Creativity – a Frequency of Love

Immerse yourself in the waters of Creativity that flows smoothly and powerfully. There is no stopping the river! It flows eternally and effortlessly. Once you step into the realms of deep mystery, the energy and resonance of its song will carry you along on its currents. Just write quickly, without stopping to question whether or not what is expressed is good or bad. Do not hold back in your creativity. The idea is to get the momentum going and then step aside to allow the Higher Self to express freely. In this way, Beauty is unleashed to reveal its secrets through your writings and drawings. It is a way to bypass the mind that wishes to evaluate and judge everything before giving voice or expression.

Artwork by Bruce Manaka

Allow, relax and then open up to deeper and deeper levels of Spirit. There is then no stopping the flow of this beautiful river, no boundary to your creative endeavors. Go deep quickly and express freely without fear or limitation. The field of Love then expands in all directions.

The heart speaks and communicates through the language of intuition. As you gaze across the landscape of your feelings, you receive impulses regarding any question or desire you may have. Listen to and feel deeply for the answers that well up in the energetic field that you are immersed in. Feel the finest vibrations of the subtle voice. You are a Creator, a vast field of Consciousness that is connected to Source Energy.

Understand that the vibratory field of the body is infinite and connected seamlessly with all Creation. The belief of the body as limited and separate is a play of Spirit enjoying itself through the countless creations that it has given life and individuality to. We have forgotten our eternal connection with the Divine and dream that we are limited beings stuck upon a world that requires struggle and fight for survival.

Spirit is asking for a release of the tight grasp that you have upon the narrow vibratory realm of the three dimensional world. The heart is calling for the letting go of the rigid bundle of beliefs that you hold onto regarding what is possible. Step now into the wider home of omnipresence and offer into the fires of wisdom all stories of limitation!

What amazing dimensions can be explored and enjoyed! Feel, relax, breathe in deeply the energies of Spirit. You have access to all dimensions and can learn from the Masters of all realms. As you tap into the resonance of Being, you can dive into any ocean of the Infinite. What sacred mystery do you wish to explore? What frequency of Love do you wish to experience?

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  1. ben

    I have been doing this type of writing regulary for a couple of years now after finding something that I wrote in this way 25 years ago and was totally surprised with what was written but at the time did not continue with it. When we connect to the higher self in this way and other ways we realise that the inner voice is totally loving to our cause and it guides us and supports us in all ways. We eventually learn to stop going against ourselves and to be more accepting of ourselves. We become confident in our own wisdom or the Universal wisdom that flows through us and we learn to trust it. It has helped me many times to see the real and the benefit of a situation. This is the voice of the heart that the great Masters have spoken of throughout history, it will not go against ourself or another, it speaks of the highest order for the benifit of all concerned, it speaks of Universal cause, it speaks of Love.

    Our head needs to move aside for the heart to be heard and when we begin to do this it is most beautiful, our Presence becomes united with the Whole. It is a gift waiting just for us to claim.

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