How to Deal With Fear – When Life Shakes Us to the Core

Fear is like a snake’s venomous bite that paralyzes and shuts down the necessary organs required for survival. However, whereas being bitten by a snake has beginning and end, the bite of fear can take up residency in the consciousness through the habit-producing venom of believing ourselves weak and insignificant. The following post is Higher Self’s response to questions about how to deal with fear, when Life seems to be like the spin cycle of some large washing machine before being “wrung out” to dry.

Once again we’re pushing you to surrender the tight hold you have upon fears and beliefs of limitation. It is not our intention to frighten but sometimes it seems we need to shake you in order to awaken you to the path that is yours to walk. Your prayer has always been for freedom and we have always responded; and yet the expectations of how freedom “should” look and feel like oftentimes gets in the way of our help. When you feel stuck and afraid, not knowing what to do, our guidance is always there. Even as you bang your head again and again on doors that do not wish to open, please understand that this is to help you consider other pathways that are more in line with your gifts and life lessons.

Beliefs and cultural upbringing are like magnetic force fields that seem to prevent you from experiencing higher dimensions of Being that are far more preferable than the default existence that most people on earth struggle in. And yet abundance and freedom are the birthright of all souls, attainable to all who are willing to release the tight hold upon the beliefs they have about the world.

You are still not convinced about the power of thoughts. Do this now: watch feelings and thoughts as they appear upon the screen of your awareness. Focus your attention on that place within that observes. Experience and feel the subtlety of thoughts as they rise and fall within. Receive the impressions of your surroundings without endlessly thinking about them.

Listen and take notice of all sounds without attaching to them. In other words, just Be. Let thoughts come and go. Observe the body and experience the energy field that you are.

As you continue in this primal awareness, you will begin to understand the immensity of Being, that your previous existence as a little struggling human will be seen as a distant dream; and in the fullness of calm acceptance, all that you need and desire will be more than fulfilled!


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3 responses to “How to Deal With Fear – When Life Shakes Us to the Core

  1. Bruce thanks for this post. I like thinking of fear as God, Higher Self, Goddess, the Universe lovingly shaking me into a more truthful, juicy, happy life.

  2. Thanks Amanda, I’m glad you liked the post. Fear is no fun when it first shows up, and habitual fear is debilitating (to say the least). But there seems to be a consciousness behind fear that helps us to see it as information that we can use, like a voice calling us to pay attention to whatever pain or issue that needs to be dealt with.

  3. i think people fear what they dont know and feel afraid when they expect something bad will happen

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