Turtle Energy – Ancient Origins

Had dreams about turtles. Dear Higher Self, what is the significance of these dream? They were trying to bite me!

Turtle energy is deeply connected with ancient Earth energies and is “biting” to get your attention. Consider what Turtle energy represents: ancient and long-lived, Turtle represents wisdom of ancient origin. The hard shell of Turtle houses the Earth energies, the powers that are timeless and steady. Turtle is expert in stillness and breathlessness. It goes at its own pace.

Turtle wants you to know that it is ok to slow down, to take time to meditate, to set aside for awhile the work you do in the world. Like Turtle, you go at your own pace. Turtle asks you to be patient. It “bites” you so that you might awaken to your own nature. Slow down and listen to the breath of Turtle. It is gentle and deep. Follow Turtle to its home in Mother Earth.

When Turtle energy comes to you in dreams, it does so to remind you to seek the depths of the creative ocean. You are not meant to remain on the surface, getting battered by waves of worry and grappling endlessly with the drama of survival. You have gifts beneath the hard shell of protection that encases your heart. Release your heart by listening to the ocean that Turtle swims in. Listen and receive…

You have been like Turtle that has been on its back, unable to free yourself from a self-created prison of limiting beliefs and narrow assumptions about unfortunate “circumstances.” And you even feared the tidal waves fast approaching that you believed would dash you on the hard rocks of a world that seems so harsh…and yet the waves come as a way to free you from the stranglehold of thoughts, to awaken you to the depths of the Creative Ocean where you belong…

The Ocean is rising not to destroy, but to remind…


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  1. kat

    I had a dream about many snapping turtles in a lake that i went in and got swamped by hundreds of them. Thet were all attacking me and biting me as i tried to fight them off.
    I have been researching it for the past 2 days and finally found my answer!
    Thank you

    • Thanks Kat,

      Would love to hear your insights regarding the dream you had.

      Turtle is a major totem for me and has had much significance in my life, a reminder to honor the creatures and Life Energies of the Earth Mother. This being said, you might imagine my sadness and concern when, within the last year (2008), I came across three dead turtles (on separate occasions). As mentioned in other posts, whenever something like this happens, I take the time to look within and offer prayers and to receive messages that may be there for me. In all three instances (although outside in nature), it occurred to me that the turtles died because of humankind’s neglect and disrespect for the Earth. The turtles, representative of the very Life that nurtures and sustains us were found on their backs, symbolizing the Earth that is slowly being destroyed by her children’s ignorance and shortsightedness. And so it does not come as a surprise to see the turmoil and violent earth changes that the world is experiencing. I do, however, also believe that old systems are dying, that the “hard shell” of selfishness and greed are being shaken and thrown onto the dung heap of what needs to be released. In a sense, Turtle Medicine comes to tell us that the time of renewal comes with great change and purging!

      • I am devastated! I drove in to my home this morning after a day away, and parked my van, running over a beautiful 5″ box turtle in my drive way. I feel so terrible, as I am a HUGE nature conservationist, with a deep love of these sweet, slow, important creatures.

        I wonder how does this turtle energy now in my possession translate to me and my life, and I’m praying to the spirits that I use this energy well.

        Growing up on the coast, and knowing all creatures have deep connections to all other creatures, I am saddened to have been so short sighted as to not watching my path for peaceful slow walkers, be-ers.

        I will slow down, watch and listen.

      • I’m so sorry to hear, Caroline, of the difficult experience you just went through! Can’t imagine how that must have been for you!

        Thanks however, for your sharing and for the caring you have for all of Earth’s creatures. I would be very interested to hear how turtle energy expresses to you in the days and weeks ahead!

  2. Anja

    I had a dream last night. I am very interested about it’s meaning, even more as the dream came on the night, when I decided to listen again to my dreams.

    I was preparing, cleaning something in the kitchen, when I notice a big aquarium with a turtle inside. In the next moment I realize that I am overheating the water where the turtle is. I put her out or it jumps out and starts hunting me (it’s not slow at all!). At first she doesn’t succeed. The next time, she goes searching for me, she bites me in my left hand. I am trying to take her off me, grabbing her by it’s mouth. I succeed. But she start hunting me again, and bites me again in my hand. These time I do not struggle and I let her. The next memory is that I am at peace, turtle is in the aquarium and I am putting her a fresh, clean water.

    I am very happy to find your blog, while searching for answers. If you have some insides, opinions I would really appreciated.
    Thank you and I wish you all the Love and Light.

    • Thank you Anja, for sharing your powerful dream! It is fraught with symbolism: water (emotions, unconscious, ? etc.), turtle (Mother Earth?), left hand (non-dominant, intuitive side?) Perhaps one interpretation might be that the Earth Mother (as represented by the turtle, is “biting” to activate your intuitive Higher Self. She arises from the deep unconscious (water) to remind you of the vast powers that are yours to manifest and to be “at peace” with.

  3. Anja

    Thank you so much. I had a nother one, but these time it was not turtle hunting me but a small snake. She bite me 4 times in my left leg. Suddenly she disappeared, but from my mouth young snakes started to come out.
    Well thank you, I am really happy that you replayed!

    • Wow! This time a snake biting you four times on your left leg. I’d be interested to hear your own interpretation of this dream (as it is your dream and your unconscious speaking to you). In some traditions, the number 4 represents completion and wholeness. That young snakes started coming out of your mouth in the dream seems quite significant: beginning to manifest and speak your intuitive truth? The snake (or serpent) also represents the coiled energy at the base of the spine, sometimes known as Kundalini. When this energy gets activated and rises up the spine, it blasts away at any stuck energies that may reside in the body, increasing its resonant frequency. Check out my post on Kundalini Awakening.

  4. Julia

    This is by far the most amazing interpretation I have ever read. So dead-on, it floored me. Thank you for your deep and healing insights.

    • Thank you Julia, I appreciate your kind thoughts! When I think and feel “turtle energy,” I switch back and forth between sadness and joy, sorrow and elation. To me, Turtle represents all that is ancient, like the old growth redwoods that used to proliferate in the Western Coastal States. They also represent the indigenous peoples across the globe. Both have been decimated due much to human ignorance… and we have lost much of the wisdom teachings of the trees and native peoples– a great loss!

      Turtle also brings great joy because its primal energy is patient and enduring. It swims powerfully through the seas of Mother Earth, calling us back to Oneness, showing us that Beauty and Love can never be lost forever.

  5. Kari

    I dreamt about multiple baby turtles. They were different kinds… box, smooth carapace, I was helping someone (a child) I think try and match them and gather them. We kept having to return to the water where we were finding them to get more. It wasn’t frustrating or fun, just continual and quite vivid. I can still see the stream which was at the bottom of a cliff….
    Any thoughts? Thank you!

    • Beautiful dream Kari! Baby turtles and a child… “return to the water…” For me the dream seems to represent a “return” to primal (turtle) energy, connecting with the creative (child) flow (stream) of what is wanting to be expressed in life (as represented by the cliff). So much is wanting to be born through you Kari! That “it wasn’t frustrating or fun” is an aspect of Spirit/Nature that seems to have a detached consciousness in the sense that it does not make value judgments of right, wrong, pleasure, pain, etc. It seems to just Be, the Divine Calm Observer. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Joni


    Just recently, maybe a week, I had this dream of two turtles. It is not clear. My mind seem to visual it as a turtle. I can’t really remember. Then suddenly one of the turtle turn to an iPAD or there was an iPAD. Can’t remember it now. I know it sounds weird. Anyway, I don’t bother on the iPAD thing. Perhaps I’ve been dreaming to have one. So few days later I bought a pair of turtles. I’m not sure whether this is right. I just feel like I want to have it. Any thoughts?

  7. T-la

    Im also glad to have found this site. I have the past two nights had a dream of being back in the home I grew up in, which I haven’t been in in at least 4 years. There is this large green snapping turtle, a big one you’d expect to find crawling across an African landscape covered in dust. Only this one isn’t dusty but emerald green. It sees me and I underestimate it, thinking I can outrun it but it is so fast! It pursues me angrily and gets underneath my stride and leaps up and snaps at my right upper thigh, clinging on with it’s strong beak. I feel no pain, but I have to pry open it’s strong beak to get it to release my thigh. Then I get it off me and notice a sheet of blood running down my leg. It continues to pursue me at least 3-4 times before I wake up, catching me off guard at different places in this house. It’s horrifying but I’m not in pain. Any insight? Thank you in advance.

    • Thank you Zurikiss for sharing. Your dream is fascinating, especially since my wife and I received just two weeks ago a gift from a child of a beautiful green porcelain turtle (from Hawaii)! For me the turtle represents a return to our origins (home) and reconnection with primal energies. I see the turtle as swimming through the cosmos. I also think it is significant that your dream turtle was “emerald green,” the color of healing. Perhaps your dream is calling you back to your home in Spirit, even “biting” to get your attention. That it bit your upper right thigh might be your unconscious, intuitive Self “biting” the intellectual, linear/logical ego self as represented by the thigh (what we stand upon the earth with). At any rate, the unconscious seems to be very much wanting your attention! I think it’ll be interesting to see what shows up in your life! Thanks again!

  8. Mike

    I really enjoyed this post on turtle energy. The other night, I had a dream involving a turtle and found your page after doing an internet search on the meaning of turtles within dreams. Currently, I am working on lucid dreaming and trying to get more in touch with my creativity and emotions, so I found the information on your site to be highly relevant.

    In my dream, I was walking through a recently harvested cornfield towards a dilapidated water tower. As I was walking, I saw thieves climbing the water tower and stealing pieces of it. Suddenly, a large mob of people appeared and chased the thieves away. Then I noticed a very large green turtle (about the size of a van) nearby with a giant horn on it’s head. It called out to me and asked me what I thought of what was happening. I conveyed that the scene had disturbed me and the turtle asked me why it had disturbed me. At this point, I felt very uncomfortable talking to such an unusual creature and the dream ended.

    • Thanks Mike for sharing. Very interesting! I’m wondering what the “dilapidated water tower” and the “thieves” represent to you. For me, water in dreams represents emotions, feelings. The thieves are symbolic of whatever in life is depleting our emotional “water tower.” Feelings get magnified in our dreams and indicate areas in our lives that are inviting us towards deeper exploration. The “harvested cornfield” seems to indicate that you have reached a particular milestone in life, that you have “harvested” the results of things you have sown and wanted in life. Now the “thieves” have come to pilfer what you have not taken such good care of (the dilapidated water tower). That the turtle in your dream is asking why it disturbed you seems to be an important question to answer. Thanks again for sharing!

  9. Ruby Solomon

    Last night I had a dream that my husband and I came home and my mom and one of my Aunts were there and along with my two children they had many, many children running around my house and running in and out of the house. I became angry with my mother and went into my room, to find a tiny little turtle there. I went to wash the turtle down the sink in my bathroon but he would not flush down. I looked into the drain and saw that there were many little turtles stuck in there. I called to my husband and he helped me to pull them all out wwith a wire hanger and place them in a shallow bucket of water. And then I woke up. Please help! I have no idea what this means.

    • Thanks for sharing Ruby. What stands out for me in your dream is the “child” archetype: your children and the “many children running around my house” along with the many tiny little turtles. Another indicator of child energy in the dream was the instance of your going to your room because you were angry at your Mother. Water in a dream can be symbolic of emotions. Does flushing the little turtles down the drain (toilet) bring up certain symbolic meanings to you? The child archetype is primal, wild, creative, unpredictable, moody. That energy within us can be unpleasant if we have not learned to understand, embrace and cultivate our relationship with it. Your husband helping you pull the “stuck” little turtles out of the drain and placing them in a shallow bucket of water seems to indicate a new start with the relationship with your inner child (with the help of your husband). Hope this helps!

  10. Dear Mr. Manaka,
    Thank you for such beautiful words! It was great to find an explanation for my dream!
    I dreamed that I was in a place listening to a monk who was a spiritual master, and a turtle bit my left hand.
    It was very difficult to get it off my hand and I moved over to a different place, and the master said that changing places was useless because it would find me, if it wanted to.
    Maria Alves

    • Thanks for your kind words Maria,
      It’s interesting to me that the turtle in your dream bit your left hand. I don’t know if you’re right or left handed, but for right-handers, the left non-dominant hand is connected to the right brain (creative, intuitive, non-linear). Perhaps the turtle was inviting you to explore deeper areas of creativity and that “changing places” would not enable an escape from the gifts that are “biting” for your attention.

      • Dear Mr. Manaka,
        Thanks for your reply! Your words, even in writing, have a deep spiritual healing power.

        You are absolutely right about the meaning of my dream. Although I am doing wonderful things now – especially studying Homeopathic Medicine, I must come back to the magic side of my life.

        On another note, I would like to tell you that I read your post about your leg pain and healing dance. It was beautiful, but I would like to share with you something very helpful: homeopathic remedies for emergencies:


        As you probably know, homeopathy acts on the vital energy, using the energy of the product of which it is made, by the process of potentization.

        You don’t need to publish this comment, it is not my intention to promote my blog. I just want to share this with you.

        All the best,
        Maria Alves

  11. Eledy

    While searching online for definition/meaning of dreaming with turtles I came across your site and I was fascinated.

    A few weeks a had a dream that went from one thing to another. Though the first part of the dream I understood the second I did not since it had to do with turtles and this is my first time dreaming with them.

    In the dream I remember walking into my room and when I look down to the floor I see a baby turtle walking towards me. I stepped back and at my amazement I say “Oh, I found it!, It was lost somewhere in my room.” But when I thought about it in my dream I was thinking “wait, I never lost a turtle, I lost my pet hamster but not a turtle.” With that thought in mind I look down at the turtle to see it walking towards 3 other baby turtles making them a total of 4. They were all walking in a circle clockwise one behind the other. I smiled and said “oh, but there is one missing.” I reached towards my mouth opened it and took out the fifth baby turtle and placed it in the center of the circle. This one just stood there while the other four kept walking in the same direction … All I did was look at them and smile.

    What has left me surprised is the fact that the fifth turtle was in my mouth. Please help, I really have no idea what this means, any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you ^_^

    • Thanks Eledy, for sharing your fascinating dream!

      The symbolism that comes to mind for me are the “Sacred Four Directions” as represented by the four turtles circling clockwise. In ancient Chinese tradition, the Turtle (or “Black Tortoise”) symbolizes the power of the North (and longevity). The fifth Sacred Direction is symbolized by the turtle coming out of the mouth (representing “Center”). This part of your dream is also represented in Chinese tradition: the divine King of the North, in order to attain enlightenment, purged all toxins (physical, mental, and spiritual) from his stomach and intestines. Symbolically, the story tells of the stomach and intestines being physically removed which then takes on the shape of the tortoise and snake.

      For reference, here is a link to the above information:


      Hope this helps! Thanks again for sharing!

  12. Dear Maria!

    Thank you for sharing the link to the homeopathy site. I’m more than happy to share such helpful information on my blog! Glad also to hear you are studying homeopathic medicine! Many Blessings!

  13. I had a dream where I was playing this video game, and I was the main character; but I was seeing most everything from my 1st person point of view. In one of the scenes, I was inside of a cave laying on the edge of a lake on the ground. Somebody that I didn’t even know (and I don’t remember what they looked like) was bringing me gifts, and the only gift I remember getting was a bag with a black turtle shell necklace in it. It had some dirt on it though, but I pulled it out of the bag and put it around my neck. Then I turned around and saw three old men standing on a faraway land bridge in this cave, and they were standing there waiting for something.

    All of a sudden, I had control of a video game character that was standing on this land bridge trying to make it across a big gap. The old men moved out of the way of my character as I started controlling it, and when I moved it and jumped across the gap to the other end of this bridge, the three old men turned into turtles and fell to the ground below where I was. I then lost control of the character and I stopped seeing it. I moved closer to these three men turned turtles and then instantly, a burgundy sack appeared in my hand, with these three turtles inside of it. They were on top of some dirt and each laying next to a seashell (but it appeared like they were all in their own sack), so it’s like this sack had three compartments in it lol. There’s more to this dream, but only this part of the dream had the turtles in it. I wonder what you might make of this?

    • Wow! Lots of symbolism in your dream: cave, gifts, turtle shell necklace (with dirt on it), three old men, land bridge, turtles, burgundy sack, more dirt, seashells, etc. They all evoke certain feelings, thoughts and visuals. What comes immediately for me is the feeling/sense of connection (land bridge) with our ancestors (three old men). The gift of the black turtle shell necklace is perhaps a call to remembrance of who we are, a joining together (necklace) of all “three compartments” of our physical, mental and spiritual aspects. The video game (and character) perhaps represents the ego and its place in the worldly dream and our attempts to control it. What is the dream calling you towards? Thanks again for sharing!

      • Hey no problem, thanks for the response. I don’t feel that this dream is really calling me towards anything in particular. But I did look up the symbolism of turtles, and they’re supposed to symbolize some sort of wisdom, or gift of wisdom, especially since they were placed in a sack. Also to slow down, although I feel like things are going super slow anyways ha.

  14. l d

    Hello! I came across your website as soon as I tried to understand why I dreamt of many baby and adult turtles. Mainly the baby ones were being cooked by children in my dream and then taken out. Then very ones were used to try a racing game. Lol, i thought it was strange. Anyway late into the dream, one adult turtle was under my seat and trying to bite me. What are the significant of this dream pls? Thanks in advance.

    • Thanks for sharing your dream. “Baby” turtles being cooked by “children” kind of stands out for me. I’m wondering what “children” and “cooking” represents to you. Perhaps something ready to be served? Are you finished with something and it is wanting to come out, be expressed? Racing to come out? Also, that an adult turtle biting you from beneath your seat in my opinion represents something significant in your life that is wanting to be looked at. Anyway, these are just my impressions. Hope they help!

