How to deal with Frustrations

Frustrations, annoyances, moodiness: how to deal with them? We all run into roadblocks that can be impossibly frustrating to grapple with. Sometimes it seems that we’re just “going in circles,” or that we’re “stuck in the mud”  so to speak with the dreams and goals that we have for our lives.

 Dear Higher Self…How to deal with frustrations?

The patterns of thinking are habits developed over lifetimes and are difficult to dislodge. You wish for a change in circumstances and yet continue to hang onto old ways of thinking and acting. Relax your grip on the results you expect. Stop looking at the bottom line dollar results!

Act and create as an offering to the Universe. The idea of giving with no thought of self has tremendous practical benefit. Create and give! Looking always for results will only cause frustration as it may not be what you expect.

A different magnetism is built around your endeavors when all that you do is an offering from your heart. Of course it is natural to want to see results, but the agitation of focusing on them builds up a screen that deflects the very thing you seek. Relax your grip!

Your business is not about building an income stream, even though that is one of the desirable and rightful results. Your business is primarily service to the world through fulfilling the gifts you were born with. We understand the frustration when expected results are not forthcoming. The lessons you are learning are in surrendering and relaxing your grip on the results.

Now that’s frustrating!

In that feeling lies the key to the very things you seek!

Please explain!

The lesson is in learning to listen, to relax and feel the deeper undercurrents of what manifests through your frustrations. Can you see the story behind your moods? The story you tell yourself again and again is that you are lost, that the doors to the world are closed, that there is no place for the gifts you wish to share. And this story prevents you from hearing the lessons beyond the veils of its harsh voice. Humans often settle for the outermost, superficial story of their circumstances and lose the opportunity to hear the song of life-changing opportunities.

Look deeper! If patterns arise again and again, there is an important lesson for you. Open your inner listening and receive the gifts that are offered.

Release and relax from moment to moment. We have brought you along thus far and will not leave you now. Frustration shows that you tire of the repeating patterns in life that keeps you in one place. Of course it is frustrating!

You can fight against the same wall and continue to reap the same frustrations, or you can go deeper and listen to its message. You’ve tried the way of fight and now it’s time to listen. The answers will not necessarily come in a way that will satisfy the logical mind. In fact, we may take you to places of thinking and feeling completely outside the world of what is familiar. We are asking you to think and feel in a totally different way.

As you listen and tune into the patterns that play within you will find more and more that the mind quiets down and allows for the deeper apprehension of things you wish to focus upon. The more you keep the awareness upon the inner flow and just observe while staying present to all that plays within, the more your circumstances will change to reflect and support you in all ways.

If it seems that you are constantly faced with the same issues of lack, then it shows that there is a powerful message from the Universe to you. It is asking you to attune yourself to the abundance within and to stop looking for results everyday, to just live the gifts you were meant to express.

Focus upon the depths of Being, enjoying each moment as it unfolds for you.
Stop worrying about what you cannot immediately see or attract. If you feel frustrated with the lack of perceived progress, stop looking for results! Express your gifts and give to Spirit without expectation and attachments to results.

This may go against what seems rational and practical, and yet we still ask that you continue to express and create from the depth of your Being without attachment to results. The subtle laws of manifestation will materialize for you in ways that will surprise you.

Your prayer has always been to merge with the consciousness of Spirit. This is why your challenge is one of surrendering totally and completely to our care and guidance. We know you  must live in the world where certain financial obligations are required; and what we ask doesn’t go against your abilities to survive and even thrive in the world. We are asking you to drop the customary ways of thinking and believing regarding worldly survival. We are asking you to drop your expectations and attachments and live completely and totally in the consciousness of the timeless moment.

You were not meant to lose yourself in the busy-ness of the world that has stripped itself of its connection with Spirit. You are a creator! Do not forget the gifts you have been blessed with. Listen to the quiet voice that speaks within. We guide you from moment to moment.

Focus on doing what draws your energies to help the world. Listen, and then act with the full support of the Universe. When your awareness aligns with the cosmic frequencies that are meant for you to live, then all things will be attracted to you and you will draw all that you need.

Act, think, live and breathe the gifts you were meant to express. Drop all narrowness of one-dimensional thinking and experiencing. You are meant to move and live in all realms and in all dimensions!

Understand that each moment is a sacred opportunity to experience the magnificence of Spirit. Every moment and each environment offers untold wonders and beauty. When you learn this, the whole existence becomes a divine experience and communion with realms that communicate and express in infinite ways!


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2 responses to “How to deal with Frustrations

  1. VickyTS

    It is very challenging to see and express in other realms and dimensions.. however it can be very confusing to what’s real and what’s not, now I begin to understand of what your higher self says and implies by the means of other dimensions/realms.. it can a very different experience of what one is normally used to.

    But if allowed then there’s a huge opportunity to change everything on the way life works itself.
    Like a million rules broken to see whats inside and outside of this reality. Such as dreams.. but then again, if this world is looked differently upon.

    There’s a huge door waiting to be opened by the key of surrending and allowing such things to come through..

    I’m up to the point of where I begin to allow such things to come through under the subconsious mind.

    Although to where I could be for real… sounds scary.. but why not take the oppurtunity to see these abilities at full strength?

    This is something that I shall do in the near future. I just hope that it doesn’t get too scary. Because I already start to believe in things that could be a complete lie or that it’s hard to distinguish between reality and dreams themself. >.<;;;

    Thats the very annoying thing about this gets very confusing when ones starts look at it in a different way indeed.


    (BTW, I’m getting better.. it’s just I need to ask my higher self these questions more often sometimes. Thank you for the posting this. It’s been very helpful to see other views on how to deal with such issues.)

  2. Thank you

    Thank you

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