Awakening from the Dream of Limitation

This is a continuation of the previous post regarding “How to Deal With Frustrations.”  It speaks of learning to understand life as an ongoing dream.

Dear Higher Self…How to deal with frustrations?

Understand that when things become increasingly uncomfortable for you in your inner and outer environments, the Universe is pushing you to move into a completely different mindset. It makes things uncomfortable because it is a way to awaken you to the path you are meant to travel.

Dimensions are opening up. Follow the trail within and open yourself to the energies and lessons that are there for you. It is about relaxing and remaining even-minded during the most challenging of situations. You are not meant to stagnate in one place! The frustration you feel is natural but also unnecessary. Relax into the consciousness of your nature, into the power of your Higher Self. Realize the fluid nature of thought and mind. You can create the environment you long for if you would only drop attachments to the hard core of beliefs you have about life and about survival in the world.

The environment is an ongoing dream that requires a certain way of thinking and believing. Drop all thoughts and beliefs and just experience and Be in the powerful moment underlying the dream. Awaken now! You only dream that you are sitting at a table drinking coffee and eating pumpkin scone. The sum total of your experience may be pleasant at the moment…and it is also one that is familiar because it is a repetition of what you have created before. It is predictable and known. As you relax into what is “known” there are certain laws that you can expect and count upon to repeat this particular scenario. You also have memories of a different type of dream that is not so pleasant and that is subject to certain laws: The dream of lack and limitation is an ongoing dream because it is part of the worldly mindset that you resonate with…it too is predictable and ongoing.

But how to change this dream?

The question “how” (as you ask it) comes from the same dream and as such can only deal with the laws of the dream. The question “how” resides in the realms of learning to play by the rules governing the dream of limitation and so it can only make you a better player in the same dream.

Your prayer and desire has been about awakening from the dream. Engaging the mind in “how” is still in the realms of limitation and delusion. Of course the search and desire begins in the mind and with the thoughts of “how” but ultimately the realms of mind cannot satisfy your prayer for freedom.

No amount of teachings can bestow the ultimate gift of freedom. They can only intimate or point in the direction of enquiry, but ultimately even the teachings and teachers must fall away in order to allow the flowering of freedom to occur.

The patterns of your thoughts keep you locked into a certain type of existence that is subject to certain laws and restrictions of the dream. When you know and experience your circumstances as a dream, then you can change it to manifest according to how you change your thoughts and beliefs.

Your present existence is a reflection of the habits of thinking you have built up around the dream. You do not know your existence to be a dream and so you continue to be swept along in the nightmare of suffering and change that seems to be beyond your control.

Drop all anxiety! The things you worry about will loosen their grip as you deepen your awareness of Being. A new dimension is pushing itself into your consciousness that will allow you to see the underpinnings of your present challenges that seem so real and unmanageable. It is just a matter of watching the show without letting the chatter of ongoing thoughts interfere with the experience of the moment. This seems so simple and the mind cannot fathom such simplicity to be effective. Observe and listen! The awakening happens only in the moment!


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3 responses to “Awakening from the Dream of Limitation

  1. VickyTS

    Hi Bruce,

    Can I ask a question to your higher self?

    I experienced the awareness Being last night.. my only question is.. how do I stay in that realm?

    Or how do I continue to be in the awakning by the moment?

    The world is already becoming what it is.

    I just want to know how do I stay in that realm of being in the awarness of the Being.

    Because the world is becoming worse for me..

    I know I have to go to this path, the other question I want to ask, is education worth the high priority?

    Or is my life the one thing that needs the most attention to be so?

    The ICT computers are down at school. So I don’t think that I can continue going to school for those ICT lessons. And it’s all that I have today.

    My other question is what is the best cause of action right now? Continue to observe and listen?

    Cause the lights kinda broke in the house and it’s 7 am… lol



  2. Hi Victoria,

    Thanks for your comments to my post. In response to your question, “How do I stay in that realm?” I must say I do not have the answer to that. For me it is helpful to relax a little around the issue of wanting and grasping for the “feel good” results of a mind that is calm and at peace. Of course we all want this, but sometimes it just may not happen no matter how many hours of meditation or how deeply we may practice being in the present moment. Sometimes life can just be yucky and dark. Can you embrace the totality of your existence here, even the darkness that presents itself to you?…the sadness, grief, depression, anger, etc. etc. Of course we do what we can to resolve these things, but the accepting of the light and dark within ourselves goes a long ways in changing the relative “feel” of any so-called “negative” feeling. It seems that the very act of awareness has a way of changing the quality and feel of any circumstance. Also, for myself, the awareness of whatever sadness or pain that may appear in my consciousness–if observed without judgment or creating any story around it–seems to transform the “feel” of it into an energetic form that is somewhat neutral. It all becomes fuel that can then be used to move energy for creative work. You come to understand sadness to be a form of energy. The tough part is not fighting with the thoughts and stories around the pain. Hope this makes sense.

    Regarding pursuing your education. As much as we may or may not like school, it is a way to connect with others, a way to push our own boundaries. Also, in this age, a higher degree can only help in smoothing the way through certain career paths. Trust your own wisdom, but also understand that getting higher degrees seems to be part of the dream that makes it a little easier to pave the way to success in this world. As much as you may not want to be part of the madness and delusions of the world, school can offer many things if you are clear about what you want. This is just my opinion.

    Thanks again!


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    On the theme of what you’re writing about here, I am writing with the intention of helping people awaken from their nightmares and start living happy dreams.


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