      • l d

        They did, your impressions are precising on the dot. I have been so anxious to come out or express myself and also waiting to meet someone that’s i have been dying to meet. This dream as a way of it telling me to be patient. Thanks

  15. balukamoy

    I don’t remember my dreams, so when I see something strange it really sticks to me. I don’t remember all the details, and I’ll share what I can remember. Two nights ago, I saw my mother set up a platter of food for my ill grandmother. There were 3 items on the plate and the plate was covered by a lid to keep the food warm. Curiously, I peeked and saw a live green turtle under the lid, looking at me with sleepy eyes and a subtle smile (a bit cartoony) I recall asking my mother why did she put it on my grandmother’s plate, but she didn’t reply to me. I couldn’t tell if this was intentionally placed on her plate or an accident. I kept watching the turtle and didn’t say anything to either of them. I didn’t want to alarm either of them and was puzzled by finding a turtle on her lunch plate. I don’t know what this could mean. Thanks for any insight on this.

    • Thanks Balukamoy for sharing your dream! Here are some of my impressions of your dream: Three items of food on the plate. The dream consists of three generations (your Grandmother, Mother and you). The plate covered by a lid with a green turtle under it perhaps represents a fourth generation? It was looking at you with sleepy eyes and a subtle smile. The thought of it being food for your ill Grandmother would be horrifying but if looked upon symbolically as an offering to the ancestors, that their life force continues to live on and gain sustenance through the younger ones, then it makes a little bit of sense. Anyway, these are just my thoughts….

  16. bannananut

    i was doing research on turtles and then found this yknow i never thought of a turtle like that and im actually going to use this when i present

  17. TheBean

    I’m fascinated by the interpretations of other dreams that you’ve posted, and I’m hoping you can help with mine.
    Night before last, I had a dream of a large turtle-a land tortoise perhaps-ambling along. I was outside, it was night, and it went past about 15-20 feet away. To me, the interesting thing is that this large turtle-like the size of a footstool-started to try to climb a tree. Then, I woke up.

    • Thanks for sharing your dream! Yes, it’s interesting that the large turtle started to try to climb a tree! Something to consider: whenever anything happens in a dream that is totally outside of what normally would be considered possible in our waking consciousness, it can be the Unconscious’ way of helping you, the dreamer, to awaken in the dream. In other words, to get lucid. I also see (in my mind), the play of Turtle (ancient wisdom) with the moniker you use: TheBean. I’m wondering, what kind of bean? Perhaps a vine that climbs trees?

  18. Kerryn

    Its seems this is the only sight that has actual valid interpretation of dreams, maybe you can help me…
    I’m a big believer in dreams and last night I had a dream that I was rescuing two baby turtles but I lost them in a large group of water, I went searching for them and found them cuddled together at the bottom. Later in my dream, sorry if this is strange, I met a young merman, who I felt an over powering love for yet he wasn’t the typical type of merman, his whole body was covered in scales. I have no idea what this represents.

    • Thanks Kerryn for sharing your dream.There are some powerful archetypes represented in your dream: two baby turtles, water, merman (covered in scales). In reading your dream, in a certain sense it has become part of the fabric of my own dream, as the archetypes you spoke of create a certain resonance for all of us. From my perspective (as reader of your dream), it represents the reuniting (cuddling) of heart and mind (two baby turtles) with the Ocean of Spirit (large group of water). The Merman (covered in scales) seems to represent the male/masculine ego principle in all of us that has lost touch with Spirit. We’ve covered ourselves in scales to protect our little selves from the overwhelming feelings of primal energies.

      • Kerryn

        Thank you so much! This really helps as I am currently embarking on a whole new journey in my life and it seems that I am heading in the right direction from the sound of your interpretation! Light and love sent your way!

  19. Romina

    Hi, I too came across your website because last night i had a dream about a turtle.
    I was at a beach standing on some rocks and contemplating the water, it caught my attention how clear and transparent it was , i saw a man i guess he was swimming i don’t remember him as clear but then i saw this shadow on the water and there it was… a giant GREEN turtle, it came towards me i was not afraid of it, it put its heads close to my feet and then made me cares it. i swam a little bit by its side i couldn’t believe how huge and green it was and then i woke up.

    • Thanks Romina! The turtle archetype seems to be connecting with a lot of souls during this time of great transition! How you interpret your dream may be different from mine, as our life circumstances and experiences are different. As I read your dream and pay attention to my own feelings, the sense of awe mingled with a little bit of fear arises… fear of the depths of the water and how “clear and transparent” it was. Since I can interpret your dream through whatever lens that I see fit, I can see myself as the man that you saw swimming.

      Can you see how dreams and archetypes work? We are all connected by energy fields of the Divine Consciousness. Perhaps your interpretation may be totally different, but it doesn’t lessen the connections we all share through the matrix of archetypes.

      I see the Earth Mother, Gaia, represented through the “giant GREEN turtle.” She seems to be inviting you to reconnect (swim) in the oceanic energies of Her deep and mysterious waters. She is wanting your attention…

  20. fin

    i had a dream about a white turtle with gold, black and white on its shell trying to do its own thing but i noticed the beauty of the turtle and tried to grab it. The white turtle tried to snap at me and then goes into a hole. I cover the hole up and then something happens which i don’t remember but she had two little ones and the hole was dug out and one of them was dead. What the hell was that dream all about?

    • Thanks Fin! It’s an interesting synchronicity that you are sharing a dream about a “white turtle.” I just finished replying to another person who wrote about their dream which included a “white turtle.” You mentioned that the turtle was “doing its own thing” and that it “snapped” at you when you tried to “grab it.” I wouldn’t try to comment on what this dream might mean for you individually, but I do think your dream speaks a lot about where humanity is at in general. Like the turtle in you dream that was “doing its own thing,” we too, as humanity in general have been “doing our own thing.” We’ve been grabbing at things of the world with such recklessness that naturally, the turtle (Earth resources/spirit) snaps at us and retreats “into a hole.” It also seems inevitable that Her life energy/resources/spirit is dying.

      Why was the turtle white (with gold and black colors)? In Eastern cultures, white is oftentimes a symbol for death. To me the dream symbolizes that the Earth (as She is now) is dying. The color black perhaps symbolizes our collective unconscious that is tied intimately with what happens to our Earth Mother. That there was also the color gold to me represents the spiritual thread, our ultimate and eternal connection with Spirit.

  21. Joyce

    i came across your website while i was searching on the meaning of turtles in a dream. Your insight on the meaning of turtles is quite interesting and nothing i’ve read anywhere before.

    Last night i dreamt i was on my way to university. I got lost on the high way, so i got out of the car and walked. i bumped into a lady and we casually had a conversation. As we were walking i spotted a turtle walking slowly.It was an usual looking turtle, it was big and white. its shell was square and when i pointed it out to the lady, she totally ignored it. the turtle crossed the road, and suddenly on the other side of the road, it got smaller in size (still white) went down the pipeline and continued walking slowly until it disappeared. i tried to find the meaning of this dream but i cant seem to figure it out. can u please help me out. thanks

    • Thanks for sharing Joyce. Some of the things (archetypes and symbols) that stand out for me in your dream: university, turtle, lady, pipeline, car. What is interesting is that you “got lost on the highway” while driving to the “university.” University could represent Life itself or it could represent the actual physical college that you may (or may not) be attending. At any rate, to me the dream represents a kind of symbol of where you are now as far as life direction. The big, white turtle with square shell seems to represent going down a “pipeline” that perhaps is sterile (white) and disconnected (not fitting, or square) from earth energies (that are round and circular) and wisdom (turtle). In the dream, the turtle slowly “disappeared.”

      I hope you understand that I can interpret this dream only from my own perspectives/beliefs/experiences. With that being said, the archetypes are universal symbols that we can all communicate with on deep levels. The turtle in your dream, in my opinion, speaks not only of your own individual life path, but it also speaks to humanity in general… all of us. We’ve disconnected ourselves so much from Spirit and Earth energies that we are slowly going “down the pipeline” of societal (university) pressures to conform and to be a part of the matrix until we “disappear” into oblivion and totally get “lost on the highway.”

      Who was the lady in your dream? What/who does she represent? Perhaps Gaia or the Earth Mother? Why does she ignore the unusual looking turtle? I’d be interested to know what things came up in your conversation. I think there would be many clues there.

      Thanks again Joyce! Hope this helps.

  22. Jeannette

    I love turtles. I dream of them often. Anytime they appear to me in my dreams I am filled with peace and joy. I once suffered from horrible night terrors but now I can sleep in peace. My body has learned to call on the turtle to appear in my dreams and protect me.

    • Thank you Jeannette! Turtles keep showing up for me too, if not in dreams then in the shapes in nature that remind me of them. Clouds, rocks, a pile of leaves, etc. can all remind me of turtle medicine. It seems that the more I think and feel turtle medicine around me, the more it shows up in my environment.

  23. marianne

    Hi, I like all these interpretations on dreams. I had a dream yesterday regarding a small water turtle. I used to have one when I was a kid, the only pet I’ve ever had. I don’t live in my country, and I dreamt I was at my parent’s house and I had this little turtle in its open water aquarium/glass when it jumped out quickly and bit me not very hard in my right finger and then fell to the floor. It was filled with energy and wanted to get out. I was worried because I felt the need to take care of it, and it hurt itself because of its soft shell, so I tried to put it back in the aquarium but jumped out again, suddenly my mother and aunts where around and suggested me to put it back in the glass with more water and said it would be fine there, but I told them it would jump out again and so much water would make the turtle uncomfortable, so it happened, and the turtle jumped out and hurt itself again, so I knew the turtle needed less water and a small high glass so even if it jumped, it would be very high for her to escape. Although my dream ended there, I was very confident that solution might keep the turtle safe. Your interpretation would surely help. Thanks!

    • Thanks Marianne for sharing your dream. To me, turtle represents primal energy, source energy that is wild, chaotic, uncontainable. It is also blissful, ecstatic, creative and spontaneous. That the turtle in your dream “bit you” and was “filled with energy and wanted to get out” suggests to me that Turtle Medicine in you is wanting to express its unique nature and creativity through the gifts that are innately yours. If you know your gifts then it is time to shine it brightly in the world. If you are as yet uncovering your gifts, then it is important during these times to take note of what is showing up in your environment and dreams. Take note and ask to be shown what your unique gifts are. Turtle Medicine is “biting” for your attention. That the turtle hurt itself when jumping out shows that it is important to maintain balance in your life, which the dream seems to indicate that you know how to do this: “…the turtle needed less water and a small high glass so even if it jumped, it would be very high for her to escape.” Thanks again Marianne! Hope this helps!

      • marianne

        Thank you for your interpretation, it helped alot. This is a great site, congratulations, and best!

      • yinka

        Many thanks for sharing. I picked my phone to look up “meaning of turtle in dream” mere moments after I woke up from my mine!. Your insight resonates with me as I had been reading up on spiritual practices of the East. Mindfulness is an especially attractive to me .

        My dream featured fast turtles! I lay in a grassy area at night and was startled by shadowy movements. I could see whatever it was that caught my attention was small and reptilian. I could not make out exactly what it ( they, really) was. They kept sprinting past me. I was worried. Fear finally got me on my feet for a closer look. One of these “things” finally came to a stop some feet away from me. First I saw the mound of her shell. Then it gradually dawned on me–i was looking at a regal turtle, bigger than the sprinting shadows i saw earlier and majestic in her stillness. I stared. Still fearful, I turned back to where I lay, woke up my siblings who were with me, picked up our sleeping mats and proceeded to go back into a house. The place felt familiar. We apparently were asleep in a garden.

        Your take on this would be appreciated. Cheers!

      • Thanks Yinka! I can comment on your dream only from my own perspective and experience. With that being said, what comes up for me is the fast and swirling mass of primal energy and fractal patterns of creation that coalesce into what “appears” to be turtles. Shadowy figures represent the dark unconscious that includes the reptilian dimension of what seems fearful, cold and calculating. The vastness of the universe/creation is a reflection of our Infinite Selves and it seems overwhelming, a void too deep. And yet, in all of the swirling mass, you experienced a part of yourself that was “regal and majestic” in your “stillness.” You had a glimpse of omnipresence, of your Cosmic Self asleep in the “garden” of your infinite home. As a way to protect yourself from the abyss of the unknown Infinite, fear has prodded you to go back to sleep (“picked up our sleeping mats”) and proceed back to your “house” where all is safe and familiar.

        Thanks for sharing your beautiful and powerful dream. I think it speaks to all of us who are awakening from the dream of separation. Turtle energy is calling us all to surrender our little selves into the vastness of our Cosmic Home!

  24. Jesse

    I had a dream about swimming in the ocean and being approached by a turtle. It wasn’t scary it was beautiful. What does this mean?

    • Thanks Jesse, I believe your dream of swimming in the ocean and being approached by a turtle is a wonderful gift to you from Spirit. The turtle and the ocean are both part of your essence and you are awakening to your gifts (whatever they may be). Spirit communicates in such a way that we can receive its message only through the resonance of Beauty and Love in our hearts. Listen, feel and receive!

  25. There

    Thanks for the interpretation! 🙂 I was just wondering if you could help me out, because I’ve been dreaming of a turtle since last month. Last month I dreamt about a turtle without a home, I was trying to save “her” and protect it from harm, the turtle was in the middle of a forest. An hour ago I dreamt of the same turtle, I was so happy that I saw “her” again but this time with shell in the ocean, we played and had fun swimming and soaking under the sun. I rubbed her belly and thought that she had grown a lot

    BTW, last month when I dreamt about the turtle with no shell, I was applying for a new post in our company. Then I got hired after a week. My first day of work as a quality tester is tomorrow So I was wondering if this signifies something? 🙂

    • Thanks There for sharing your dream! I find it interesting that so many people are having dreams of turtles, especially during these times when Mother Earth is going through a cycle of cleansing and healing. I believe she is calling all of us to help her during this time, to do our parts to “protect” her from harm. To me, turtle energy represents the Earth and Primal Energy, the swirling mass of the creative vibration that can seem dark, chaotic and scary. And yet, this infinite vastness communicates to us through archetypes and symbols that speak the language that only our hearts can understand. That you “played” and was “happy” with her in your dream seems to indicate a great openness of your heart to her messages to you.

  26. Nicala

    What an insightful find coming across this website! I dreamt I was wading through a shallow indoor pond. Many little turtles were swimming around me. I was searching for something (I cannot recall what) that was at the other end of the pond, as I got closer a huge turtle jumped out of the water and bit my left arm and just hung there.

    • Thanks for sharing Nicala! I think it is interesting that the “huge turtle” in your dream jumped out of the water and bit your left arm and hung there. Perhaps your left arm represents your non-linear, non-dominant creative side (if you are right handed)? Maybe the turtle, representing primal creative energy is “biting” to get your attention?

  27. Chris

    Thank you so much for this. I just had a dream…. I was in the ocean with a pretty good size(about the same size as me 5″9 ) sea turtle helping me. It actually spoke to me stating its here to help me and I believe it was trying to tell me its here to help me get back to myself. Mainly bevause I have been stressed, extreme self-doubt, np confidence at all! But i felt so good after I woke up and I decided to look up the dream and came across your post. i feel so happy. Thank you

    • Thanks Chris for sharing your dream! I think turtle dreams bring powerful messages and medicine. It’ll be interesting to see what is wanting to happen for you in the coming weeks/months.

  28. Kim

    Can you help me interpret this dream. In my dream, I was lying on a couch trying to go to sleep. I kept waking up because I thought an animal like a lizard or chameleon (not sure what that animal was) was on the coffee table, but it didn’t get on the table. Then, in my dream, I wake up and there is a turtle on the floor crawling fast towards me and starts to climb on me. I knock him down, he falls on his back and gets up and crawls towards me again and gets on me again. I knock him down again on the floor. Also, (and I can’t remember if I had this second dream before or after the turtle one), I dreamed that my aunt, who is deceased now, and I were in a car. She was getting ready to drive and wanted a drink of water. I didn’t have any bottled water to give her, but a had a bag of plastic cups, so I told her I would get her some water at a drinking fountain that I could see from the car we were in and took a plastic cup out to get her the water. Then, I woke up and I felt thirsty when I did. I have never dreamed about my aunt before, even when she was alive. I can’t remember if I have ever dreamed about turtles before. I should also tell you that I believe I was born with a veil over my head and have had some dreams in the past that have come true. Can you help me figure out what these dreams mean? Thanks.


    • Thanks Kim,

      It is important to note how you were feeling during the dream, especially when the turtle was trying to climb onto you. Was is fear, anxiety, frustration, etc.? Also, what does your aunt represent to you? Water? Plastic cup? Driving, lizard, chameleon, coffee table?

      I can only interpret the dream from the standpoint of my own experience and perspective. Your dream has in a sense become a “shared” dream as the things in the dream are all archetypes and energetic symbols that have meaning. With this being said, I can now interpret the dream as though it were my own:

      I’m getting a sense of wanting to not be bothered by worldly/earthly duties and responsibilities. The world seems cold, impersonal (reptilian, lizard-like) and I just want to sleep and not deal with the creative energies (turtle) that are trying to get my attention. I want life to remain safe, sane and familiar (coffee table). I want to blend in and be left alone (chameleon).

      Spirit (aunt who has passed to the other side, death) is calling for me to drink from the waters of life and to move (drive), take creative action. I’m thirsty for something more than just stability and the status quo (coffee table), but continue to seek from what is familiar and unreal (plastic cups).

      The creative gifts (turtles) are clamoring to get my attention! I’m thirsty to drink from the well of Spirit!

      Hope this helps!

