Creativity – Entering Trance States Through Rhythmic Entrainment (Pt 2)

In the sleep and dream states, the sense of past and future do not have meaning… there is no time. Perhaps this is because, for the most part, we are in a state of unconsciousness. However, in the conscious dream state, wherein you know that you are dreaming, the divisions of past and future do not have the same meaning or “feel” as they do in the waking state. There is only the sense of being. This state of being can be experienced to some degree in waking state through any practice that takes the mind into deep trance. As mentioned in the previous post, drumming, chanting, running, meditating, etc. can entrain the mind and body to enter the timeless realms.

This is experiential, something that everyone experiences at some point or another, but most people lose the significance of the “timeless” moment because the mind kicks back into the default mode of unconscious drifting from one thought to another, or it falls asleep.

The routine of day-to-day living and the habits of thinking and behaving can be similar to being stuck in front of a television set that has only one station. Life can then become more and more of the same kind of “stuff,” a rehashing of the same problems and circumstances, a fight with the same internal gremlins over and over again.

The following is my dialog with my “Higher Self” concerning the lessons of earthly living:

If your everyday existence seems to be a repeating loop of the same nightmare, it is because the lessons you are learning is shaking you to awaken. Delusion is strong because it is what you have come to accept and believe in. You wish to awaken but feel caught in the dream of limitation, seeking avenues of freedom that will only prolong your stuckness. You are seeking temporary relief in the world through channels everyone else is fighting for, thinking it the logical and responsible thing to do, going the way of “finding” work to pay the bills. Do you think that living your God-given gifts in the world is somehow not enough to support you, that it is not good enough to uphold you? Do you believe that you need to settle for something less than living your spiritual dreams?

Know this: You are already free! Your life lesson is one of learning to manifest Spirit on the earthly plane. Use the power that is yours. It is so close!

The patterns you create through drumming and the sound work you do are building fields of vibratory grids that can then be used for any creative endeavor. Get out of the way and do not judge what wishes to express. Once the momentum is established the energy moves of itself to go in any direction you choose. Create the grids of vibration and then follow the currents to the deepest layers of what you wish to understand. There is nothing that cannot be apprehended by consciousness.

Consciousness is fluid, plastic and able to flow into the tiniest tissues of Creation. Allow it to do so by opening up to your own power. You will see that it is just a matter of falling into the consciousness of openness, a kind of expansion of awareness to receive the moment. It is so easy that most people miss the secret because of its incredible simplicity!

In the state of timelessness, all things are experienced as though in a brighter light. All things are seen as infused with a light that has its source within. In normal waking consciousness, the mind wanders hither thither with no focus, and thus no power. When brought to the focus of the moment, the mind has tremendous power to penetrate the most inaccessible dimensions of mind and body. All things are revealed to the mind that is in its power. Your only work is to keep yourself in the moment. In this way, all of your innate gifts are automatically manifested.

The moment is all there is! When the mind is allowed to just drift in the dreams of the world, all manner of complications arise. It is not your natural state. It is the land of nightmares. Keep your consciousness in the moment. Experience all things from the consciousness of the Great Observer. Energy is then open and free to be focused in any direction. Focus and create! As the calm observer, you are then connected with vast powers.

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