Creative Inspiration – You Are Meant to Create!

Focus and create! When you live and walk the path that is meant for you, the channels of creative inspiration open up further. Be yourself in all your power and the foundations of prosperity will unfold. You are meant to create and to show the beauty of a life that is connected with the energy of the Cosmic River. When the connection is made, the flow of that vibration is magnified and takes little effort to keep in movement. There is then no stopping, and the channels will run in deeper and deeper grooves of creativity, with no end to what can be expressed. Such subtlety of thought and feeling!

Do not stop or hold back. The difficulty lies only in getting out of the way. In the beginning, just to get things moving, there is no need to edit or judge what the mind may deem “acceptable” or what may or may not be considered “beautiful.” Just let the energy flow. It will express in ways that will take your breath away. Unimaginable depths can be accessed. The secret is in the allowing.

A mind that is unencumbered will create resonant patterns that can shatter all walls of resistance. When you understand the mind as a broadcasting tool and less so as a thinking and memory-making tool, then you will have access to unimaginable powers of creation! Trying to think yourself out of problems has its limitations whereas the ability of the mind to create fields of energy is endless. Can you believe your mind is more powerful than the challenging circumstances that you find yourself in? There is no problem that is more powerful than your mind’s ability to resolve. Let it do what it was meant to do!

Focus and practice! Create the vibratory fields that draw to you the things you envision. Let the sound of your intentions shake loose the foundations of all that obstructs.

Engage in all activities as a way to build what your soul longs for, using the power of repetition: writing, drawing, playing the guitar, drumming, walking, jogging, even washing dishes…let the energy revolve around the object of your desire. In this way everything you do becomes as a prayer. The magnetism created around your vision then coalesces into manifestation.

You believe yourself stuck in a dream of limitation, cut off from the flow of the Abundant Universe. There is more than enough for everyone! Awaken from the dream of thinking yourself cut off from the stream. Feel the power that is all around and within. You are floating in an ocean of infinite energy and yet believe yourself stuck on one level of existence. Unleash yourself! You are not cut off from the stream!

Use the power that is yours. It is so close! It can start with a simple act of imagination. Use the mind to create freedom rather than allowing it to be the instrument of bondage.

There are perceptible patterns in your environment that can be used in ways to dislodge any difficulty. For example, If your everyday existence seems to be a repeating loop of the same nightmare, it is because the patterns of behavior and thinking are so deeply cut into the fabric of your day to day existence. Delusion is strong because it is what you have come to accept and believe in. You wish to awaken but believe yourself stuck in the dream. And yet you know you are stuck but still seek avenues that -–ironically– will only prolong your stuckness. It is like seeking temporary relief through channels everyone else is fighting for, thinking it the “responsible” and “logical” thing to do. After all, in order to survive in the world, it seems to require a certain amount of money and “position.” The “pattern” of the story you have fallen into is one that requires taking care and responsibility for a body that must be fed and cleansed, clothed and protected. This is just how it is in the dimension you find yourself “locked” into, and the currency for survival requires a certain amount of money and power. Until you are able to consciously rearrange the atoms of your existence, this is what you have to deal with. And yet…Do you think seeking Spirit–walking the path you are meant to walk–is not enough to uphold you, that you have to settle for something less than your spiritual dreams?

You already know the way to freedom! There is no need to compromise your desire for Truth and Spirit in order to survive in the world. Your lesson is one of manifesting Spirit on the earthly plane. Again, the lessons of feeling the pattern of “stuckness” is a powerful voice, reminding you to take action and to get energy moving with the intention of manifesting the gifts that are yours. When you focus upon the limitations of the worldly mindset, then of course the mind comes to a point of blockage, because the world is not something that can be “figured” out. You can learn to adjust to its laws and limitations, but what you are seeking is about bridging the seemingly wide gap between what you envision for your life and the rock-hard walls of the world. Use the pattern of “stuckness” as a reminder to act, to create and move forward no matter how many voices of the mind cry out for you to give up and walk the path that the world commands of you.

The patterns are all around, in nature and in the silence within. There is no “logical” answer to the problems of the world; there is only the voice within that calls you to continue following the trail of your heart, even if it takes you through some dark and forbidding places. Listen, observe, be still and allow your awareness and energy to expand and create a different and more powerful pattern of existence that changes the iron-like grid of your present experience.


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2 responses to “Creative Inspiration – You Are Meant to Create!

  1. Sun

    Like this article. I’ve been looking to understand the connections between Self and creativity, especially since beginning shamanic practices. Very inspiring. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Sun, the connections and patterns that are all around us, especially in Nature, can seemingly pop out of nowhere to serve as “doorways” or “next steps.” A lot of it seems to be about listening, feeling deeply and then surrendering to the flow of what wishes to express. In this way we open up to the current of the Creative River that can be accessed at any time and any place.

    Have fun with your shamanic practices!

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