  29. Michelle

    Strange dream this morning. I dreamed I was in my room and I heard noise in my room. So I reached up, turned on the light, and there were two grown blue herons, with a chick, and two huge turtles. Of course, this. Was a shock. They were looking at me, calmly. The first thing that I thought was “how the heck did the turtles come in,”. Lol. Weird enough that the herons were in, but they have wings and can fly (except the chick of course). In the dream, I was in my room, and my room, my window looks out at a lake, so I got out of my bed, steped around the turtles and herons and looked outside and the lake. The lake was almost dry, with a lot of black snakes (maybe eels) in it, some dead, some alive. I looked back at the turtles and herons and they looked back at me. Then I walked to the bathroom ( they filled me) and I looked in the mirror, and as I was, I heard a noise in the bathtub. I drew the curtain, and what do I see? A baby turtle, looking back at me.

  30. Sue

    Hello! I have been having many dreams lately that I feel a need to journal and translate. Last night though it involved turtles. I seemed to be very busy either building or adding to an existing fish aqaurium. It was a good sized one, filled with plants and rocks. I remember being satisfied with the pumps, filters and overall condition of the tank. It was very full. There were small orange fish and then someone added one very large orange fish to the tank. After that I noticed a lot of baby turtles swimmimg all around the tank. A few were trying to get out and I was a little anxious trying to get them back into the water and quickly shutting the lid to keep them safe. After that I just watched them swim around and kept wondering how to care for them as I did not know they could survive in the water without being on land as well. Is there any meaning to this dream? Thank you :))

    • Thank you Sue for sharing your dream. What comes to mind for me about your dream is what you said about “being satisfied with the pumps, filters and overall condition of the tank.” Perhaps they represent your body and life in general? The orange fish, to me, represents your sacral chakra (orange in color). The sacral chakra is connected to sexuality and feelings, creativity and passion. Your dream has many layers and can be interpreted in many ways, yet all connected from the standpoint of the creative life force. For me the “baby turtles” represent either a physical pregnancy or some kind of creative/artistic direction. That you were “anxious” that a “few were trying to get out” and that you “quickly shut the lid to keep them safe” seems to indicate that you are indeed “adding to” the “existing fish aquarium” of your life… whatever that might be!

      Thanks again Sue! Very interesting dream!

  31. danielle w

    I had a dream a few nights ago that has reoccured numerous times in the past I’d say 3 years. I find baby turtles walking in a straight line near my feet and I try to take them home and when I go to gather them my dream wakes me up. And everytime I have this dream its a different seting but same senerio.
    This past time I was infront of my house shoveling and three baby turtles came wiggling out from beneath the snow…

    • Thank you Danielle for sharing your dream! What comes to mind for me while visualizing the “three baby turtles” is a delicate plant of creativity that is “wiggling out from beneath the snow.” The number “3” represents (among other things) creativity. You also mentioned that you’ve had the recurring dream for 3 years. Perhaps the “baby turtles” of creativity are trying to “wake” you up to your power?

  32. john


    I had a dream last night that a small green turtle, I’m presuming it was a baby one was walking either too slow or too fast and because of this the turtle got caught under a closing door. It was like a door of a hanger where they keep aircraft. The door was being closed by some unknown man but I managed to save the turtle I think, as I had him in my hands and he was putting his head in and out. I was anxious for the turtle not to be hurt.

    Any interpretation would be great


    • Thanks John for sharing your dream! It’s interesting that others have commented about dreaming about baby turtles. For me, “baby turtles” would seem to represent creativity that is wanting to come out and manifest in life, not to be shut down or kept behind a “closed door” or locked away like an “aircraft” in a “hanger.” Perhaps the turtle of creativity (or connection with the “aircraft” of your Higher Self) is wanting wings so that it can fly out of the “hanger” of smallness.

  33. Suzanne

    I stumbled upon this site searching for answers for myself and the dream interpretations I have read here are fascinating and beautiful. I hope you may provide me with some insight regarding a dream I had that focused on a lovely sea turtle.

    My dream shows me “watching” myself in profile as I write with a pen on a blank page. As I write, my pen’s ink flows freely like a liquid ribbon of all colors. As I write these painted word, I realize that don’t recognize them but I’m not concerned. Then, from my mouth, emerges a beautiful green sea turtle. She grows and soars above me looking back with the most serene expression. I’m overcome with awe. The sea turtle soars higher and becomes a deep night sky filled with stars. I then “know” that I am no longer me but dissolved and connected with this sky/universe and it with me.

    This is the most moving dream I think I have ever had. It left me with a profound sense of calm and completeness. I would love to hear your thoughts.

    • Thank you Suzanne! What a beautiful dream! As I read your experience I feel such deep feelings, as though your dream has now become mine (through the universal archetypes that you’ve expressed). The Dreamer, Dream and act of Dreaming are as One and the Infinite Spirit is a “blank page” that my life force or essence is able to fully express upon, “flowing freely like a liquid ribbon of all colors.” There is such calm and I am at total peace. I vocalize (mouth) the song of the Great Mother as manifested through the “beautiful green sea turtle” as she “soars above,” amidst the backdrop of the infinite “night sky filled with stars.” I am merged with all creation, immersed in the blissful ocean of “sky/universe.”

      Thank’s again Suzanne! Beautiful!

  34. michael

    hi i had this dream about driving on top of warter and large turtles were swimming under the car very fast in a row one after each other

  35. Kyla

    I was in this strange place, there were many people there in the background talking amongst themselves and my parents, sister and brother were there. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits, I had this brown paper bag and I pulled out a small turtle, a nice jade green with some yellow stripes and I was showing my family how lovely it was and it was biting everyone on the finger. I set it in a tub and I let it swim around as I try to touch it it would sometimes nip at me. But it was so happy, everyone seemed very content,

    I’m 17, a cancer sign. I didn’t pay any mind to my dream until later, but something struck me this morning when I woke up, I felt distraught, angry, displaced and the most important, I just didn’t feel the same. But I remembered this dream and I found it to be so lovely and I somehow knew something had just changed so rapidly within my mind, I am finding my peace, maybe?

    • Thanks Kyla, perhaps Turtle is calling or “biting” you to connect in a deeper way with your Self and the wider tribe of “parents, sister and brother” and community of “people.” That everyone in your dream was “happy” and “content” and in “good spirits” seems to be a good indication of your life overall. The dream also shows it can be a solacing reminder when you’re feeling “distraught, angry, etc.”

  36. Gina

    I have not been able to remember a dream for some time now. This morning I woke up rather shaking after dreaming about baby turtles. I don’t remember much of the dream except for the end, right before I woke up. I dreamed that my head was itching so I went to scratch my scalp when I realized that there were baby sea turtles all over my head. In my dream it was as if the turtles were equal to having lice in your hair. I was screaming in my dream for people to come help pick them out of my hair. I remember a few people coming to my side to help me remove them. I remember in the dream those that came to me seemed angry over the fact I was so upset over the issue. Can you please help me understand why I would be dreaming of such a strange occurrence?

    • Thanks Gina. Wow! It’s amazing how the unconscious works through our dreams to “discharge” or “express” energetic patterns in our consciousness in order to unravel the “charge” that may have built up in the field of our body/mind/spirit. That you woke up “shaking” and that during the dream you were “screaming” from the “baby sea turtles all over your head” (that seemed to be like lice in your hair) seems to indicate that something is really wanting you to look at something in your life. I don’t know the details of what is going on in your life, and dreams can sometimes work on multiple levels. Only you can work out the meaning of the dream. An obvious question (even if it sounds superficial) would be, “Is there anything “bugging” you in your life that is needing to be looked at?” Now, the sea turtles are powerful archetypes connected with ancient and primal energy. Perhaps they are calling you to create something with your mind (head)? Anyway, lots of different levels to your dream. Thanks for sharing!

  37. Reeskyy

    Last night, I had a dream that I was back in my old neighborhood, and there were dead leatherback turtles everywhere. There were heads and headless bodies littering the streets. In the dream, the people were eating them but the garbage disposal wouldn’t take them so they workers would rummage through the trash and remove all the dead turtles from the bags and just leave them on the street. Although they were being eaten in the dream, the heads and bodies were all in tact, not decayed. No one else seemed to be bothered by it but me, I was devastated and outraged.

    Some background on my experience with turtles: I’m from the Caribbean (Trinidad),the turtles lay their eggs on a certain beach, you can go turtle watching, some locals time this event and kill the turtles, they also steal the eggs sometimes which is now illegal. In recent times the government chose to do some renovations in an area where these endangered turtles lay their eggs during that special season destroying majority of the eggs, it became an international stink, as it should. However I haven’t thought about these things in a while, I’m not sure if this has anything to do with this dream

    Also at some point in this dream, I was sweeping around a dead mouse wrapped in a piece of paper, walking up the stairs to my mom’s apartment, then the mouse fell out of the paper and I had to into the apartment to get the broom and pan to sweep it up, but I was too grossed out to, the mouse also wasn’t decayed.

    I’m really wondering what does it mean my dreaming about these dead animals

    • Thanks Reeskyy, there is so much symbolism in your dream! What jumps out for me in your dream is the dead mouse. Here is an excerpt regarding the mouse totem:

      (from http://www.linsdomain.com/totems/pages/mouse.htm)
      Scrutiny, Detail

      Mouse medicine is both a great power
      and a great weakness.
      It is good to pay attention to all details,
      but bad to over-analyze every little thing.

      Mouse people can be fixated on methodology and appear to be nit-pickers.
      They will make the simplest task fraught with difficulty.
      Everything must be in order in a Mouse’s house.

      Often, Mouse people are fearful of life.
      You should try to see the larger picture
      Even if you live in a small house in Los Angeles,
      you are also part of the Earth, galaxy and universe.

      If a Mouse totem has recently entered your life,
      ask yourself if you have neglected the trivial but necessary things in life.
      Have you become too focused on one or two activities
      and neglecting opportunities around you?
      Or are you trying to do too many things at the same time?

      Mouse medicine can show how to focus
      and how to attain the big things by working on the little things.
      (end quote)

      Now, about the heads and headless bodies of the turtles “littering the streets” and being “eaten.” I’m sure there are many levels that can be explored, but the immediate thought that comes to mind for me is how we humans have degraded our beautiful Mother Earth and ourselves by destroying our environment (neighborhood) and cutting our own heads off in the process. We have also lost the connection with our own bodies and severed our connection with our hearts.

  38. Soreanne

    I wonder if you could help me understand the dream I had last night. It started with me and other two people I don’t know having a conversation about a turtle that was swimming in a river next to us. One of these two people – a man – was trying to get close to the turtle but couldn’t so he asked if I could do something about it. The next thing I know, I was in the water swimming around the turtle, trying to communicate. At this point, the turtle smiled and we went on chatting and swimming together. The left side of the river was like a sidewalk with buildings along it, the right side was a green landscape with trees and sunshine. The water we were swimming in was clear and steady, we were floating peacefully when we weren’t swimming. The thing is, we had to get out of the water because I had to bring the turtle back to the man who asked me to contact the turtle. He was no longer with us so I had to take the turtle out of the river and carry it to where the man was. We took the path on the right side of the river, the one with the landscape, but along the way I started running thinking that the turtle had been out of the water for too long. We arrived to our destination, a room with other creatures in it, and the man was caring for them but more in the scientific sense than in the nurturing sense. The last part is blurry, but the most vivid part of the dream was swimming and chatting with the turtle. How should I relate to this dream?

    • Thank You Soreanne, beautiful dream! If I were to consider your dream as my own, I would be quite happy to have had the experience of “swimming and chatting with the turtle.” Very many layers of your dream that can be explored. I’ll mention some of the ones that “jump out.” To me the “left side of the river” as in “left side of the brain” represents the linear, logical mind that requires order (sidewalk with buildings along it) that approaches life from an analytical point of view, perhaps like the “scientist” in your dream. The scientist can only see things from the vantage point of observer, forever separated from the object of what he/she observes. You, the dreamer seems to represent the “right side” or “right side of the brain” as represented by “green landscape with trees and sunshine.” You were also “swimming” in the water, something that the scientist was unable or not wanting to do.

      All aspects of the dream represents a part of you that can be related to. If this were my dream, I would ask myself if I feel that I’ve been “out of the water for too long,” away from nature and creativity. Also, have I been “nurturing” the essence of who I am (the energetic creatures)?

      Thanks again Soreanne!

  39. Sulafa

    I dreamed that I was sitting on the balcony with my family when suddenly a turtle came out of my father.s clothes and scared him. I took it and wanted to throw it away from the balcony. when I looked down I saw some cats and I was scared that they may eat it. I put it and went to bring it some food but it ran away and was too fast for a turtle. I came back looking for it.

    What does it mean????

  40. Sarra

    i am new to all this but when i had this dream last night and saw this page i had to participate: in the dream i was at my mothers house and there were turtles everywhere and they tended to be in sets of 3. i ran all over the streets and yards gathering up all the turtles to bring home (my husband and i built what we like to call “the turtle sanctuary” in our back yard when we rescued a turtle from getting hit by a car about a year ago.) in the dream i kept asking for help to gather the endless amount of turtle all around, but no one seemed to want to help, next thing i knew a hand came into view to pick up the turtle next to the one i was bent over to get and i say “thanks paw paw” which is odd because my grandfather passed over a year ago, (however my mother and father have been randomly finding dimes around the house, which we believe it his him giving us a sign about something-but that is another story) after i was finished gathering all the turtles and brought them to the sanctuary it had suddenly become way too small to hold the ones i gathered and i was upset, reaching to grab one of the turtles it had slipped right out of the shell and again was very upset, this was the end of the dream, or what i remembered of it…….any thoughts?

    • Sarra

      i have to add something… i remembered there was one baby water turtle and i remember picking him up and commenting that he was a water turtle and saying how soft his shell was and i was scared he was going to get hurt.

    • Thanks Sarra, for sharing your dream. What “pops” up for me regarding your dream are “mother’s house,” “turtles everywhere in sets of 3,” “turtle sanctuary,” “asking for help,” and “sanctuary…became way too small…”

      When I get into the “feeling” of your dream as being my own dream, what comes up is that Mother Earth is calling out to us (asking for help) individually and collectively to take care of “mother’s house,” to “gather,” bring together all aspect of ourselves in sacred “sanctuary.” Your dream contained Father, Mother, yourself (the child), the sacred trinity. It also contained your “paw paw” who communicates to you by leaving dimes around the house. He represents the ancient lineage (ancestors) that help us and at the same time ask for our help.

      It is interesting that in the dream you were asking for help, but no one seemed to want to help. To me, it seems that it is Mother Earth asking for help through you and you are being assisted by the hands of Spirit (Grandfather).

      Thanks again for sharing, and thanks for your caring!

  41. Betty

    My dear sweet mother, 97 years old, but the wisdom and vitality of a much younger person, was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Such a shock to all of us. She has been in perfect health, no medications, walks a mile a day and her mother lived to be 103. While I was back home and she was in the hospital, I had the most amazing dream. I believe a very important, spiritual message was being sent to me. I was in the water, I felt like I was deep in the ocean. It was dark and very murky. I noticed something swimming towards me slowly, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was until it got closer. It was a beautiful, giant sea turtle. It felt ancient to me. It swam very slow and as it approached, I noticed something strange on it. It had a large piece of tinfoil around its neck and embedded in a crevice down the center of its shell. It came right up to me as if asking for my help. I felt so bad for the tortoise, I thought that human pollution had harmed it, much like when dolphins and whales become entangled in fishing nets. I slowly removed the tinfoil from its back and around its neck. It gently brushed its face against mine, like a kiss to thank me, then turned and slowly swam away. I know this has meaning about my mom. I love her so much and I don’t want her to suffer in anyway as she passes. The dream has brought me such peace, please help me interpret it further. Thank you.

  42. Betty

    One more thought….do you think that my mother is telling me that its ok to let her go? Does the tinfoil represent her tumor, something foreign to her body and harmful. I know in my heart that my mother is an old soul, I feel that she still has purpose here. How selfish of me to not want her to pass. She misses my dad and I know she has no fear of death. She’s very much at peace.

    • Dear Betty, thank you for sharing your beautifully deep and significant dream! That the dream brought you “such peace” indicates to me that you are very much in resonance with the meaning and depth of what is wanting to be communicated. It also seems clear that the dream was indeed about your Mother. If it is her time to go the dream also seems to indicate that she is in a very good place with it.

      So many levels to your dream! To me the giant sea turtle represents the ancient Mother (Gaia) Earth energy. That She had a tinfoil stuck around its neck and embedded in a “crevice down the center of its shell” is quite interesting. If you do a Google search for “pancreatic cancer and aluminum” you’ll find articles about causal links. It also seems that your removing of the tinfoil from your Mother’s neck and back was a way of releasing her to move on.

      Thanks again Betty, for sharing your dream. In reading your account, it helps me in the sense that the archetypes that you express are universal energies that I can benefit from in my own personal ways with my Earthly Mother. I very much appreciate your sharing. My prayers go out to you and your Mother.

  43. Wow thank you for the insight . Had a dream like this of an albino large turtle trying to bite me . Wow so appropriate for what life as I see it . Anyway again thanx

  44. Jojo Heavenlee

    I Had A Dream I Was On This Rocky Cliff And All Around Me Were Trees And In One Was A Turtle Just Chillin. All Of A Sudden It Tumbles Onto The Side Of The Cliff And Into The Blue Water Which Was Higher Than Land Level But Not Coming Onto The Land. I Got The Impression Of Hurt And The Turtle Started Sinking On It’s Back And Asking Me To Help It Turn Over In My Mind But I Was So Scared that I Turned Away, But Not Before I Saw It Turning Slowly On It’s Side And I Knew It Would Be Ok. Now I Know I Should’ve Helped It But I Was Too Scared Of The Water. The Writes Thing Is In That Forest I Was In, There Were No Paths Really, Just Foliage

    • Thanks for sharing Jojo! Whenever I have dreams of the ocean, the water usually seems so deep and teaming with large and wild creatures. I can understand your not wanting to go into the water! It’s interesting how our Unconscious (through our dreams) shows us how vast we really are!

