Turtle Medicine – Ancient Memories

Turtle Medicine - Live in Peace

Turtle Medicine transports us between dimensions, from waking to dreamtime awareness and back. It helps us to slow down our thoughts and the very frequency that keeps the earth drama in play. As you close your eyes and visualize Turtle Medicine, it is so easy to see the form of Turtle as the Earth Mother, swimming effortlessly through the vastness of space. Touch and feel the hard shell beneath your feet. Listen and feel on the inside as breath slows down and thoughts fall away. Your connection with the Earth can be felt as an ancient memory, a distant playing of song that can be heard in the farthest periphery of awareness. You ride upon the back of Turtle Medicine, through skies and ocean…through all dimensions!

As your breath slows down, gently and in the most natural way, you feel yourself expanding through all realms, until you know your Self as part of all things, including the dance of littleness and limitation that is so much a part of the earth drama. And yet, as you breathe with the breath of Turtle Medicine, and allow its song to wash over you like the warm rays of the Sun, you also know that the dream of littleness is for a short while, and that the Earth Mother is calling you to release the tight hold you have upon the nightmare.

Listen and feel! The breath relaxes and as you watch inhalation meeting exhalation, and exhalation meeting inhalation, the awareness deepens of itself as mind and body slow down, as the frequency of little self melts into the resonance of the Earth Mother. Upon the back of Turtle Medicine you ride, floating so easily, so quietly. Can you feel the hard shell, smooth and worn. When you touch the shell of Turtle you are connecting with the ancient memories of the Great Mystery!

Look into the shell that is beneath your feet. Something is reflecting back from the farthest galaxies of memory. Observe and receive…listen and feel. Turtle Medicine calls you to ride upon its back, to travel through places of light and shadow, pain and joy, enjoying the great dance of creation that unfolds within the openness of your heart! Enjoy and receive!


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7 responses to “Turtle Medicine – Ancient Memories

  1. RoxyRox

    I just have to say that “Turtle Medicine” has just helped give my friend and optimistic outlook after many losses.

    thank you



    • Thank You Roxy Rox,
      I’m glad your friend was helped by “Turtle Medicine.” Sorry to hear she/he went through so many losses. I think this person is fortunate to have you as a friend. Thank you for your caring.

    • Kelly

      this afternoon I was taking a spa soak/epsom salt bath/quiet time for prayer and listening when neighbor kids knocked on door; I did answer it and they asked if I wanted to buy a turtle they had in a bucket. I laughed “no but thanks for asking” – I “knew” it was a sign for me and that’s why I’m here right now going thru all totem notes and I think this one nails it for me today- including roxy comment. Thanks everyone.

  2. Tony

    This was great! Truth resonated information from different spectrum’s of life.
    Inasmuch, perusing through, I found myself being washed of weight.
    Thank You.

  3. Cinda

    Is there away to get a copy of mother earth turtle, it is my symbol and sign

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