Awakening to the Medicine Wheel of Your Own Power

You are awakening to the medicine wheel of your own power and no longer need the lessons of stagnation and feeling stuck to get you to move forward. Move ahead with confidence towards the dreams you have and shake the world with your knowing! The heart is opening up to reveal the gifts you have been born with; and there is a growing sense of clarity and direction as you walk the path you are meant to travel.

The World is in need of individuals stepping more and more into their own light. Do your part to help. The unfoldment happens as a manifestation of intentions and not from a position of fear. Isn’t it interesting that you cannot now see the details of all the changes that are ahead of you in the months ahead, but all will unfold in its own time as you tune yourself to the voice of wisdom and as you learn to harness the resonant fields of sound and vibration to manifest your dreams. As you increase the power and frequency of your own vibration, you can help the relative vibration of any environment you choose to be in. Send your intentions out on energetic waves of intention, on waves of harmonics!

You are ready to understand the mysteries of both darkness and light. The path is opening up. Drop all stubborn attachments to what is considered “real” and “unreal.” When veils are lifted, the life you live and move in will seem no more than a dream.

The connections you have with the present existence is mostly through mind and senses. As you drop the veils and attachments to mind and mind fluff, worlds upon worlds open up to you; and as you peer into the inner landscape, you will find patterns in the “external” waking consciousness reflecting more and more the patterns that swirl within. The spiral and circle of the great Medicine Wheel then comes to awaken and release the long-restricted “Beast” of freedom and creativity!


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3 responses to “Awakening to the Medicine Wheel of Your Own Power

  1. the frequency of thought and its direction is magnetized on our intent within our hearts.
    if u focus the on positive things you will no doubt attract positivitity but if u worry and stress you are then attracting negativity..the word disease sprouts from two words dis- and ease ….all illness sprouts from the discomforting of any of these planes of being:our mental,physical,emotional,or spiritual comfort levels

  2. celisa

    How did you write this for me when we have never met? Ahhh, the One, your writing, my need to read it…yes, I see…

    Thank you for this, and for your book, which I have just ordered and look forward to reading as it already speaks to me…

  3. Opening up is what I have been doing this past year.

    Don’t know where I am headed, but I know it feels right. So many new and loving things await me as I take steps toward an unknown destination. Don’t need no ticket for this journey.

    I will just get aboard and pay with my old Self.

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