  45. ounisha

    Hii…i have a turtle pet since 16 years now..and I have been dreaming about it a lot especially lately..i always dream it is being hurt on the leg and also there are many other turtles attacking each other or in danger…I would very gladly want to know if these dreams have any meaning..Thank you

    • Thanks Ounisha, I believe dreams have significance, even when they seem whimsical, scary, or outlandish. Dreams, however, are very personal to the dreamer. With that being said, I also believe that there are universal archetypes (energy patterns) that can have significance to anyone who cares to tap into the Universal Unconscious. In reading about your dream experience, I can identify with much of your dream symbols. For me, the turtle represents Earth energies and consciousness, deep wisdom that is embedded in Nature (trees, rocks, elements, etc.). Also, our bodies and consciousness are deeply connected with this energy. That the turtle was being attacked by other turtles and being “hurt on the leg” seems to indicate the consciousness of we humans on this planet, at war with each other and ourselves, unable to move forward. To me, the dream is a wakeup call to tune in with the resonance of Gaia (Mother Earth) to live in harmony with Nature.

  46. Annie

    Hello. I am pregnant and I had a dream there was a tree trunk. I cut the tree trunk open from left to right and it was filled with honey. No bees though. Just fresh honey. I looked at the top of my hand and there was honey all over it along with 4 baby turtles. The turtles shells where still soft. Then my husband appeared to help me get them off. It was very hard to get them off, as if they were suctioned on to my skin. The last 2 that we got off, I found a little pool of water and put my hand in to it to help get the turtles off easier. We got them off one by one trying not to rip off the soft shell. What do you think my dream meant? Thank you

    • Thank you Annie, for sharing your dream! So rich with symbols: tree trunk, honey, 4 baby turtles (and their shells), husband, pool of water. Considering that you are pregnant makes this dream all the more interesting!

      To me it seems that perhaps the “tree trunk” represents your body (womb)? That it is filled with “fresh honey” seems to be where you have stored all the mana and sweetness of your life force… and of course this is for sustaining and growing the life or lives of the “4 baby turtles.” That you “cut the tree trunk open from left to right” may represent a C-section? Or it could be a symbolic cutting or opening of Self to allow the “honey” of the creative current to be born through you.

      “4 baby turtles” can represent the sacred 4 directions, oftentimes symbolized within a circle. To me the 4 baby turtles in your dream represents the child that is yet to come, the sacred circle of oneness created by you and your husband.

      There is another way of looking at the “4 turtles.” Perhaps they represent the eggs or ovum. They seem to each represent a soul that is clamoring to get into this life through the help of you and your husband. They have “suctioned” or attached themselves quite strongly to you.

      Perhaps the “pool of water” (womb) represents where the turtles (or eggs) will remain through the duration of the pregnancy?

      These are just my thoughts. Thanks again for sharing!

  47. Margaret

    I dreamed I was in an amazing church with lots of shooting colors and a sea turtle swam above me and this beautiful woman who took up the entire part of the ceiling. I had this dream about two weeks ago and I feel so close to the sea turtle because of it.

  48. Jo

    Hello, I would love to hear your thoughts on this dream I had last night. I dreamt that I could hear a baby making the usual baby noises but I couldn’t see where he/she was and I had a feeling that it was my baby. (in real life i don’t have kids, but I would love to have kids one day). So while I was wondering where the baby was and my eyes fell on this little plastic food container on the table in front of me which I opened and which contained some cooked meat and vegetables and then I saw a baby turtle in there. I don’t think the baby noises came from the turtle but I replaced the lid and tried to close back the food container with the turtle inside and that was the end of the dream. I don’t recall ever dreaming of turtles, but I am going through a difficult time in my life at the moment so what could this possibly mean?

    • Thanks for sharing your dream! I would ask you if there is any long-held desire that calls for fulfillment in your life. The “meat” and “vegetable” are cooked. They’re ready to be served. Your gifts are ready to be shared with the world! Might the “turtle” in your dream represent the primal energy that is behind your gifts? The “baby” has been born and is ready to be cared for and nurtured along. Are you “closing” the lid on your deepest longings, the talents and gifts that you are born to manifest in life? Hope this helps. This is just what comes up for me.

      • Aida

        Well I was sexually abused since I could remember. Hated my parents for not caring for me not having a close relationship to trust. There was lots of psychological,physical and at one point innapropriate touching from my father. I love them both But they hurt me so much. The strangers that hurt me doesnt really bother me. Also. There is more to my life. Im in the process of opening a group home. I am worried about having a partnership because of trust issues. But I am willing to learn to trust. Also lately I see things different I notice nature and it’s beauty and life. I don’t want to hurt not even the smallest incect unless it hurts me. I have a feeling my brain and body is meant to do a lot more. For example use the power of my brain to move objects. Telecanisis. Also I would like to have a baby. But keep on Puting it off because I’m not ready financially and at times psychotic ally. But I’m running out of time. I’m now very happy in my merriage.

  49. Susan

    Hi Bruce,
    this morning I had a dream that I had several baby turtles before me that I had to cook and make into turtle soup. I didn’t like the idea but thought that it had to be done. First I had to slit their soft shells in two lines lengthwise and as I began to do this I noticed on of the turtles eyes looking at me calmly but I still felt this is what I need to do.

  50. Aida

    I had a dream that I was working with children and there was a big flood. Children kept running and I slow down to look at a gigantic turtle there was a smaller one beside it. I wanted to touch and give the turtle a kiss but decided not too because I didn’t want to scare it. I asked the turtle if it could give me a kiss. The turtle kissed my cheek and it made me so happy and at peace. I walked a way and went on.

  51. Laura

    Hello, I did not have a dream I had the turtle show up in my back yard one day out of no were, we have a big fence that’s pretty secure. He or she is beautiful and pretty big too about 2 of my feet put together!.. I’ve been going through some things in my life that has its up’s and downs.. She or he brings me happiness as I watch it walk through my yard but also makes me think how did it get here? what does it mean? I’ve learned from watching his moves to be patient for he or she moves slowly and gracefully through my yard. I think its fantastic it came to our house! Its been over a month he or she is there people ask me to find a lake and let it go, but I say if it found its way to us it can find its way out. I know there is a reason, but I really would love to know why us? what would be its message to us.. its so cool but mind blowing as well.. On Sunday we were out in the yard for a while and it just stood there watching us and kind of being a part of the family it was great!! The beauty of life little Presents…

    • Thanks so much for sharing Laura! Beautiful! I believe you are right on target to think that the turtle showing up in your back yard is a great blessing (and also a mystery). That you are enjoying its presence and considering it to be like family would seem to indicate that you are wide open to the messages and energies that it brings. Sounds like you’ve already learned a lot and I’m sure there will be so much more to be revealed in time… Thanks again!

      • Achala

        hello good morning. yet another turtle dreamer here. can you please help analyse my dream meaning. me ,my mom and another person(guess a famous actor) were in a underground ancient well / pond(this pond was were I had actually spent my childhood days and had learnt swimming here. but now this pond is closed and covered with mud). but the usually full with water pond , was completely empty in my dream. and we 3 were walking in the empty pond and my mom was showing the 3rd person in my dream the corners from were a big turtle was passing. I was not concentrating on what my mom was showing or talking but I myself was seeing many very tiny baby turtles, jus new born out of the shell walking into the empty pond. the turtle count was huge. I felt I may step on these tiny creatures seem crawling everywhere and so I came out of the pond and eventually the other 2 also .I have gone through all your turtle dream interpretations above, can you please help interpret mine as well. am excited to know. Thank you. achala

      • Thank you Achala for sharing your dream. As I’ve mentioned in response to other dreams, my approach to dream interpretation is that when I read another person’s dream, it is as though it is now my dream. My first impressions of your dream is that what is happening personally is also a reflection of what is happening in the world in general. The “underground ancient well/pond” is “closed” and “covered with mud.” To me this represents a calling to you (to us and the world) to take care of the ancient well of our Spirit, to refill ourselves with the living waters of life/creativity/spirit. There is much life that is wanting to express and yet without the waters of our own spirit, the “tiny baby turtles” of our growing light has nowhere to go and cannot survive. The dream seems to be a calling to nurture our Spirit! It is up to us to us to refill the well with the sacred waters of our hearts’ love. The world seems to be running on “empty.” It is crucial that we act now to reconnect with Spirit!

  52. Sherry

    I’m still curious about what my dream still means. I’ve searched everywhere and only get meaning on only pieces of my dream. I dreamed that I saw a sea turtle making its way to my bed, which was made out of sand. It started to dig her hole to put her eggs in, she covered them up turned towards me and told me to take care if her babies and to make sure they hatch and make it to the water. I look back to my bed, the sand is gone and the sea turtle egs still remained in the middle of my bed.

    • Thanks for sharing your dream Sherry. I would ask if there is a particular dream or vision that you have been nurturing over the years. Are you clear about the gifts that you have been born with? To me the dream represents a calling for you to give birth to the gifts that have been yours from the beginning. Perhaps it’s a deep calling of lifetimes? That a sea turtle gave an egg over to you for safekeeping is, I believe, quite significant. Only you can know what is wanting to be birthed in your life. It seems to me a very sacred unfolding that is wanting to happen! You may want to pay close attention at what shows up in your life in the days and weeks ahead. Also, listen and feel deeply at what stirs within. Thanks again for sharing! Many Blessings!

  53. jen

    Can you help me analyze my dream? Last night, I dreamt that my cousins and I were going to cook, and we were at a big swimming pool with sea creatures in it, of course, there which is a turtle. I caught a turtle and showed it to my cousin, and he said it was no good since it was too small, and then I saw another turtle hoping to catch it but I let it go since it again was too small. When i turned around I saw my cousins and other people trying to catch a giant turtle, and I found it amusing and went back to my work. When i turned around again, the head of the giant turtle had been cut off.


    • Thank you for sharing your dream Jen. My initial reaction to the end of your dream, where the “head of the giant turtle had been cut off” was of sadness, because to me, turtles represent our ancient Mother Earth (Gaia). A question I would ask is, “What were your feelings during the dream, and especially at the end?” Much is communicated through our feelings and much guidance can be received through them. What is wanting to be “cooked” or created in your life? To me, the “swimming pool” represents our attempts to control Nature and our own primal powers and gifts (as represented by the sea creatures) in narrow and familiar confines. We go about our business, not wanting to see what is going on all around us, and when we “turn around again” we see that the “head of the giant turtle had been cut off.” Thanks again Jen, your dream seems to represent what we are all faced with.

  54. So, I dream about a turtle coming out from the ocean, sands, water. Turned out that it was a small beach in my house. When I looked at the sea turtle, I loved it so much that I carried it up and put it on top of a pole. The pole is only chest high, and on top of it, there was a bowl full of sand and water. I put the turtle there so that I can see it clearly. The longer I saw it, the water vanished and turtle left with no water. I was freaking out and when I was about to put the turtle back to the ocean behind me. The water is all gone. I checked the bowl again just to make sure my sight was right. I saw a shell of another turtle. I picked it up from the sand as it was buried. when I picked it up, the color is darker, wet and have a very weird mouth shape. I heard somebody say they do not want that turtle and want the first one I picked up from the ocean because it is more beautiful. I woke up and I am trying so hard to figure out the meaning of this dream. Can you help me?

    • The color of the first turtle is blue-ish clean, pretty and very very beautiful. The second one is black, dark and not as appealing as the first turtle.

    • Thank you Anita, for sharing your dream. To me, the dream represents your heart’s call to connect with the gifts (sea turtle) that is wanting to be expressed (put on top of a pole). The “pole” was “chest high,” perhaps at heart level? Your gifts must be nurtured with the “waters” of your passion and spirit. That you found the “waters gone” seems to indicate an invitation of your soul to reconnect with and maintain the unique gifts that you are meant to manifest in life. Perhaps your heart was calling you to stay with the “first one picked up from the ocean because it is more beautiful?” instead of the second turtle presented to you in the dream. Hope this helps. Thanks again!

  55. carol

    I am in transition spiritually and had a dream last night….I was with someone where there was a lot of water and turtles she was telling me that she was looking for a very special turtle for me…she said they were hard to survive where I was and that this turtle would help me…..we were looking at a small green and blue turtle with a lacy edge to its shell but did not feel this was the turtle she was looking for me…I felt she was looking for a white one….does this make any sense to you?
    When I put my hands on someone I see images but do not understand what the images mean……The images are getting clearer and last week I saw someones chakras as brilliant jewels and understood that was her purity….

    • Thank you Carol, for sharing your dream. The dream, for me, has an “other-worldly” and high frequency feel to it…a “transition” that you are going through spiritually. I think the dream also represents the transition that Gaia (Earth) is going through at this time. Her energies are quite intense now, like the chaos and storms that occur before she gives birth to a new consciousness. The “green and blue turtle with lacy edges” to me represents the Earth from the sweet nostalgic feelings and memories. What comes to mind for me is the movie “Somewhere in Time.” Beautiful deep emotions, but the dream seems to invite you to enter deeper waters of “purity”… of subtle and fine (white) resonances of feelings. Thanks again, would love to know if this strikes a chord with you.

      • Ken

        It would be much appreciated if you could help me with my dream. I have had this dream a fews times. Anyways I go to this remote place in a big forest. I come to a fence but hop over it. I keep trailing forward and come across this rock garden or a house that was demolished (lots of rubble) I walk on the rocks and near the end of it I see a lot of turtles on their backs half eaten on the bottom half. In the dream I thought it was a fox, but when I woke up I felt scared for some reason. Anyways later on down my walk I come across a little graveyard for little children and a dog. I only know this because when I saw their graves I foreseen how each of them died. And for the dog, it was in a dog costume butwas still a dog, I just saw it differently.

      • Hi Ken, dreams have a way of communicating in unusual ways messages from the Unconscious. Considering that your dream is a recurring one, it would seem important to consider what is wanting to happen or be shifted in your life. There were some scary–if not shocking–symbols in your dream: half-eaten turtles, graveyard for children and a dog, demolished house with lots of rubble. You also mentioned you felt scared upon awakening. I don’t know your life situation and so can only speak about these symbols from my own perspective. To me it “feels” like some kind of battle being waged on a psychic level. “Hopping” over the “fence” located in a “remote place in a big forest” seems to be a crossing over to other dimensions (of the unconscious). A question I would ask is, “Is there a representation of someone/something in your waking life that is posing a veiled threat or feelings of uncertainty?” Is there someone/something that represents the fox, or the dog in costume? What is the cause of your fear? To me the turtles and children represent feelings of helplessness…they were dead in your dream. What do they represent in your life? Hope this helps.

  56. Hello, I was wondering if you could help me. This dream really has me shook up. I was in my bedroom with my daughter and we looked out the window because it was beginning to rain. My son’s red eared slider turtle, Myrtle, was on the roof of the porch. I vividly see 2 rain drops bounce off its head and decided to get him out of the rain. I start to remove the window screen to get him and he LUNGES at the window. Only his front feet make it and the rest of him is stuck in the window screen. I carefully try to take off the screen but I bump him and he falls. I thought he fell to his death, but when I look out the window he is clinging to the side of the house!!! I grab him and pull him in..the whole time terrified that I am going to hurt his limbs when I pull him in. Im stumped. What on Earth could this mean?!?!?

    • Thank you for sharing your dream Jennifer. I wonder who or what your son’s turtle represents in the dream? While you and your daughter are inside (bedroom), the turtle (a primal part of yourself) is outside on the “roof of the porch.” You wish to protect the turtle from the “rain,” whatever the rain represents to you. It seems you feel a sense of danger? The rain can represent so many things. It can be an auspicious symbol (life and growth), or it can perhaps represent difficult (watery) emotions. It seems you felt a sense of danger and instinct to protect. There are many layers to your dream that can be looked at. Every symbol represents a part of you. For example, you are on the inside (where it is safe) looking out into a world where a misstep can cause a fall and even death. Your son (and his turtle) represents something that is a part of you, that you wish to keep safe. Your feelings in the dream seem to indicate this. Even in your “carefulness” you “bump” the turtle and he falls (and the turtle is clinging to the side of the house). Is there someone in your life (perhaps your son?) that you feel is in danger (or that you feel is not strong enough to be in the outside world)? That you thought you were going to “hurt his limbs” seems that you believe this person (or your own sense of self) is not strong enough to be in the world to fend for itself. These are just some impressions that come up for me. Hope this helps!

  57. Sherrill

    I dreamed that I asked for my old job to be given back. Two of my co-male) assumed I was leaving and one brought me a cake and the other one (whom I really like in real life) gave me a small bowl with sand and small fake palm tree. When I looked closer, I saw the sand move and discovered it was a small turtle. I got very emotional to think that this guy wpuld give this. The turtle started to get out of the bowl and I gently placed it back on the sand. When I explained to my friend that I decided to stay, he told me to keep the turtle and give it a good home. He was the only one to give me anything. Much like what happened in real life, when I left, he was the only one to say goodbye.

