Kundalini Awakening – Connecting With Bliss Consciousness

Hold to the thread that leads within. The pathway is quite wide and it doesn’t take much to merge with the energetic stream of the bodily field that would take you to wondrous lands of mystery. Some may refer to this experience as “Kundalini Awakening,” while others may refer to it simply as “Bliss Consciousness.” Breathe in, relax and then exhale into the very ground of your Being. It is all there for you.

Relax the grip you have upon the narrow dimension of time that you find yourself in. There is so much that is dancing within. It is all a play of energy! Use this understanding to receive the next installment of your life’s lessons. What you may now consider to be worrisome or distracting is all fuel for your creativity. And this we ask: create everyday, whether in realms of writing, music, art or dance. Your path is about creating and manifesting energetic signatures of the heart.

What does this mean? 

When we speak of “signatures of the heart,” we speak of those vibrations that you know of already that seem to arise mysteriously from the realms of the heart and spine, the kundalini energy. While feeling deeply, the vibration goes out to your entire body and then into the “field of energy” surrounding the physical form.

Yes, it can be so delectable, pleasureable beyond imagination! Words that come to mind are: emanation, radiation, pulsation, serpent energy. And the feelings seem to originate in the areas nearest the spinal column. Thoughts drop away and the energy moves through the body, moving it (the body) in ways that allow for an even greater depth of feelings. Sometimes the body twists and contorts, as though squeezing the energy through every nook and cranny of the bodily cells. The physical movements of the body then become very serpent-like, undulating rhythmically. The sense I have of this is that the body and energetic field around it are adjusting to receive higher voltages of the blissful, creative energy. 

Yes, the physical body is being prepared and all of the shaking and rhythmic movements help to release toxins while upgrading your energetic frequency signal. As your resonant frequency shifts, so does your consciousness. This is why you are finding so many changes happening in your waking and sleeping states. The everyday “reality” can no longer be “business as usual.” The world that once seemed so real and solid is crumbling bit by bit. This no doubt has been pushing many of the fear buttons related to survival and sense of self.

The Earth is changing. The influx of higher energies have placed all creatures and things at the tipping point, like sands upon a cymatics plate, on the verge of shifting instantaneously into beautiful geometric patterns when frequencies reach certain levels. Likewise, your “reality” is at that point of radical change as your body, mind and heart continues to vibrate in resonance with higher and higher dimensions of the Cosmic Sound. Do not fight or resist what is wanting to be birthed during this time.

We are literally asking you to follow the stream of bliss that moves in the field of your body, sometimes delicately and sometimes in torrential streams of almost unbearable force. Know that it is all preparation for the next step in your unfoldment.

The sensations seem to originate in the spinal column, especially near the heart area between the shoulder blades. It takes just a little bit of sensitivity to connect with that subtle vibration.

As I sit here writing, the energy is felt as a steady emanation, as though a vibrating thread is being pulled through my spinal chord. The body then naturally moves in delicate, serpent-like undulations. I can think, write and continue the connection with this energy so long as part of my attention is in the spine. The muscles of my back and stomach/abdomen are slightly contracted as this seems to help “squeeze” the bliss energy through the spine. If I consciously relax all muscles and remain in total stillness, I feel the energy as a subtle radiation moving out to the thighs, arms, feet and hands. 

It is interesting that the body will automatically assume certain positions and postures that help the flow of energy. The movements that happen beforehand might be gyrations, twistings, contortions, shaking, etc. It is not painful, but rather incredibly blissful. The expenditure of energy can be quite high though and the breath finds its own pattern, depending on the posture or movement.

The kundalini energy is quite mysterious when it is activated in the body. When that vibration is awakened in an individual, it changes them at a fundamental level: the river of bliss then streams out in all that they do. They may forget their connection at times, but the thread of kundalini that has been turned on in the spine will always serve as a beacon to call him/her back to the blissful awareness of Spirit.


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6 responses to “Kundalini Awakening – Connecting With Bliss Consciousness

  1. Karen

    At the end of 2010, I felt something shift in me and I fought it for awhile because it would have meant hurting people but no matter how much I tried to ignore it, I couldn’t and I had no choice but to do what was uncomfortable. I don’t regret it however, I know now that I had to make that shift so that I could become more aware of what the Universe was trying to tell me. Also, along the way I have met others who felt the same thing. I don’t know what’s coming but I am opening my arms to it. Love & Light, Karen in Trinidad & Tobago

  2. with me its to much of a reality. this might be rare but i feel the energy, (dono what) but it is at times WAY to much for me to handle far worse at full moons to the point i cant sleep or it hurts… i am not Awakened in aany REAL means… i dono how to… but (might explain y it is to much.. its like over charging a battery type feeling..) to me even the moons looks “to off.”

    love to learn how to let the energy “flow” so it dont build up like this in me..

  3. I understand that at times when the Kundalini energy rises, it has caused Fibromyalgia and certain symptoms as such. I am one who has ended up with symptoms, like this and guess it is part of the change that can take place within? What can anyone do to allow this energy to flow, in a better way maybe if this is the reason anyone ends up with pain all the time/ So many people are coming down with things like this now and it may be part of this awakening? Some come though it well and others seem to suffer? Is there anything special anyone can do for this? Or do you not know of it doing this at all? I totally believe in turtle energy and have been felt quite drawn to this medicine . It is changing me in a new way.

    • Thank you for your comment and sorry to hear you are having to deal with symptoms of fibromyalgia. I can speak of my own experience with Kundalini and some of the “difficulties” I encountered. In the beginning, it was difficult to know how to navigate this new territory and to allow the high amount of vibration to flow in a smooth way. There was a lot of shaking, spasms, jerking movements, contortions, etc. The body was not yet accustomed to handling the “high voltage” current. With time and experience the body and its capacity to hold greater amounts of energy made it easier to channel and direct the flow of this powerful current. I came to understand that the energy in the body was conscious and that it knew how it wanted to move in the bodily field. Kundalini is like a play and dance of Spirit in the body. My part was to allow the dance to occur without fighting, without resisting its massive current. With this “allowing” (or surrender) comes a widening or expanding of the bodily field to receive greater and greater influxes of the Divine Electricity. The words “Divine Nectar” and “Divine Manna” are then understood in a visceral way. The experience is pure ecstasy!

      For me, resistance was painful, caused by fear of such primal energy. Kundalini also brought up (and continues to bring up) deep-seated patterns of thinking/acting that are painful to look at.

      The resonance of Kundalini has changed the baseline of how I experience “reality.” How I meditate, move, dance, do art… it has all changed! Of great help to me has been in allowing myself to physically “dance” with the Kundalini energies. Ecstatic dance has been a way for me to navigate, expand and channel the high degree of divine current that flows through the bodily field.

      Hope this helps! Many Blessings from “little dragon” Kundalini!

  4. Sandra

    Exercise like walking, prayer and grounding will help you stay focused. Move with the flow of consciousness thru yoga and exercise, gardening and creating music with your hands and feet will help keep you in balance. Clapping, dancing, singing, shaking all move the energy up the spine and loosens the blocks and opens us up to new creative levels. Sandra

  5. PAUL

    dont resist it,simply dance with its beautiful energy

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