be quite intense at times. It just allows for a smoother engagement when the body is fairly fit and pliable…but the body doesn’t need to be “entirely healthy.”

      For example, when I’m suffering from the flu or having a bout of sciatica, my focus is only on being rid of the blasted pain and discomfort. In the beginning it takes a certain degree of mental and physical stability to feel deeply into the subtleties of Kundalini. However, once you’ve connected with (having that “Aha!” acknowledgement) of Kundalini in your body, you can feel Her energy even during times of illness.

      A few years ago, I had contracted Lyme Disease after having been bitten by a tick. Very debilitating, but was still able to feel and connect with Kundalini. It was just more difficult to do so…for awhile.

      My understanding and experience of Kundalini now is that it is the underlying vibration of all things: joy, sadness, grief, anger, lust, bliss, love, etc. etc. It’s just that we humans have played the biggest magic trick on ourselves by making disappear from our awareness such beauty, power, bliss, etc.

      My suggestion for you and for anyone who desires to “awaken” their Kundalini. First, be gentle with self, relax and assess where you are in this moment. Truthfully. Sad, angry, down, joyful, excited, etc.? Feel deeply into the sensations that come up in the body, where they are located, where they move, what thoughts/emotions they evoke.

      Follow the trail of subtlety. No expectations of how/what Kundalini is. The “mechanics” of this approach is: feel sensations deeper and deeper, without thinking about what is felt. The body has a way of adjusting itself to feel on deeper and deeper levels…if we allow it to do so!

      This is the basic approach that I’ve used to become familiar with fine nuances of sensations. Understand and feel the depth of subtle vibration.

      Thanks again Mezel. Give the above your deepest consideration and see/feel what comes up for you, whether pleasant or unpleasant, boring, etc. As you feel into subtle vibration, one sensation will lead to another. Allow the body to also adjust to the sensations as they begin to move/expand. Kundalini teaches us from the inside.

      Also, a curious thing for me and perhaps an area for you to explore: the tone and feel of your comment felt (at least for me) seemed like it came from a place of complaining and hopelessness. I just want to call this out. This is all stuff that can be felt deeply, juicy energies that can be used to connect with the flow of Kundalini…if the thought loops around the emotions can be released.

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