  58. Ani J.

    I awoke this morning to realize that I had an important dream. not sure how to interpret this one…usually the meaning is very clear to me. In the dream I awoke in a very large bed (in the physical realm my bed is tiny) as I stepped out of the bed I noticed that I had been sleeping on many baby turtles as if they had just been born and were tucking their bodies under mine to keep warm. There were easily 25 to 30 of them. They slowly moved to hiding spots when I got up and I went in search of a jar so that I could gather them up and release them in the wlld and then the alarm went off and woke me up…It is funny I did not feel them at all under my body when i was sleeping in the dream and I also noticed that I miraculously did not harm any when I got up?… none were crushed….It left me feeling very curious and somewhat magical….feels like a gift of prosperity , support/ guidiance, childlike abnadon, not sure…..

  59. I was looking for the meaning of my two turtle dreams and came across your fascinating discussion here. I would love any insight you might provide. The first dream, I was walking north in daylight on a paved country road with maybe one or two unknown to me companions when a huge turtle approached from the right side of the road and crossed it in front of us to the left side. It didn’t look at us and it didn’t act in a threatening way, but in my dream I had great respect for the damage it could do if it chose to. Its shell was marked in a way to draw attention, each squarish block was outlined in bright blue. In a second dream I had a few nights later, I was asked to minister to a small crowd seated on folding chairs in a wide driveway. At my back there was a garage. It was also clear daylight. I walked in silence toward the seated people, but the voice and/or person said they expected me to speak/preach to them. I answered that I couldn’t, that while I was very spiritual, I wasn’t religious. I crossed the driveway then, going to my left, and a turtle again crossed in front of me from left to right. His back was also outlined, this time in brilliant green. He was also huge and while again, I didn’t exactly fear him, I did have great respect for his power. Once he was all the way to my right, he suddenly hurled himself up onto the roof peak of the garage and walked away to my left along the roofline. Since I am on the verge of moving my home from one part of the state to another, I have some ideas about what these dreams mean. But I would love to honor the symbology that was given me by asking you for your input in the hope of gaining further insight. Thank you very much.

    • Thanks for sharing your dream Barbara. What comes up for me regarding your dream is the symbolism of the brain and their left/right hemispheres. “Wide driveway” and “garage” (to me) seems to represent the brain… The turtle going from “left to right” and then “right to left” can perhaps represent the unconscious (the turtle?) accessing the different hemispheres of your brain, the logical (left side) and the intuitive/creative (right side). It is sort of like the “religious/spiritual,” “speaking/silence” dichotomy that calls out for balance in our lives. “Blue” can be representative of our speaking (throat) and “Green” can represent our heart (intuition). Anyway, these are just some of my thoughts. Thanks again!

  60. Yinka

    A big ( belated ) THANK YOU for responding to questions on this thread.

  61. dee

    Hi thanks for this article i had a really bizarre dream where i was trying to help a turtle which was on its back, but this turtle was pretty big in size. I can remember the head size was as big as my hand and i could see the turtle opening its mouth showing me his teeth and trying to snap at my hand. This dream had me thinking of the message of the dream pretty weird.

  62. amit verma

    I saw a turtle in my dream .when I approched for turtle. he leaves his shell and I was trying to hunt turtle for dinner and turtle try to bite me.

  63. Gaelic

    Last night I had a dream in which I was surrounded by all kinds of people who had various gifts. As I was looking around all of a sudden a green jade turtle appeared in my hand. I held it to my chest and it spread light and healing through my body. I was then given to understand that healing others was a gift and that by healing myself first, I could be there for others that I loved. I was also given to understand that I am on the right path and should believe in my knowledge and my intuition.

  64. tina

    i have a pet turtle she is a red ear slider ive had he for over 5yrs now. every so often ill have a deram she has had babies more than 2. last nite i dreamed i walked past her tank but it was a huge tank and there were baby turtles popping out from everywhere and she was laying on her back outside the tank as if she crawled out. i thought she was dead from giving birth but i picked her up placed her back in the tank and she was just fine but what kind of dream was that?? it felt so real

  65. Anna

    Last night I had a very vivid dream regarding a few baby turtles.

    In my dream the baby tortoises had apparently been abandoned, so i took it upon myself to try and take care of these tortoises. They moved fairly quickly, not slow at all, and their mannerisms were that of crazed toddlers. They were happy, yet finicky. The whole atmosphere of trying to gather these baby tortoises was like a mother gathering her children and trying to get them cleaned and in a bath – which, actually was what i was trying to do in this dream. Also, their shells came off, like they were supposed to come off so i could clean them. At one point, when i carried one of the tortoises, i noticed that the shell was very soft, like a teddy bear soft, not hard at all.

    Can anyone tell me what this all means? I’m a mother of two, so i’m assuming my motherly instincts had something to do with this dream. But even though i felt happy to take care of these turtles, I also felt very rushed, overworked and determined to get these tortoises cleaned up. It felt more like my duty versus just a nice gesture towards these turtles.

  66. Last night I dreamed that I was swimming parallel to the shore, and it was low tide. the tide finally came in and I swam much easier, and felt the force of the sea on my skin, felt invigorated by the ocean.

    Then I was in a town, something like Barcelona. A beautiful room up a spiral stair where an old woman lived in seclusion. In the dream, though I am 61, I got my period. WHEn I looked more closely, there were many hundreds and hundreds of baby turtles in little embryonic sacs that were pouring out of me in a watery mixture of blood. Very small little eggs like fish eggs that had tiny turtles in them. In the dream I thought maybe when I was swimming the suction of the current pulled something into me that was then pouring out. It was disarming. It baffled me. Even scared me.

  67. Nasya (:
    I dreamt that I was in my childhood neiborhood with my younger sister. We decided to go to climb up a tree we used to with our friends at a younger age..when I got about halfway up, a large turtle slowly made its way towards us. It stood underneath the tree, next to my younger sister not noticing her. All of a sudden the turtle became aggressive towards me, standing on its hind legs and out stretching its neck in order to grab my foot with its mouth. I was battling it and knew if I fell down from the tree it would probably injur me badly…but at the same time was stuck and couldn’t climb up the tree any further! So very odd.

  68. Samii

    Hi, my name is Samii.
    I had a dream about 2 little turtles @ my house in the bathroom…
    I was keeping them there and they were growing up, getting bigger.
    Then I kicked them out of my house, but they wanna get back in, waiting at the door, as soon as I opened the door they run into my house back in really fast.

    Just wondering what does this means.

  69. AuthorSJR

    Last night I had a dream that I was walking in my yard and I saw a baby turtle on it’s back in a small puddle of water. Suddenly, with a blink of an eye, the turtle was out of the puddle standing next to my feet and touched me with one of its legs. What could this mean?

  70. Dawna

    Hey how are you? I’ve recently had a dream last night that startled me and I was unsure of the meaning. In my dream my husband and I have a new house. We find a small box turtle that is very sweet and loving. The small turtle and I bond and I get very close to her. My husband and I were in the back yard of our new house and a massive amount of snapping turtles come from out of nowhere and start attacking us. In the dream it felt like they were attacking us to get at the small box turtle. We tried to fight them off but then my little turtle disappeared and I tried to find her through the snapping turtle frenzy. I only kept getting bit and attacked with no luck, my husband left in a car and drove off. I have no idea what this dream means and I can’t figure it out.

  71. ok I am baffled by this dream. A baby turtle was on it’s back in my coffee cup of hot water and I was looking down at it and it started to develop a shell rapidly. My husband told me to put it in the murky tank in front of us but when I did it’s development started getting grotesque. I had him pull it out because I was afraid to touch it. he was moving it to a new area when it started to fall. I reached out and caught it even though it was creepy looking. It was bigger now but without an outer shell and looked like hamburger. Its mouth had a few funky rounded teeth (like an old man that had lost most of his) I reached out and pet it anyways and felt a sense of love. I put the turtle back in the tank and saw it swim away with it’s shell (like a normal turtle). I have searched high and low to try and interpret this dream as it is sticking with me and I feel it was a message. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have read several of the interpretations and love your work.


    • Thanks Anna, for sharing your fascinating dream! Sorry for this late response. I’d be curious as to what has come up for you in the meantime. The sense I have of your dream from the symbols that you describe is this: The “baby turtle…on it’s back…in my coffee cup of hot water” seems to represent an embryo in the womb developing rapidly. Whatever challenges as represented by it almost falling and its “creepy” and “grotesque” development seems to have been resolved by the “sense of love” that you felt for it and that you “saw it swim away with its shell (like a normal turtle).” Anyway. this is just what comes up for me. Thanks again!

  72. rose

    Hi! I had a dream and hope you can tell me the meaning of it. I was swimming in a shallow very clear water with a dolphin guiding me where to go and under the water I saw a painting of a dolphin and I happened to step on it. My guide, the dolphin, call my attention ask me to follow him, after that from the shore we stood up and the dolphin became sea turtle. He ask me to hide and so I hid from the pile of sands and He also cover me so that no one will see me. After that He said let’s go and I said where do I go there are muds everywhere? I step on the mud and my left leg sank down. He said don’t worry, and then the muds become dry. I walked thru dried muds and he said come after me, I saw a village, small houses with lamps and people inside their houses. my head said they are my enemies. I felt worry So I told the sea turtle that if we go to that village probably they will see me because their windows are open. THe turtle said don’t worry. He hold my hand and We went to the village and go inside in one of the houses in that village. No harm and safe.

    • Thanks Rose, for sharing your dream! And sorry for this late reply. In reading your dream, the feeling that comes up for me is a sense of Mother Earth (through You) and Her beautiful relationship with the dolphins and turtle, aspects of Herself. Dolphin seems to be guiding you to be in total surrender and trust of Her guidance. She is able to transform between the creative and playful dolphin and the turtle, ancient archetype of Gaiya (Mother Earth). Together, they guide your path through the “mud” of creation and the various relationships as represented by the “houses” in the “village.” Hope this helps!

  73. Chelsea

    I have always had weird, vivid dreams, but for some reason this one sticks out to me more than most. I don’t remember ever dreaming of turtles before, and they are not and have not been relevant in my life in quite some time now. Usually when I remember a dream, I can relate it to something that is happening or has happened, so the dream never seems unusual. In this dream, it was dark with very dim lighting, I was with a lot of people, (I can’t remember if I knew them or not). There were fountains or small ponds around (they had lilly pads) and they were all filled with various sizes of turtles. I would lift a rock and under it there would be turtles. They were everywhere. I wanted to pet them but whenever I would get close, they would either attempt to bite me, or somehow slip away from my reach. I remember feeling a little disappointed that they didn’t like me or that I couldn’t reach them. If you could give me your interpretation on what this means, that would be great! Thanks!

    • Thanks Chelsea, for sharing your dream! And sorry for the late reply. To me, your dream seems to tap into the deep unconscious, as “it was dark with very dim lighting.” The “fountains” and “small ponds” with “lily pads…filled with various sizes of turtles” seems to indicate primal creation, the intelligent, creative force intrinsic in all things, including your life. That they “would either attempt to bite” you, or “somehow slip away from” your “reach,” is interesting… I would ask how you are with your creativity, with the vision that you might have for your life. Is something calling from deep within?

      Thanks again Chelsea!

  74. Tiffani Black

    Hi I Can’t Really Remember All My Dream but What I Will Never Forget Is The baby Turtles. Like They Were My Babies! Everywhere I Went They Followed. I Actually Liked Them. But I Don’t Understand What It Could Mean? Why Were My Babies Turtles?

    • Thanks Tiffani, for sharing your dream! Your “baby Turtles” might represent all the creative dreams you hold within yourself and that now call out to somehow be birthed in your life.

  75. Leighq

    I have a question hopefully you can answer. I had a dream last night and a turtle was in my dream, this turtle felt familiar like it has been with me all my life. At one stage of my dream it popped up and I didn’t pay attention to it and it had gone then the next part I saw it, I picked up the turtle who was hurt and tired I think near its neck it had flesh showing injured. I carried the turtle with me, I felt lo’ve for the turtle as if it were my baby and I was sad and was trying to find somewhere to heal or fix my turtle and that’s all I remember. Can you help me understand what this means, first time I dreamt of a turtle thanks

    • Thanks Leigh, for sharing your dream! The sense I get from your dream is this: The turtle seems to represent your foundational, creative Self (Higher Self) as it “felt familiar” had been with you “all my life.” The turtle also seems to represent the archetype of the creative “child” as you “felt love for the turtle as if it were my baby.” The thought I get from this is that our primal creative power is like a child that requires nurturing and attention. By not paying attention to the creative prompts of the child within, we hurt that part of us that wishes to express and create in our lives. Hope this helps. Thanks again!

  76. prerna

    i saw a white small turtle in my dreams at my restaurant place.
    i was trying to catch it bt couldnt, and after that my dream broke. what does thia signify . is it good luck or bad luck.

  77. Jill Beursken

    Your website is so interesting, I had a dream I was standing by a lake and walked in. The water was probably up up to my thighs. All of a sudden there was a huge turtle that was trying to bite me.I took both my hands and with all my strength i was forcing its jaws shut. I don’t think it ever bit me and I remember being frustrated that whoever was there with me was no help at all!! I was gritting my teeth so hard that my teeth were sore the next day. Might have been better just to let it bite me. Loking forward to hear your take on what it all means….thank you

    • Thanks Jill, for sharing your dream! For me, Turtle represents primal, creative energy that seems to bubble up from the deep unconscious (as represented by the “lake”). The turtle seemed to be “biting” for your attention. That it was a “huge turtle” seems to indicate a big creative dream that wishes to be manifested in your life. Also, that you felt “frustrated that whoever was there…was no help at all” perhaps reflects how you feel about a certain aspect of how you feel about your everyday life in general? Anyway, hope this helps. Thanks!

  78. Hi, I had an interesting dream about turtles last night. I dreamt I was walking in my kitchen an heard a noise on the floor. I looked down and there was a turtle crawling out from underneath a shelf. I picked the turtle up and was trying to figure out if it was a snapping turtle or not. I decided this was a friendly turtle and right then I felt a sting on my toe. I looked down and there was a baby turtle that had come out and was biting me. I picked it up too and he calmed down and was also friendly. I was trying to decide rather i should set them free or keep them. I remembered I had a tank set up and decided I would put them in there and if they were happy I would keep thm as pets and if not i would set them free. I placed them in the tank and they immediately started to swim and looked very happy. I decided they would stay….this is th first turtle dream I can remember having and there seem to be a lot of different interpretations. Could you give me any insight? I would really like to understand the meaning of this dream better.

  79. Nooni

    Nice interpretations. I too wanted to share one of my dreams where i saw many large tortoises(not turtles) in my back yard. As I looked out of my window I could see a number of them lying upside down as though they are sun bathing, then they heard my voice as I called my dad to look at them and all of them started running. I stood at my window watching them in awe coz they were running quite fast and I was trying to click pictures of them. In my mind I was also thinking that they were somehow underground and now showing up on surface because it had rained quite heavily the night before (I am thinking this in my dream). Any insight on this please?


    • Thanks Nooni, for sharing your dream! Some thoughts regarding your dream that come to mind for me: the different aspects of yourself are symbolized in all of the dream symbols. Your Father, tortoises, underground, your voice, back yard, rain, etc. Your feeling of “awe” is also quite significant. Any feelings that show up in dreams are helpful in deciphering the dream. Perhaps your Dad represents the part of you causes the tortoises (the primal, creative side of you) to “run” away. That they were somehow “underground” might seem to represent the deep, creative parts of yourself that remains hidden. Water (rain) can represent emotions, your deep feelings that bring out the tortoises of your creativity. Anyway, these are just some thoughts to consider. Thanks again!

  80. geetesh

    i had a dream about a lot of turtles and tortoise near me many adults and many babies and new born i tried to pick up one of the smaller one and it remained stuck to my palm and was like it was biting me i tried to remove it gently of my palm but i couldnt then i applied force and the baby turtle or tortoise i dont remember now got tore into two pieces and died leaving my finger swollen and blue in color then 1 of my friend i dont remember who it wAS TOLD ME TO Apply an antiseptic cream on the finger son that it will be fine and not to worry. what does this mean

    • Thanks Geetesh, for sharing your dream! I would be curious to know if you some strong creative desires that are not being fulfilled. To me, the dream perhaps indicates a lot of creative ideas/inspiration/aspirations to fulfill your dreams and passions, to step into the creative gifts you were meant to express in life. The turtles/tortoises of creativity are “biting” to get your attention. That you had to “force” one of them off your palm, tearing it in two, leaving your finger swollen, etc. is also significant. What feelings came up for you during the dream? You originally wanted to “pick up one of the smaller ones, ” but ended up tearing it off your finger with painful results. A feeling that comes to me while reading the dream is a sense of “overwhelm,” of getting stuck in circumstances that you do not wish to fully engage in at this time. Perhaps family and cultural pressures/dynamics/expectations?

  81. Deedee

    wow, I just had a dream and was searching for an explanation when I found this site.
    I dreamt I was in a library that was flooded with dark water. the water has a few plants growing in it and a whole lot of turtles swimming around in the water. I am on a very high empty shelf looking for plants to feed the turtles. as I climb down I am aware of how deep the water is and all the books that are soaked below. I’m afraid as I can’t swim but there someone is standing in the water waiting for me and who holds my head up. as soon as I am in the water the turtles all head for me as if to attack and I feel them nudging and pushing me on my right arm. the person holding me tells me not to be afraid. the turtles start biting my hand underwater and again I am told to be calm. the dream merges into another at that point where the whole library has dried up and the water replaced with wall to wall pianos, old ones, with people playing on it. but the person who held me in the water is still behind me so I don’t move away to explore . . .

    • Thanks Deedee for sharing your dream! For me, your dream brings up some thoughts for me. The “library” perhaps represents academic knowledge that gets “flooded” by the “dark water” of your emotions/feelings. To me, the turtles and dark water all represent your unexpressed creativity and emotions. You are on a “very high empty shelf” that is separated from them but you wish to “feed the turtles.” The “person” seems to be a protector guide, wanting to help you to “not be afraid.” The turtles seem to “bite and nudge” for your attention. Perhaps the “pianos” represent a call to music or some other form of creative activity?

