Power of the Mind – Dropping All Regrets and Resentments

One way of getting into the moment and dropping all regrets and resentments is by using sound. The video is of me playing the digeridoo (an ancient Australian Aboriginal  instrument). The harmonics created and the use of “circular breathing” helps to connect with the Earth Mother and the spirits of Nature. The following post is from a dialog with Higher Self regarding the power of the mind…

Drop all regrets and resentments by focusing strongly upon what you are feeling in the moment, whether fear, sadness, or resentment. Immerse yourself in the consciousness of now, in the fullness of what vibrates within. Drop all anxiety! It is a repeating loop of agitation brought on by thoughts and memories of past hurts that threaten future suffering. Get out of the recurring time loop that keeps you captive on the roller coaster ride of fear!

For now, throw away the need to “make sense” of the world. It will only cause frustration. Too many stories and beliefs have already been erected around “Life and all of its mysteries.” Focus on this thought: Build the magnet! Build the attracting force that will create the dimensions you wish to manifest. The magnet is created by powerfully revolving the thoughts and feelings around the objects of your noble desires… IN THE MOMENT! The vibratory field created will then be a living energy grid that cannot be impinged upon by anxieties of the past or worries about the future.

Use the mind as the creative instrument it was intended to be, not the instrument of torture that it has become. The mind was not intended to constantly churn out stories and memories of past hurts. With the mind, you can tap into the deepest layers of any mystery. Layer upon layer can be pulled aside to uncover the infinite subtleties of existence.

With mind you can create anything, any circumstance. At present you believe yourself subject to certain laws and restrictions of the world. You have bought into the mass hypnosis that the billions on earth are subject to. Awaken now to the gifts that are yours. The connection you have with your surroundings are not only through the body, as consciousness is not limited by the physical senses. The senses are merely filters that show certain spectrums of the Infinite Consciousness. And the power of the senses need not be limited as the consciousness of any filter can be ramped up to apprehend the finest nuances of the physical and spiritual universes.

Let the mind do the work it is meant to do. There are no limitations save in your own unwillingness to venture beyond the pale of the senses. Let yourself flow with the power as you allow the channels of body and mind to merge with the Universal Currents.

We understand that it is difficult to go against the tide of the worldly dream…suffering and pain is all so real to those who live in the realms of the earthly nightmare. It doesn’t go away by just wishing or hoping. And yet the dream has many layers, dimensions that can be unfolded to reveal all the lessons contained. Use the vibration of your focus combined with your voice to change the dream. With the use of harmonics you can melt the boundaries that separate you from the path you are meant to walk.


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3 responses to “Power of the Mind – Dropping All Regrets and Resentments

  1. jill

    i just dropped a nursing program that i was successful in interpersonally, but not clinically. i loved the class and people, hated the clinicals.

    i miss them. i feel alone desperate, with no direction. my grades were ok. i wasn’t good at the clinicals and i guess i didn’t like it enough to stay in.

    now i am trapped in a loveless marriage to an alcoholic. i am so depressed…

  2. So sorry to hear you’re having such a rough time! It really is difficult sometimes to navigate life, and it’s definitely no fun to feel “trapped,” as you mentioned. Is there anything else that calls to you? Beneath all the confusion and feelings of stuckness, is there any whisper or subtle inkling as to what direction you might be called towards? One of the most agonizing times for me when I was making a decision to leave the monastery (after 19 years), was in the not knowing what to do, that dark place within that could not make a decision to either embrace the life, or to make the decision to leave. It was sort of like a state of limbo…too bad to stay, too hard to leave. For years I defaulted to a life of stagnation. It was like being in a mental fog, going through the motions of daily life, but not being able to fully live.

    One of the most helpful things for me during that time was a network of people that I was able to bounce things off of, a supportive group of people (those with a degree of understanding). This network included those outside my community and also therapists. However, the most important part in my coming to terms with finally making a decision to leave was in my efforts to listen on the inside to all the pain and confusion, to allow all fears to be expressed (in a safe way of course). T he method I used was “Domininant, Non-dominant handwriting, writing out questions with my dominant right hand and answering with my non-dominant left hand. It was a way for me to short-circuit the linear logical mind that did not want to express what might have seemed to be illogical thoughts and dark feelings. It was an opening up, an embracing of all parts of myself, the darkness as well as the light.

    You’ll find your own way. I think sometimes the Universe shakes us severely and creates “impossible” situations as a way for us to seek deeply within for answers that do not seem to have a “logical” fix. If you’re inclined, please let me know how you’re managing.

    A great resource for me during that time of confusion was a book:

    Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Decide Whether to Stay In or Get Out of Your Relationship by Mira Kirshenbaum

    This book was quite instrumental in helping me get to a point of clarity. I highly recommend it!

    Sending you my warmest thoughts and prayers!

  3. Glen

    Jill I am sorry to hear of your sadness. I am a student of James Arthur Ray and forever grateful for what he has taught me – about being grateful for those things that are great in my life which helps to attract more. It is important to get your thoughts in line with where you want to be. I was recently in one of his seminars and something that really hit home for me was “focus on your desire not on your reality”. I hope this helps and if you want to take a look at his new book Harmonic Wealth go to http://www.harmonicwealth.com/

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