Creativity – Holding the Vision of What You Want

Hold the vision of what you want and feel the energy of its creation. Understand that what is felt with powerful focus will be created. This is the Law. Breathe in Beauty! Bask and luxuriate in the blissful resonance of the energetic field being created within and all around. With intention and focus, vibrate your vision into the realm of creation. Draw, write, sing and dance all beautiful dreams into manifestation! You are so close! Understand that what you have sought for lifetimes is already with you. It is just a matter of opening up to the gifts that have been yours since the beginning.

The energy is strong and creativity flows easily and smoothly whilst relaxing into the blissful field. Love is calling you to plumb the depths. Observe, relax and release! The “You” of name and human form will be experienced dispassionately as a wave of Spirit, connected with the Cosmic Ocean. Each breath will then be a constant reminder, an eternal pulsation of the Infinite Connection. Breathe deeply and feel! It will be as though you have awakened from a deep sleep and all things will seem different and yet familiar.

Spirit is awakening and expressing through the body. It is spreading its wings of light through every nerve and cell. That energy is blissful, overwhelmingly powerful as it moves wave after wave through the body. Allow it to dance and express. Bask in the delectable moment that is Infinite Beauty and Joy! And then go deeper still. This is your work! Take care of your responsibilities, but understand that your main focus and work is with Spirit. Expansion of the heart will then happen naturally as you relax and allow the powerful Spirit to move within.

Beauty is unfolding and spreading its wings of light. Receive that you have the power and understanding to manage the ebb and flow of its Divine Song!


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4 responses to “Creativity – Holding the Vision of What You Want

  1. Ben

    Thank you and the people or person who has put all this together and is sending it via emails. To read this stuff in the morning when i access my emails is an inspiring and confidence building way to start the day off and to help follow through the rest of our day with the presence of heart that makes life so interesting and beautiful.

  2. Ben

    Just been deleting old emails and come across this one again, so timely for me to be reminded of our power within, to become aware of every living breath. Some difficulties or challenges of life can have a tendency to overwhelm us. There is a gift in all that comes to us, life is a fulltime gift, but sometimes we just need to be reminded of this and that the Heart is what is important, our unfoldment of the Spiritual Beings that we are. Thankyou, Author. May the Blessings Be. Ben

  3. ouy

    thank you very inspiring, supportive and healing 🙂 when you are in this consciousness, all is well 🙂

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