  82. Deedee

    side note, I just Googled the song the piano man closest to me was playing. it was something about a shanty town and just found its a real song I’ve never heard of before lol

  83. Neesha

    Hi. It was so awesome to land on your websites. Turtles and I formed a connection almost 14 yrs ago while I was pregnant with my first child. I constantly channeled turtles and fell i love with them. I am not even a ‘animal’ person! Enduring a 12 hr labour I ran out of energy and steam at the end and my sons head was stuck. What was amazing was that I spontaneously went into a self-guided meditation where I saw a turtle swim calmly through a narrow opening and guess what my son was born!

    Till this day that is the most precious memory I hold in my heart.
    Since then the turtle enery has on and off been a part of my life. Although absent for the last few years, lately I keep getting ‘signs’ of a white turtle as a symbol.
    I am not sure what that means?
    Hoping you can shed some light on my next journey with the “White Turtle”

    • Thank you Neesha for sharing your dream! To me, that you keep getting “signs” of a white turtle, is quite significant. When certain archetypes show up again and again, to me they represent transformative changes in the near future. The White Turtle can be a kind of inner guide that helps you to navigate the changes ahead. Hold to White Turtle, which is connected deeply with your Higher Self. It is there to help reveal your own strength and wisdom! What those changes are, only time will tell, but if you are getting signs from White Turtle, be open to the inner transformations that are wanting to happen.

  84. Moe

    I had a dream 3 days a go, in my dream it looks like I was invited for a meal and it was a turtle in the plate, when I left the turtle it was blood on the plate and the blood was on my hand so I was trying to clean the blood from my right hand.

  85. Mayya

    I had a dream last night that I was swimming with fish and many turtles. I stepped into the water and the turtles were everywhere!

  86. in need of some advise. i am currently going through a rough patch in my life at 27, and for some strange reason i keep thinking about the very first dream/memory that i was on a tortoises back and he was talking to me which seem like hours but not verbally but in my head. this dream/memory, can’t tell which it is because i just started walking, so about 1, but after my encounter i slowly watched him walk away and through a solid wall into the neighbor’s yard. I’ve asked family members for some insight but all that i have found out is that my neighbor might have had a pet tortoise, still this can’t explain my dream of if this really happened. I’ve been searching for answers ever since i was able to gain knowledge from books and the internet. please share some widsdom

    • Thanks Raul, I think it is significant that you “keep thinking” about your dream/memory of being “on a tortoise’s back.” It doesn’t matter if it was a dream or memory. That it comes up again and again in your mind means that it’s energy/spirit/essence is calling to you. It is trying to get your attention. To me, that you were on the tortoises back and that it talked to you for what seemed like hours, brings to mind some thoughts. The tortoise represents very ancient, primal earth energy that perhaps imparted its wisdom to you at a very young age, perhaps even before you were born. Perhaps it spoke of the things you were to learn in life, the creative part you were to play. At your age of 27, you will be entering the period of your “First Saturn return.” Do a Google search for this astrological term. This period of time represents a stepping into your power/adulthood/creativity. It can be a time of great harvest, or a time of coming to terms with what needs to still happen. Ask Spirit Tortoise within for help and then listen deeply and FEEL! Relax and consult the heart. This is a time for building your heart muscles of trust. Be open and calm to what shows up in your life, no matter how seemingly insignificant. All the pieces fit together, the light and the dark, when we trust and allow ourselves to be guided by the wisdom of our hearts.

  87. Carlos

    When I was a little boy I would have recurring dreams quite often. One of which was very intense leaving me very emotional once I awoke. I must have five or six the first time I had this dream where I was in front of my house and parked in driveway was an old caboose. I would enter the caboose which was filled with family artifacts going back dozens of generations. I would start to go through the artifacts, lookin at all the pictures, letters and other items which I was able to sense had personal meaning to the owner/ ancestor of mine. The caboose would begin to move which was strange because there was no track. Once the caboose stopped I would step off it and find myself in another world. It was there, one that was dark and quite foreign to me. I would explore a bit then I would wander on to a an arching bridge over water. In the middle of the bridge there was a giant turtle who would always speak to me. She would always tell me something different but she would always assure me that I was her descendant, a very distant descendant and the turtle was always a she. I would always wake up in the middle of our conversation with tears in my eyes, distraught and confused, yet somewhat at peace. I often reflect on this dream and wondered its meaning. Now as an adult I contemplate the realm of dreams much more, but insight on this particular vision illudes me. I’ve always wondered who else might be dreaming something similar and why I would have such intense and complicated dreams at such an early age?

    • Thank you Carlos, for sharing your dream. Very beautiful! The Ancient Mother herself (through the giant turtle) seems to have spoken to you, reassuring you that you are her child (descendant). The feeling that comes up for me is “nostalgia,” a feeling that can be quite mysterious as it comes with feelings and memories that may not be of this life and/or dimension. It seems to cross eons of time and is accompanied by a great longing to “return home,” to be finished with our earthly wanderings.

      The “caboose” seems to be your portal to the finer realms/dimensions where the Mother (giant turtle) resides, upon the “bridge” between worlds so-to-speak.

      Thanks again Carlos! Hope this helps!

  88. Please help me with this:

    I had a disturbing dream where I boiled 3 turtles. I took two and cut and ate them (which is so horrendous for me)! I decided to store the other one and keep it for later. Later came and I laid the turtle out on the counter, ready with my knife – when it blinked up at me. Then slowly moved its limbs. I felt excruciating horror and agony at this. It made no logical sense that it was still alive. I felt like an absolute monster.

    I decided to make a play pen for it and spent long frustrating hours getting everything ready for this turtle … I felt extremely responsible for its future happiness and comfort. When I felt the pen was ready (going over everything in detail) … I went to get the turtle, but my dream ended before I could get it to the pen.

    What does this all mean?!

    • Thanks Danielle, for sharing your dream. I believe dreams have many levels as they are energetic projections from the unconscious and as such can be “looked at” from many angles. I can only speak from my own thoughts and feelings regarding your dream. As dreams can be highly symbolic, I can, in a sense approach your dream as though it were my own.

      The following “interpretation” might seem a little far out there, but it is something that makes sense to me. When I read your dream, what comes to mind is the “ascension” meme that seems to be prevalent in the collective (un)conscious during these times. I think it is interesting that you “boiled 3 turtles,” which can represent our ascension from “3d” to the 5th dimension (as the meme elaborates). In your dream, you “boiled the turtles,” perhaps representing the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the 3d world. Keeping with the meme, the 3d consciousness (linear, logical, fear based) has been cooked and ready to be served up. You ate two of the turtles and was preparing the third (spiritual) one for later, getting the play pen of the fifth dimension ready.

      The ascension meme also states that the Earth is a sentient being that is also “transitioning” from 3d to 5d. Turtles are ancient symbols of the Earth. From the perspective of a caring human in 3d, it would seem natural to feel “excruciating horror and agony” at having boiled three turtles and then cutting and eating them. From the perspective of the collective unconscious, this is pretty much how we have treated Mother Earth. That you “felt…responsible for its (the third turtle) future happiness and comfort” seems to bode well for humanity that is waking up to the higher dimensions of Spirit.

      Hope this makes sense. Thanks again Danielle!

  89. N

    I had a dream about feeding Tortoise. There were three tortoise in a bath tub and I was just feeding them. And they were eating! Wonder what does this mean??? Big Thanks!!

  90. Daniel

    This seems like a great dream interpretation site so I guess I’ll throw in my two cents. Last night I dreamt that I didn’t just have my one box turtle but many turtles in her tank(I think that she was producing them with an unknown male). I went outside and found my mother there with even more turtles who were multicolored, one was even pink! I looked to the side of my yard and saw giant tortoises about 10 feet in length just relaxing on the side of my house. It should be noted I’m a man and not in a relationship currently so this can’t be about fertility.

  91. Daniel

    Hey this seems like a decent site to throw my two cents in so I will, I had a dream the other night that when I looked in my female turtles tank there were many turtles not just her. I then went outside and found that my mother not only knew but had even more turtles swimming around in a pond, one was even pink! As I went back inside I noticed on the side of my house there were about 30 10 foot long giant tortoises just relaxing on the side of my house in front of my gate leading outside. my last message was deleted maybe you thought I was joking but I swear I’m not.

  92. ash

    I dreamt of two tortoise black in colour with spikes on their back like hedgehog. They were moving towards water which was very in colour. I was standing near rocks and had a feeling of disgust on seeing them as I didn’t like the colour and everything was dark.

    • ash

      Water was also black. What does this all mean?

      • Thanks Ash, for sharing your dream. For me, dreams that evoke strong feelings (like disgust) are ways for the body/mind/spirit to off-load or release toxic energies that build up in the field of consciousness. It’s also a way for the unconscious to communicate to us, through archetypes. Dark water, tortoises with spikes on their backs perhaps represents a toxic circumstance, relationship, etc. from your waking life that brings up feelings of disgust, feelings that come up from very deep and primal (dark) waters.

  93. Calvin

    Thank you for your interpretations of Turtle dreams, the best I have found online! I really like the way you describe each element and the way you clearly define the dream and its meaning. Last night i had a dream where there were two small turtles in a bag filled with soil, I put my hand in and one of the turtles bites me, not too painful but i could feel the bite and it was as if bitten by small baby teeth and i stroke them and decide to keep them with me. Somehow i was not scared but just surprised that it bit me.
    Thank you once again for such wonderful explanations.

    • Thanks Calvin, for sharing your dream! To me, your dream “feels” like a kind of birth, whether of a physical child or creative endeavor on your part. “Bag filled with soil” can perhaps be thought of as a kind of womb or a place where creative ideas gestate. The creative life force is “biting” for your attention. They are still in the infant or “baby” stage. I would ask if there is anything that strongly calls to you from the depths of what you long to create in life.

  94. Ada Santos

    Hi all! A few days ago I had a dream I was swimming in open ocean and saw a giant sea turtle swimming right next to me. It moved at a normal slow steady pace. I was in awe just contemplating it. It was bigger than me in size and was amazingly beautiful. What does it mean?
    I experienced this in real life a few weeks ago while snorkelling in the Similan islands in Thailand. We didn’t know if we were gonna be able to see any turtles at all and we (me and my boyfriend) saw this amazing sea turtle. I swam over it for a while, it was so close i could touch it if i wanted. This was definitely a very high point on our trip and one I will remember forever. Could my dream be related to the happenings of these day or is it trying to say something to me? this past year i have been dreaming with animals on a regular basis. I’ve had all sorts of animals coming to me in dreams, white tigers, elephants, lions, polar bears and now the turtle. While in Thailand i had a dream of 2 grown white tigers and that one attacked me eating my stomach and I died. I must stress I did not go to see any tigers whilst there. Any insight would be helpful.Many thanks, Ada

    • Thank you Ada! Wow! Very powerful dreams! I think that in your dream of the “giant sea turtle” your feelings of “awe” are significant and very worthy of tuning into. It can be a kind of doorway to the experience of Bliss and the accompanying sensations and experience of Divine Beauty. Your experience of the sea turtle in both waking and dreaming states is a great blessing! “White tigers, elephants, lions, polar bears” are very powerful creatures and archetypes. Their energies can be invited and called upon as allies from whom you can learn much from. What does the “white tiger” represent to you? And why two? Why did one of them “eat your stomach?” and what does dying mean to you? Dying to what? These are just some of the questions that you can ask of your Higher Self, as represented by these archetypal creatures. The main thing is to feel deeply and listen from that place of deep stillness.

  95. Sara

    Hi, I was wondering if you could put some meaning to my turtle dream…
    I was on a fishing yacht (not intending to fish) my dad was dad was driving while my mom and I relaxed, it was a beautiful day. I looked over the side of the boat and first saw the wings of a sea turtle swimming pass (it was strange no body just the dismal arms but they were actively swimming but halfway living without the body). We continued on and saw another turtle pass by. Then, three turtles in a row at the same time began to do multiple flips in the distance. During the dream I was trying to figure out what these sea turtles were doing; I thought, are they trying to scare us away. They were performing an immaculate display jumping high out of the water, twirling and flipping in sync.
    Thank you for your time in reading this!

    • Thanks Sara, for sharing your dream! Different narratives can be created from any dream depending on what you wish to tune into. From my experience of your dream, what seems to catch my attention is your being on a “fishing yacht” but “not intending to fish.” And then what you see are “wings of a sea turtle” but “without the body” and “halfway living.” I would ask if there is anything of note and importance that is calling you to finish up or perhaps to heal? This might be kind of a leap, but can the dream be calling you to do the “driving” and start fishing, that is, to fully engage your entire creative self in what is wanting to twirl and flip in your life.

      • bettu

        I asked for a sign before I fell asleep, I actually crashed fast & had a dream I seen a creature in a tank or hamster looking glass tank(no water), it wasnt moving. I said what is that and touched it. I woke it up or startled it as well as myself and said its a turtle. While being startled I woke up in a jump. The nap wasnt even a hour…

  96. Jacqui

    Hi there, I’m hoping you could help. I had a dream last night that I was cleaning my aquariums (one of which held a dragon) It was like a lizard/dragon turned snake that jumped up into the tank that houses my turtle. as it’s attacking, I’m trying to get the turtle out. As I’m pulling the turtle up the serpent takes a big chomp from my turtles shell. I then move my turtle into another tank, he’s trying to make a home in his torn shell but it won’t work. He’s now reaching for me with his bare body. I grab and pull him out but now concerned as he needs a shell. That was the end. Could you shed some light on this dream? Thank you

    • Thanks Jacqui for sharing your dream! Sorry for this late reply. What comes up for me in reading your dream account I will express through my own personal filter… but I believe that the archetypal symbols that you recount have some universal meanings that many can resonate with. For me, the “dragon/snake/lizard” energies represent Kundalini life force, the coiled energy that remains dormant in most people. Your dream seems to be an awakening of this powerful life force. Your dream “turtle” perhaps represents the everyday conscious “you.” As you pull your energy up the spine, “pulling the turtle up,” the “serpent takes a big chomp from my turtles shell.” Perhaps Kundalini rising up to higher centers (aquariums) of the spine/body? The experience of Kundalini rising can be intense, as though the body and all that is familiar is being disassembled (bare body). Anyway, that’s my take on your dream. Hope this helps!

  97. Jody-Anne

    Just wondering if you could help clarify a dream I had. I have vague emotions/ visuals of my remembrance of this dream, which took place from around 2.30am onwards through various stages of waking up, and then falling back to sleep.

    So, not much remains, but I am am in a largish mansion (a lot of my dreams start/take place in/end in housing)….. A lot is going on, there are other people elsewhere, I feel it is my house but I am trying to be by myself, lots of wall to ceiling old fashioned glass windows. I end up in a bathroom and there is a turtle floating in a sink, about the size of my palm. Pale brown with navy markings on its shell. Non moving, it seems dead. When I take it out it is still dead. You know how there is usually a soap dish built into the form of a bathroom sink? Well, on the side there one was about the size of 2 palms cupping, but deeper, and in there was a little beige/brownish turtle, about my little finger long swimming like crazy, diving deep, coming up, lazily swimming around. More occurred, but I do not remember that clearly, if at all. This portion of the dream remains very clear to me.

    I have not dreamed of turtles before. In my waking mind I love them for there ancient energy and longevity, and the ….non Evolved-ness of them.

    If you could clue me in to somewhere within myself to look, that would be awesome.

    • Thank you Jody-Anne for sharing your dream. I believe that the feelings that come up in dreams are important to look at and consider in relation to any dream object and story that comes up in the dream. As always, I can only comment on your dream from my own understanding and experience of the symbols that relate to your dream. By “stepping” into your dream, certain feelings come up for me that may or may not be significant for you. I feel a kind of uncomfortable nostalgia and can “smell” the dustiness of this “largish mansion…old fashioned glass windows…” For me, the “bathroom” represents the lower abdomen, womb, etc. and the “Pale brown” turtle “with navy markings on its shell” represents a fetus that never made it to term,… or it can represent all of the unborn creative gifts/projects that lie dormant within us. And yet… the “little beige/brownish turtle…swimming like crazy” can represent future progeny or creative gifts that remain alive within us. Hope this helps! Thanks again!

      • Jody-Anne

        I think I replied to your response but am not sure it sent. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my dream, your comments did make a lot of sense to me. Have chosen not to have some of the children I had been blessed with, I do have children though. So on that level I can get your interpretation. On the level of creativity….and dusty nostalgia….you have hit it right on the button. Will look at those places in me that cling to stuff (not a hoarder of epic proportions, but I so do keep stuff, and love old stuff in particular, and old places….for the nostalgia and their beauty).
        Thank you once again, it was very illuminating for me.

      • Jody-Anne

        And I left out the most important thing in my previous comment that I got from your interpretation! That my creativity, which I used to have in abundance, all of my 49 yrs has dwindled and died in the last few years, so the symbolism of the teensy turtle makes me happy that I may find it again.

