Your Life’s Song – Riding the Wave to Freedom!


All things have the vibration of song. Melt into the creative stream that flows to the ocean where the symphony of all sounds merge. Your worries and thoughts of limitation are part of the dream that you can awaken from when you choose to receive the vibration of your Life’s Song. There is only the moment, and hidden within the moment is the power of your song that can shatter the phantoms of the nightmare.

Your dream of limitation and worry can be instantly changed when you choose to awaken. Does it seem too simple that we ask you to live only in the moment? Through habit the mind seems to have been hardwired to stay within the narrow band of “reality” that it has grown comfortable with, and anything beyond this zone it cannot or will not venture. And yet there are dimensions far beyond what you can now imagine.

The reality you now find yourself locked into is narrow and enduring because it is what the mind has come to accept and allow. It has settled for a small corner of the infinite Universe. There is so much more that can be explored. It is just a matter of shifting consciousness to the awareness of Now; and in the consciousness of Now, there is no attachment to past and future, no attachment to worries and fears. There is only the awareness of what is. It is a deep letting go, a deep relaxation of all attachments to mind and mind stuff. The moment allows space for a wider experience of all that is.

Using Sound and Vocal Harmonics

Until you relax the tentacles of mind that holds your reality in constant form, it is difficult to experience the consciousness beyond the veils of the world. Continue to use sound and vocal harmonics to shake the foundations of the limited corner you now find yourself locked within. Consciousness is powerful enough to not only keep the Universe in form but it can also reshape and reorder all things. Continue to use the vibration of vocal harmonics to enter the deepest states of awareness.

Explore the depths of this very moment! It contains the power of all creation! There is no other place to experience what you seek. It is all within you this very moment. Nothing can be added or taken away. Use the vibration of your Life’s Song to explore dimensions now hidden behind the hard shell of dense beliefs that the world has imposed upon you for incarnations! Ride upon the wave of harmonics to plumb the depths of your Souls’ longing for freedom!

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  1. Hello,

    I just have had a wonderful synchronicity as I just wrote a short post on my blog about singing to trees and here I find you sitting at the base of a tree overtoning. Very beautiful! It is so heartening to know that there are so many of us now singing and adding to the harmonic health of the earth. I like what you say about the tentacles of the mind and how working with overtones opens us to new possibilities.

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