Ascension Into Higher Dimensions: the Angelic Realms

Angels come in many forms, infinite in variety. Some may not be recognizable as anything that would be associated with the angelic realms. They may come as a certain kind of feeling, or as a fleeting thought. If you limit the possible forms they can inhabit, it is easy to miss them when they are with you. They may come as an almost imperceptible vibration of sound, or a subtle wisp of color that flashes in the mind. If you relegate them only to the archetypes that are familiar and “acceptable,” then most likely they are dismissed when they come as a delightful fragrance or gentle puff of wind upon the cheeks.

People wonder about “Ascension” and what it is like to experience the higher realms. An aspect of Ascension is the moment-to-moment consciousness of the expanded Self, which is the connection to the Angelic dimensions. If you are not aware of anything beyond the physical senses, it is because that is where most of the energy has been allowed to dwell. As you allow the awareness to “feel” on deeper and more subtle levels, you begin to understand that the physical plane is but one dimension of a vast and Infinite Consciousness. It requires a loosening up of the belief forms and feelings around the physical senses. It is a matter of feeling and sensing beyond and beneath for the subtle vibrations that are generally beyond reach of the physical instruments. Feel the vibrations of the colors that you “see.” Feel the sounds of the vibrations you “hear”…and so forth.

Ascension is already here. The Angels have always been with you. You are already connected to the higher realms. The mind that questions, “But I’m still dealing with feelings of lack and limitation,” that is just the mind doing what it has been programmed to do. It is an identity falsely assigned to a narrow spectrum of the Infinite Self. As you feel more deeply beneath the “dream” of limitation, the experience of ascension, the bliss consciousness,  will become more and more established in the day-to-day existence.

You are all “Angels” drinking in the subtleties of each moment. The dimensional shift happens from moment to moment and it is not so much a transformation of consciousness as it is a remembrance of who you are and what you have always been: Infinite Spirit that has allowed itself to be lost for awhile in the worldly dream.


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  1. Ben

    I ask myself, “where is this Angelic realm on this planet Earth?”. . I see is the sun, the sky, the breeze and feel it’s life giving energy. I realize how so often I choose to live so close to the ground amongst the rocks, allowing life’s experiences to lose my sight of the sun, the sky, the breeze. Why do I do this? To live with the rocks and their denseness when I can fly the sky with the angels and the eagles and see life from above. My peace is intermingled with hardship and frustration, thinking and anger. I am like a bird that has a rock tied to it, maybe I just need to cut the rope holding the rock but that sounds so easy, just do it anyway. I cut the rope and the majestic beauty of life engulfes me, I am free, I fly the sky feeling the freedom of being a rock no more, I feel the sun giving life, warmth, and joy to all life, the breeze engulfs me in it’s beautiful freshness, I am alive and grateful, my heart is light, nothing can phase me. I realize life is showing me that I need not live as a rock anymore, my work now is to stay focussed, aware, heart centered. I have lived as a rock for so long, i go back to being a rock but now I just cut the rope and fly again, I feel amazed at this simplicity and realize that all life’s experiences have brought me to a place of wisdom that is so simple that one misses it in it’s simplicity. I see other birds with rocks tied to them and I see people living amongst the rocks and my heart goes to them, I know your pain and all I can give is the love and compassion that I now feel, I see life is showing them all, that they can fly the sky and it is just a matter of time when they see it for themselves, when they open their eyes and hearts to cut the rope that binds them. The infinite speaks to me and says to ” trust in it’s wisdom, all is well, all is perfect”, the angels speak “our soul purpose is to serve all life, to serve our brothers, we are always with you and everyone, they ask for me to partake of this purpose , what can I say, life as a rock is now meaningless and purposeless, It is time to leave the hard life of a rock and join them in holy communion, to serve life. The Master asks “who are you, answer this by enquiring who you are not”. I answer “I am not what I thought I was, this hardness, anger, sadness, thinker, I am none of these, they are just a dream, a phantom, then what is left?, nothing is left but in the nothingness I feel alive, at peace, in silence, stillness, joy, and love. I am nothing but in that nothing is everything.

  2. Chakeyta Lawson

    I feel very deeply, it has granted me the opportunity to “see” past the physical world and into my own soul as well as others. I dream with my soul and have experienced much. My intentions are always noble and my heart pure. I seek truth regardless of its effect. I make conscious efforts to improve advance my own consciousness, so that I may help others. Yet, I am constantly perplexed. I feel stuck in an enviroment that offers no sustenance, the physical world. I seek truth and love, yet here I find lies and fear. My soul is weary of this form, though I know I am to gain experience here. I persist. I know that if I am to progress, I must find the dark in darkness, find what is impossible to see. Where am I headed? Will I make it? What will I find? How do I return to the place that is in tune with my soul?

    • Thank you Chakeyta for your deep and soulful message! I so identify with what you express! And like you… I persist… All I know, after all the meditating and “learning” about God and Spirit, right attitude, positive thinking, blah, blah, blah…. To quote a wise man, “All I know is that I know nothing”, in the sense that all that once seemed stable and secure and sustainable (my spiritual beliefs, practices, world view), have all slipped away, like water through my fingers. And yet…the lifeline that has managed to remain untouched, like the thinnest ray of light piercing a dark room has been…gratitude. It is a vibration, a consciousness that has been with me through the darkest of times. When all is falling apart, when there is nothing to really hang onto, still the feeling of gratitude has been there, a lifeline that floats around in the roiling sea of chaos. I’m surprised that it is even there sometimes, as it seems that it is not a conscious “practice” that I do. It is just there…by grace. Perhaps it once was a practice that I did before… but I don’t remember. It’s interesting, that for me, the lifeline has transformed little by little into the vibration that I now experience in the spine and that is a continual pulsation of ecstatic Bliss. Gratitude has turned into Bliss…surrounded by chaos! And the world is still crazy…and I still know nothing!

  3. SirReal

    I often find myself receiving Universal Messages from above stating that I’ve been here before. I’ll also see other things that will remind my soul of something I feel I knew not. I’ve always held a vibration of high responsibility and since my youth, I’ve gave my heart to help people. Along with that however has been a lot of pain and hurt in various ways and from various people, some very close. I used to lament within my spirit about it all until I began to realize that all of this was and is for learning and growth. My heart’s greated desire is for higher realms of thought, living, everything…yet I find myself in the midst of lower vibrations constantly and fight within and without. I search for that place within myself where I can commune with the Higher aspects of myself. Love and happiness are true goals as they are of the higher dimensions. I often have felt and sometimes still feel like that bird with a rock tied to it….but I have hope not only for myself but all of humanity and I do believe that souls have come back to help humanity in this physical sense. I often feel alone and that earth isnt my real home…yet I dont know where I’m really from. I said all of this to say that our life paths are this way for a reason and its something we have to be very conscious of. I’ll continue to help humanity as best I can while trying to unravel my own mysteries within. Feels good to know I’m not alone. Peace and love to everyone.

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