  98. Ela

    Hi. I had a dream this morning that i went to dance at a gig at some venue. We were put in a very tiny wendy house to wait for our turn. My girls and i saw this green light that kept moving on its own which was a bit scary so we decided to wait outside.
    when we went outside we appeared at my aunts house. i sat down on a wall and then an unknown dj came to sit next to me and held me and i held him back. The music then went off and he needed to go so i decided to go into the house. I took the back way and i was walking i tramped something really hard that i actually felt the pain on my foot archilles. I look down and see there were 100s of baby turtles or tortoises (not sure whats the difference in how they look). Th one i tramped didnt get squished. They were just busy around eating and just moving. I assumed they were new pets of my cousin. I then entered the house and a piece of raw meat was on the kitchen floor. I went upstairs and in a room full of people were my brotherinlaw who was sick, his foot had been poked and milk was falling from it. My sister was crying excessively on the bed. And my mum was there as well. Not sure where my dad was but his family was there and i actually got into an argument with them regarding their visits to him. Any interpretations? Im just looking for meanings as my dad is quite sick currently

    • Thanks Ela, for sharing your dream. Lots of symbols! The one that stand out for me is the “green light…which was a bit scary.” Considering that later in your dream there was “raw meat” on the floor and your “brother-in-law who was sick,” the green light–to me–represents some kind of infection or toxic energy that your mind/body/consciousness is processing through your dream. The “dj” perhaps can represent your angelic guide or Higher Self that comes to offer consolation/strength/wisdom. With your Dad sick in real life, it is understandable that there might be some intense feelings, chaos, etc. maybe symbolized by the “100s of baby turtles.”

  99. Magz

    Hi, I have been looking all over the internet about the meaning of a dream I had with turtles. Since it was sometime ago I can’t remember anything else but that there were turtle eggs inside the top of my foot, and that my skin was so stretched out I could see the eggs in side of my foot. It gave me a feeling of disgust because it was like a lot of eggs and they were black, then they started pouring out of my foot. Could you help me figure out what it meant?

  100. Nirupama

    Hi, last night i saw a flying turtle in my dream, the dream was very short one, someone standing besides me was saying that a child was born and people are celebrating, happy and joyful and a turtle is flying, i lift up my head to watch it .. it flew above my head, thats it. A year ago I bought a glass turtle figurine for decoration other than that i have no idea why a turtle is flying in my dream..

    • Nirupama


      A small update, Within a week after i had this dream we bought a brand new and a beautiful home and so many unexpected positive and good things happening right now for me. I don’t know if this dream has anything to do with all this but i wanted to share it here. Thanks for the author of this website for letting me write and share my dream here. Thank you.

  101. Daniel

    Hey this seems like a decent site to throw my two cents in so I will, I had a dream the other night that when I looked in my female turtles tank there were many turtles not just her. I then went outside and found that my mother not only knew but had even more turtles swimming around in a pond, one was even pink! As I went back inside I noticed on the side of my house there were about 30 (10 foot long) giant tortoises just relaxing on the side of my house in front of my gate leading outside. If this is too difficult for you to interpret I understand.😏

  102. rone

    Hello, this has been very helpful and inciteful. I dreamed that a man was swimming with two pet turtles. I called my daughter to come see and when I looked back three massive sea turtles came swimming up from the deep. They swam to the window and one laid his head on my daughters lap so she could pet his head.

    • Thanks Rone, for sharing your dream! I imagine you must have been in awe to experience such a dream? Perhaps the “three massive sea turtles…” are powerful protectors for you and your daughter?

  103. It would seem I am not the only one who had a dream about turtles. My dream was somewhat disturbing. There were several turtles in a shallow pond of sorts, black with red markings. There was one large turtle who started to eat one of the smaller ones. He had it half in his mouth and you could see the legs of the small turtle kicking. As i said…..quite disturbing. Any thoughts?


    • Thanks Lorie, for sharing your dream! The sense I get from your dream is one of tapping into the collective, world consciousness. The “several turtles in a shallow pond…black with red markings” seems to be symbolic of how we humans treat each other and the planet itself. Big turtles eating smaller turtles, nations/peoples destroying/eating weaker/smaller nations/peoples… and yes, I can understand why the dream was “quite disturbing!” It’s interesting that the turtles in your dream were “black with red markings.” Black represents the unconscious, unknown, primal energy and red represents intense passion, aggression, raw energy.

      Dreams can be a way of processing feelings/energies that move through our bodies and energetic fields. Although the dream may have been “quite disturbing,” I believe dreams come to us as a way to help us discharge/release energies that may be stuck, toxic and in need of release. By releasing/grounding these energies, we not only help ourselves towards greater energetic flow, we also help the energetic flow of the collective. Hope this helps!

  104. Ed

    I had a dream that two turtles, one smaller than their other, we’re making their way somewhere. They had a peaceful comforting feeling about them. 3 different times they became cut off from their journey by fences. I helped them get through the the fence each time. Not sure where they were going, but it was a powerful and energizing dream. Any thoughts on the meaning.

  105. Daniel

    Looks like I’m the only one who hasn’t had their dream interpreted yet. Hey this seems like a “decent” site to throw my two cents in so I will, I had a dream the other night that when I looked in my female turtles tank there were many turtles not just her. I then went outside and found that my mother not only knew but had even more turtles swimming around in a pond, one was even pink! As I went back inside I noticed on the side of my house there were about 30 10 foot long giant tortoises just relaxing on the side of my house in front of my gate leading outside. my last message was deleted maybe you thought I was joking but I swear I’m not. By the way I know my question hasn’t been answered yet but don’t worry I know not everybody doesn’t have the skill to answer a difficult question-letsliveinpeace.

    • Hi Daniel, in analyzing dreams, I take into account not only the words used, but any impressions of feelings that come up for me. With this being said, I found your most recent comment and the indirect way of asking me to interpret your dream most revealing and like an open door to your dream. Do you really think that your dream is the “only one” that I’ve not interpreted yet? I am just not able to answer all requests for dream interpretation. That is not what my blog is about.

      Now in connection with your dream about “30 ten feet long giant tortoises just relaxing on the side of my house,” I immediately feel a heaviness and impatience. Your house represents an aspect of you that has been surrounded by these slow moving giant tortoises, perhaps representing some female energy in your life (your mother?). Female energy can represent feelings and your dream seems to communicate big feelings that surround you and that are slow moving.

      To me, the message of your dream is this: Feel what you feel with gentleness and patience. Release expectations of others (release the giant turtles, let them move on). Hope this helps!

    • marialoucouto

      Hi Daniel,
      You are being rude! Maybe the turtles are trying to teach you how to be less arrogant, especially when asking for a favor!

  106. brianaangel

    Hey! I will probably find a similar dream in the comments buuut. I had a dream last night about a medium sized turtle. I found him miles away from water in an apartment building in the city. While he was medium sized he seemed kind of frail to the touch so I thought I would “help” him by getting him to some water and food. I had all of the right things to do it even!! But when I picked him up his legs shot out, very skinny almost unturtle like legs, flailing back and forth against my fingers so I put him in the aquarium and as I did I noticed that he had completely flicked off one of his legs while he was freaking out against me! I was so sad and shocked that I tried to retrieve him from the water to place him on the stone in the aquarium and he lost 2 more legs!! He couldn’t swim and I had made an already bad situation worse. I had to hold him to feed him as he could no longer swim right and I watched him successfully learn to trust me to help him dip into the water to pull out shrimp.
    I was the one that hurt the turtle, but I was indeed trying to help and meaning well. I can interpret this myself in the most literal sense and say that I am maybe hurting those I am trying to help, but I really hope there might be something a little bit more to this. Everytime I went to help the turtle during my dream I knew it was my fault he had to rely on anyone in the first place.

  107. brianaangel

    Oh and as an aside.. that turtle could not swim but he still moved fast with just one leg and tail when placed on the ground.

    • Raul

      I had a dream of seeing a sea turtle looking round huge and healthy was attempting to make its way back to the sea and I called two friends and they turned it over on its shell preventing it from going back to the sea. Shortly after one of my friends in the dream who is presently deceased started walking in the surrounding area searching for its nest of eggs because we believed it had came on land to lay eggs. While searching we saw the turtles tracks which led us to the nest of eggs

      • Raul

        Having found this large nest of eggs which we knew were eggs laid by a turtle but they resembled chicken eggs but soft as turtle eggs we began eating them raw from the nest. Of course it wasn’t the best of taste but we figured out eating them raw would make us stronger. I don’t have a clue what that means. I need an interpretation for this please.

  108. Amber

    I recently had a dream that I was in a boat out in the ocean. An there was a very huge turtle next to the boat and I was watching it give birth to baby turtles.

  109. Beautiful message. Your last paragraph touched me deeply. Thank you for sharing! :)))

  110. Sarah Jane

    I have been having the most intense and scary dreams about Sea Turtles . I have had 3 of them in the past month . In each dream I am terrified and feel as though I am in grave danger.
    They chase and bite me to the point I have blood running all over my body , In the dream I can feel the pain and the blood is so warm that I try to wipe it away but it wont go away .
    Each dream is a different senerio but with the same thing happening the turtles seem to be out to kill me and it is horrifing . I need to figure out what they are trying to tell me I just don’t undertsand what I could have done to the turtle to make them want to hurt me so badly .

  111. Mike

    In my dream I was drinking orange soda from a bottle and I became aware of a granular sensation compelling me to look at the bottle upon which time I noted what looked like grey white granular ice blockage in the neck of the bottle, then realized that this granular substance was not ice, was not tainted by the orange color of the soda, was not cold, in short not right, so I went to the sink to spit it out. Upon doing so noted large gnat like flies in the substance, then all my attention is centered upon a miniature green (strong color) turtle, it was a small but strong and aggressive one with a large head snapping at me trying to attack me. It lunged from the sink toward me trying to bite me but missed landing on the floor. It continued to try to attack but at one point I retreated to bring it to someone else’s attention either my brother or my son not sure which one, but then woke up while trying to relocate the turtle.

  112. Betty

    This seems to be pretty interesting I had a dream about 5 baby turtle coming up out of my light fixture in the ceiling and one fish. I put them in a bag to take to the market to sell the but couldn’t… I have no idea what this means but I can agree with what is written here about the turtle energy and time to tapp into creative energies etc

  113. I had a dream about a turtle/tortoise with teeth like a human and it was chasing me and trying to bite me. I have been researching symbology and none of it made sense. Then I read this. This is exactly my situation and I recognize the truth in it for me. Thank you, so much!

  114. Mica

    I had a dream where i was lead by a person i know by face only to a forest. In that forest first i saw were 2 tortoise and turtles that are tied to the point where theyre already disfigured. Then i saw 3 maybe alive. Then i saw lots of turtle shells, its like underneath were decayed turtles. Somehow i saw 1 starfish. Hmmm what does it mean?

  115. Momof2girls

    I had A dream about A moma turtle with a lot of baby turtles ….at first I only seen the baby turtles which lead me to the moma turtle than it seen like they all was coming towards me but not in a attacking way….Always there was a lemur and two other animals that was just alike but I can’t remember what they was

  116. Emily

    My dream was about me watching turtle approach an area that seemed like a marina. Once they were there they would just flip over on their back and pile up. Very weird but interesting because I was admiring their presence. As they rapidly settled in, the water was approaching where I was stepping like flooding, and it was raining hard.

  117. Joan

    I had a dream last night of a dark green tortoise/turtle. I walked into an antique store with my sons and one of the workers brought a dark green tortoise or turtle out to show us (i kept referring to it as a turtle but don’t they live in water). He was shy and whimpered with me at first but then he became very loving , He was so cute and small i held him like a baby for hours. I took him home to show my father. I was suppose to bring him back after i showed my father but i woke up. I cant stop thinking about it. What could it mean?

    • Thank you Joan, for sharing your dream! It would seem something is deeply nudging/calling to you from inside you. That you “…held him like a baby for hours” is quite significant. What in your life represents this? Or what do you wish to give birth to from your deepest core? From the “antique store” of your Being?

  118. dolly

    i had a dream about many rats are stuck to my leg and in between those rats there is one turtle… iam still searching about it and not got the result..please tell

    • Thanks Dolly for sharing your dream! How you felt and your reactions during the dream are important aspects to consider. Rat energy in your dream may be telling you to “step forward” with your dreams, to be resourceful in moving/standing on your own legs. Or… it could be telling you to resolve what is “gnawing” at you. Begin by feeling into what rat energy means to you. Hope this helps!

      • Darshan

        i had a dream wherevi was in a dream where suddenly their was some kind of water break like tank full of water broke
        and i was their and i had a big dish in my hand and i used to stop the water from overflowing the area where suddenly so many baby turtles csme into my dish. i dont but i was not amazed but i smiled and felt how cute all this turtles are. Can u plz tell me anything about this dream i have never dreamed something like this.
        thank u

      • Thanks Darshan for sharing your dream! To me your dream represents a kind of birthing process (water breaking out of a water tank). Your dish perhaps represents your receptivity to whatever is being birthed, whatever is “breaking through.” That you “smiled” seems to indicate your happiness at whatever creative birth seems to be taking place as represented by the “many turtles.”

    • Thanks Dolly, for sharing your dream! To me the “many rats…stuck to your leg” seem to represent all the things that gnaw on you in your life that prevents you from moving forward towards your highest aspirations perhaps? The “one turtle” seems to represent your primal life force, the creative principle your creative energy that can be used as your engine to keep you moving regardless of what tries to impede your progress.

  119. Melanie

    I had a dream about turtles 2 nights ago. In the dream, my husband & I had arrived home and walked into our garage (which was much larger than our actual garage, it was mostly empty, high ceiling). Once inside, I noticed a large turtle on the ground and it started walking toward us (very fast). I jumped on my husband’s back to get myself off of the floor. The turtle went to attack him and he kicked it away. When it landed on the floor, tons of small black things came out of it & started to scatter all over the floor…there were so many of them! The turtle kept trying to come back toward us, and he kept kicking it away. When I looked around the room, I noticed 3 other turtles along the edge of the room just watching.

    • Thanks Melanie, for sharing your dream! To me, the garage represents the physical body, our way of getting around in the world, a shelter for our cars. Dreams have a way of reflecting/communicating to us things that need our attention. Now, I’m “interpreting” your dream as though it were my own, so my “take” may or may not resonate with you. A number of things come to mind: “jumping on your husband’s back” to get off the floor and away from the turtle. A natural response perhaps but the question of what he represents in the dream…not wanting to face/deal directly with what seems fearful?

      Now, the “tons of small black things” to me represents all the hidden, secretive, festering fears and timidities that come out in our lives at inopportune times. All the “black things” seemed to be housed in the large turtle, representing a growing, consolidating force or energy. This seems to indicate deep, primordial, ancestral energies/forces that are coming out at this time for you to face/look at directly.

      Please understand that dreams are ways that our bodies and psyches communicate to us. They oftentimes come from the deepest parts of ourselves, nudging, suggesting, sometimes scaring us to look at all of ourselves, to face our deepest fears as well as our greatest magnificence! Hope this helps!

  120. Denise

    I had a dream last night that I was in my hair salon working on my client of three years. Suddenly I noticed the electricity went out and it seemed strange because the lights were just on. I went to find the breaker box and what I thought was my salon shifted to my garage…. I opened the breaker box and all the pieces were out of place so I started to put them back and when I tried to flip the breaker switch it short fused. My client then got my attention to look out of what appeared to be my storefront window to see my neighbors from the surrounding businesses trying to get my attention. I walked over to the window and saw that they were trying to show me tar like sludge coming from the salons sewage drain. And as the sludge was flowing out tons of baby turtles were coming out as well. This absolutely scared me because it was so many. When I turned to go check on my client the salon floor was covered with baby turtles and this intensified my fear…. I jumped on the couch as to not step on the turtles but they were everywhere. When I tried to get to my client I realized she was gone and someone else took her place that I did not recognize….. Then I woke up. I still felt what I felt in that dream and that’s when I began to research and found your blog…. I hope you’re still available to give me some insight

    • Thanks Denise, sorry for this late reply. Wow! I’ll respond to this dream as though it had been mine. Lots of archetypes to consider. I’m getting a sense of the nervous system, as represented by the “breaker box” and that the “electricity went out.” To me the “garage” represents the physical body, how we get around, our mobility…where we keep our car and tools. The breaker box was also in your garage and “all the pieces were out of place,” and the “breaker switch shorted.”

      Your “client” and “neighbors from the surrounding businesses” were “trying to get your attention.” They were trying to show you “tar-like sludge coming from the salons sewage drain.” To me these represents the intestines and colon.

      It seems that there are some very significant forces/energies trying to get your attention. Sometimes help comes in the guise of friends that we recognize in our dreams…they do not wish to frighten us, but sometimes they cannot “hold” the form, just as your friend in your dream changed into someone you did not recognize.

      That you felt a lot of fear seems to indicate something is wanting you to take a deep look at what is trying to get through to you. Whether it has to do with your nervous system, stomach/intestines/colon (or someone/something else) remains to be seen by asking your Higher Self what it is that you are being asked of you.

      The “baby turtles,” “tons of them coming out with the sludge” seems to represent all the unexpressed creative, primal gifts of your very Being coming out as “sewage.” All of our unexpressed, repressed gifts that we are meant to give birth to in our lives, in the world, unless they find expression through our lives will fester and putrify within our psyches and bodies. But it is never too late to act upon our noblest visions. The dream seems to indicate this, albeit in a scary way! Something is stirring within on a primal level (turtle energy). To me, baby turtles represent primordial creative energy, somewhat like stem cells! What is wanting to be birthed?

  121. Jasmine

    I’ve been having these dreams of small turtles, dozens of them swimming in a beautiful aquatic tank, so many vibrant colors. It’s so relaxing to see them swim and at peace. In my dream I just want to find the perfect platform for this Beautiful tank with these amazingly calm creatures. PS I own a red eared slider he is about the size of a dollar coin. Idk if that matters but anyways I would love to know what these dreams indicate. Thanks in advance! 🐢💙

    • Thanks Jasmine for sharing your dream! Sorry for this late reply. I sense a lot of creative ideas and deep feelings (small turtles, dozens of them) percolating around you, coming up from the depths of all that is “beautiful” and “vibrant” within you. What wants to be birthed through you seems to already be quite mature and formulated as it “swims…at peace.” That you want to “find the perfect platform for this Beautiful tank with these amazingly calm creatures” seems to represent your readiness and desire to manifest these gifts in the world. Hope this helps!

  122. Jasmine

    I had

  123. Aditya

    I had a dream this morning that i was on an island roaming around with my family and then we saw that a big turtle was having the whole island on it’s back.. the turtle was dead because a gigantic anaconda killed him and it seemed like the turtle was having the island for a very long time…
    Can you please tell me the meaning about this dream… _/\_

    • Thank you Aditya, for sharing your dream! There are some very powerful archetypes coming through in your dream: turtle, island, family, anaconda, etc. Do you remember your feelings during this dream, as they would give you some insights around its meaning. With this being said, I can speak about your dream from the perspective of my own relationships with the archetypes. For me, turtle represents ancient lineage/ancestral thoughts, beliefs, connection with the elders, etc. The island represents family and ancestral boundaries, limiting beliefs, etc. Anaconda represents primordial creative/chaotic energies that come to destroy narrow, limiting beliefs, spiritual assumptions, “us four and no more mentality,” etc. Anaconda comes to destroy the hard shell of our self-created narrow beliefs of what is possible, beyond limiting thoughts of what we believe possible. It asks us to prepare for a much wider playing field of creativity that may seem wild and chaotic, but is meant to teach us to “stand unshaken” even when our world begins to fall apart. Anaconda is like “Kundalini” energy in the spine that blows the lid off of what we believe is possible.

  124. Nawal

    I also had a dream of a large turtle, he was lying beside me on the floor in my living room. As I lay on the couch reaching my hand down, he snaps at my hand. He’s angry. His large shell was flat, and seemed soft not hard.

    What does this mean?

    Thank you

    Did not mean to put my full name.

    • Thanks Nawal, for sharing your dream. As always, there are many levels to any dream. The obvious level that gets my attention is that the large turtle snapped at your hand and is angry. My sense would be that you look at the relationships closest to you, if there are any unexpressed issues that may be festering, that need to be ironed out. Thanks again!

  125. I had a dream about multiple baby sea turtles. I was in the water with them. Unclear if it was a pool or an ocean. I was nurturing one, feeding it and playing with it and it seemed to like me. As I turned around to give it food before I left, I notice on a ledge near me, there are maybe 20 tiny baby sea turtles hiding in cracks or under tiny little plant pots. They all looked so different. Some even had a white shell with splashes of color. So I left food for each of them. Some noticed and took a few bites and others noticed, were happy and went back to sleep. My emotional state was very calm and happy. I felt the need to care for each baby sea turtle and at the same time, I appreciated how different each one looked. Somehow, I knew they all came from the same place even though they were different. There were other people in the dream but not right next to me. I remember hearing someone tell me to hurry up but I was in no hurry to leave the turtles. It was a peaceful, calm dream and I had a feeling of serenity and I wanted to stay with the baby sea turtles.

    I would love to know an interpretation of that. Thank you!

    • Thanks Christinahkm, for sharing your dream! I believe dreams are “multidimensional.” By this I mean that your dream can be information for you, for the world, for me, etc. We can also create meaning and stories from them, that may or may not be helpful. With this being said, my initial sense of your dream is this: many souls (multiple baby sea turtles) wanting to be given birth through you.One soul in particular seems to be connecting with you (nurturing one, feeding it…). You seem to have a strong motherly instinct (I’m assuming you are female?). “I felt the need to care for each baby sea turtle…” indicates a strong nurturing, maternal caring. Perhaps someone in your waking life is wanting you the “hurry up” in having a baby? I could be completely wrong in this interpretation, or it could be in another area of creativity that wants to be born through you.

  126. Celtic chick

    I had a dream last night that I was on a boat and I saw two turtles. It was a mother and her baby. We had this instant connection it was almost like they were smiling at me. They raised their strong necks as high as they could and I knew they wanted me to touch them. So I did and it brought so much happiness but also a longing to have them with me always. What is the meaning?

    • Thank you Celtic Chick for sharing your dream. There are always many levels to any dream. My initial sense is that the “mother and her baby” represents the part of you that longs for that kind of relationship, that kind of feeling/connection with Self and another. For me it feels like a primal kind of deep and to the bone aching longing that is at the root of our attempts in the world for deep human/community connection. Thanks again!

  127. Angela

    I had a dream that a giant turtle had come out of it’s she’ll and was trying to kiss me. It was very healthy and it felt good that it was trying to kiss and nuzzle with me.

  128. Hi, I didn’t see any dreams that were like mine.
    I wonder if you could help me interpret this one.

    I was at a baptism, a friends child.. I was standing at the front of I guess the altar. My friend was given a type of beetle and I was given a snail, there was a beautiful tree with flowers, and I walked over to immediately put my snail on a branch. The man said no no you must hold on to it for now. I obliged and went back to my spot. A giant wave was coming and he said now throw your animals up in the air.. I realized my animal was now a turtle. I threw it in the air towards the wave, and it was a sea turtle he was almost flying in the air.. Then the wave came back at me and the turtle was being tossed around so I grabbed him in the water, and tried to help him breathe…another wave and another… I tried to hold him above my head so he would be out of the water, but the waves had now reached the top of the building we were in. There was no way I could get the turtle to have air.
    Somehow when the water went away, I searched under blankets and covers to look for him, but he was gone. I wanted to try save him but now I couldn’t even find him.
    Let me know if you think anything of this 🙂
    Thank you and have a wonderful day

    • Thank You Checkinthecloset, for sharing your dream. To me, your whole dream seems like a kind of “Baptism” so-to-speak, an initiation into subtle realms that require a relinquishing (throwing your animals up in the air), a surrender of self to a more refined consciousness of Being. Baptism, initiation is oftentimes accompanied by chaotic dismantling of old ways of thinking. The giant waves represent, at least to me, an unstoppable high frequency energy moving through to dissolve/dismantle all that would impede your transformation of consciousness. Hope this helps!

    • Thank you Checkinthecloset for your sharing your dream. Many elements to it! To me, “baptism” represents a change in consciousness, a shift in our energetic frequency. The “beetle” and “snail” perhaps represents your offering of what you want to release from your lives. As the “wave” (higher energies) come through, you “throw” your offering into the air, which then changes into a “turtle.” For me, the turtle represents primal energy that can be shaped or formed into your creative vision. As creative energy is amorphous, primal, it cannot hold its archetypal energy as the turtle for very long…only long enough to remind you to keep the energy of your vision alive no matter how many waves threaten to inundate or drown you. The waves are energetic…they will come and go, not to destroy but to remind…

  129. I had a dream where I was standing at the staircase which leads to the roof of my house and was just staring at a beautiful and a huge turtle . The colour of the turtle was green and yellow I couldn’t quite clarify other colours because the water it was swimming in was not transparent and was sap green colour and wasn’t transparent. Could someone please interpretate it .

    • Thanks for sharing Dreamer! It sounds like it was a beautiful dream, all being shown through your consciousness! How you felt during this dream are important indicators for you to consider. Expansive? Enchanting? Any fear? Etc. Many archetypal forms in your dream. The ones that stand out for me are the “staircase” and “roof of…house…” To me, these represent your spine (staircase) and crown area (roof of house), representing your life force, energy moving up the spine to the crown chakra. To me, this is the dance of primal energy, as represented by the turtle. Consider your feelings/emotions (water that the turtle was swimming in). Perhaps turtle calls you to “clarify” your feelings (colors) that arise in your life? Thanks again for sharing!

      • thank you so much for the reply . it means alot and about the feelings i clearly remember how i felt during the dream . when i saw the turtle the feeling i had was so amazing seeing such a beautiful and huge turtle i felt a deep relief but at the same time seeing the water i some what felt so scared.

  130. Rajpal

    i have seen myself steping on turtles hard shell . not only on one turtle but number of turtles in the water …each time i step on a different turtle .. turtles made a path by joining themselves in water so that i can cross the the water surface …. what does it mean on the other hand i also afraid to step on them as they may bite me …

    • Thanks Rajpal, for sharing! Your dream reminds me of the thought that I expressed in my first book, “Flights of a Runaway Monk,” regarding surrender… that the bridge (over the deep chasm of our fears) is created as we step out in faith, not before. Interesting that the turtles provided the path for you as you stepped across the water’s surface! Stepping out in faith without having the complete vision and details of our journey can be scary. It seems that we never have the complete picture, but the Universe apparently wants us to take action, even if imperfect! Thanks again Rajpal!

  131. Peaches


    I had a dream that I was holding an emerald green big turtle. The biggest I have ever seen by far. I was holding it in my arms and felt protective of it, to the point that I was even mocked by all my family surrounding me, asking if I was really sure I’d keep it at home with me. Even my pet dogs were there in my dream and were barking at the turtle. The turtle was really friendly and looked like it was comfortable resting in my arms – I felt sad thinking I would abandon it. After a few minutes of holding it and hearing the arguments of my family, I decided to keep it, i didn’t tell anyone of my decision but in my heart it felt that was the right thing to do. And when I had made that decision, I felt peace in my heart, something I have not experienced for awhile and somehow I felt strength I never knew I had. And then my dream ended. Hope I would be able to know what this dream means.

    • Thank you Peaches for sharing your dream. As with all dreams, there can be many levels of symbolic meaning to them. To me (and this is only my impression), the “emerald green big turtle” represents either a fetus (baby) that you’ve “decided to keep”…or it can be a deeply felt creative vision for your life that you’ve decided to keep, even against the arguments of your family. That you felt peace in your heart and “strength I never knew I had,” seems to indicate that it is a decision in alignment with your heart.

  132. Katie

    I just woke up and I had this dream. A little baby turtle (but it was not so little, I just knew that it is a baby, or young turtle) just appeared in my room, I didnt know how it could get there and I was very supriced. It was very fast and running around my room. I wanted to slow it down, but it was very fast, but also curious – it also came to me, but also scared a little bit. Then it ran away from my room to the hall and then to the stairs and I ran to catch it, but I was slow and the turtle fell down from the stairs. I was very afraid what happenned to it and I was calling to my mum, that there is some turtle just fell from the stairs. But mosty because of its shell it was Ok. We took it and put its shell out to see if it has some injuries. Then we took it to balcony and I could finally greet it and get to know it, show her, that I am not dangerous. But it was suddenly not turtle, but duck without feather and it had very beautiful, woman nose instead of beak. Then we started to trust each other, i was rubbing it behind the ears. Thats the all dream 🙂 Im wondering, what could this mean?

    • Thanks Katie, for sharing your dream. The sense I get from your dream is similar to your impression, that “it is a baby…” The “stairs, room, hall, balcony…” can perhaps be symbolic of the womb, fallopian tubes, etc. Whether the “baby” is yours or from another woman I do not know, but it seems that the baby will be significant in your life…and it seems it will be a girl. Thanks again for sharing!

  133. Katie

    Thank you very much for very fast answer! Wow, I do not know what baby it could be. Lets see.. But very interesting explanation. Thank you ones more and have a beautiful day. 🙂

  134. Candace Matthews

    I dreamt I was swimming with two sea turtles. I was relaxed and happy. I would hold the back find as the one swam in front of me. Taking me deeper into the water. I felt that they we taking me somewhere leading me. I was so peaceful and ready to go as far as they would take me. Then I woke up it took me a minute to realize where I was. What do you think this dream meant?

    • Thanks Candace, for sharing your dream! I think your feelings are very significant in your dream: “relaxed and happy…so peaceful and ready to go as far as they would take me.” Sounds like a kind of surrender to the depths of your Being: “Taking me deeper into the water….”

      To me, these kinds of dream are quite auspicious, portending a deeper dive into the Grand Mystery of Being! Just take notice of what shows up around you in waking state (as well as in your dreams). Your heart will know how to “interpret” the significance of these things if you allow yourself to listen and relax (surrender) deeply! Most importantly, FEEL DEEPLY! Without judging or mentally evaluating.

  135. familyljmjo

    So Beautiful and Clear I am A picses and this is truly a spiritual reminder of message


  136. Amy

    Hi, last night I had a dream that I was walking on the street and a lot of black baby turtles were all around me, and some started crawling up my legs. I couldn’t walk anymore, because there were so many surrounding me. What do you think this means?


    • Thanks Amy, for sharing your dream! As I always do, I approach another person’s dream as though it were my own, as a way of tuning into the universal archetypes and energies that dream symbols represent. For me, I sense the “black baby turtles” as an amorphous, primal energy forms that are rising up from the unconscious. To me it would be important to consider how you felt during this particular dream: scared, content, neutral, happy, etc. For me, a bit of overwhelm comes up, as well as claustrophobia, feeling stuck, not able to move forward. In your waking, conscious thoughts, you can recreate your dream symbols and talk to them, ask them what they want, what they are doing and what lessons they may have for you. There is a lot to consider in this dream!

  137. Blandine


    I had a dream tonight with two turtles. It was the very first time for me seeing those in a dream. In this dream, I was actually giving food to what I remember to be pigeons. I was giving what seems to be seeds. Then, out of no-where I saw two turtles in the the pigeons crowd. As pigeons were pecking the seeds on the ground, one of the turtle came to me and naturally started to eat what I had in my hand, without me being forced to approach him first. It was just natural. And what I thought to be seeds in my hands suddenly became a sort of cauli-flower. I remember him, taking one or two bites. I don’t remember much about the second turtle, who stayed out of the “action”. And about the turtles, they weren’t like real turtles. They were more like animated one but in real life version. Also, before giving one food, I took one in my hand and that is when their form stroke me the most. They were of color light green. Their shell were also of the same color.

    So, if you could give me some insights of this dream, I would be eternally grateful. 😊
    Thanks a lot.

    • Thanks Blandine, for sharing your dream! The initial sense I get from your dream is a kind of relaxed scene in which you are “giving food,” the “seeds” of yourself, your energy (seeds) to the pigeons. The “pigeons” perhaps represent the people in your life that you help (feed). The “seeds” then became “a sort of cauliflower” which in certain dream interpretations represents the brain or money. That the turtles were of “light green” to me seems to represent money (also your energy seeds). It would seem that you have a “natural) flow of your energies/gifts/money that you are able to share/feed with others. Hope this helps! Thanks!

  138. Urhus

    I had a dream .. I was under water and I saw 2 turtle. one of the turtle is big and the other one is small then i caught them with net and as I was coming from under water I woke up from the dream.. please what does it mean . Hope to hear from you soon . Thanks

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  140. Brenda Priddy

    Hi! I had a dream last night that contained a turtle. This was the first time that I have knowingly had a dream about a turtle. In my dream I was traveling or going on a journey by walking. I looked down and realized I was standing on a medium sized brown turtle or tortoise that was actually doing the walking. I stepped off of it and asked it if it was ok. I realized it had a crack in the top of its shell and so I picked it up and began trying to figure out how to repair the crack so it would be ok. I told it that I would take care of it until it healed.
    Any ideas or insights into the meaning of this dream?

    Thank you!

    • Thanks Brendy, for sharing your dream! My first impression of your dream is that you (your unconscious/subconscious) is being “cracked” open. That you were also “traveling or going on a journey” also seems to indicate a major transformation/transition on the horizon of your life…also being guided or tuning into your deeper Self (the “turtle or tortoise….was actually doing the walking.” It would also seem that you are doing your part to “take care of [the crack] until it healed. Hope this helps! Thanks again!

  141. karen

    Hello. My dream; I was standing on the edge of a platform that met the sand, I was watching the ocean waves, not turbulent, then all of a sudden I looked down and it was like I was falling into a void and I saw a huge ocean wave crash over me. As the wave receded I was standing up, unhurt, and I saw hundreds of baby turtles in the ocean waves and I was covered in them. Then I looked to my left and I saw 3 beautiful white horses in the waves. I loved this dream, still see the ocean waves full of the little turtles and how they covered my body………….any idea what this could mean? And thank you so much if you take the time to reply.

    • Thanks for sharing your dream Karen! And sorry for this late reply. Beautiful dream! To me the ocean wave crashing on you are the higher frequency light waves that that are moving through the planet during this time. All is shifting on such a primal level (body, mind, soul) as represented by the the “3 beautiful white horses in the waves.” Also, to me, the “hundreds of baby turtles in the ocean waves” represent a kind of return of ancient wisdom and rebalancing of our relationships with Nature. Thanks again Karen!

  142. priya

    I had a dream like i was standing in a pond and playing with a turtle in it. It was a clear water pond. So peaceful, with no worries i was just scratching and rubbing its shell and belly.

  143. Schalk

    Today a turtle unexpected visit my home out of nowhere.I watched him not scarred of us just move around at his own pace.Later crawled into wire diamond type match and rest

  144. Zarah

    I had a dream this evening about baby turtles. I was walking in the beach while looking at the waves and listening to sound of it, inoticed that the water looked brown and felt sad about it. Then i came across a bucket with baby turtles inside. I picked them out and returned to the water happily. Im just wondering whats the meaning of it. I hope you have some ideas whats all about. Thank you.

    • Thanks Zarah, for sharing your dream! To me it would seem that something that is not clear to you (water looked brown), and that saddens you to the deepest layers of your feelings (water) is calling to you through the “baby turtles.” Perhaps something on a primal level of feelings is wanting to be freed, taken out of the narrow confines of your “bucket” to be let loose to express in the Ocean of your life?

  145. Bets Panara

    Your blog is so deep and full of meaning! I kind of found my answer in Achala’s dream but as the color of the turtle wasn’t talked about, I thought to get more insight.

    It felt like I had this dream before where somebody put an aquarium having four dark brown turtles (almost 1-1/2” size) in my room when I was sleeping, abandoning them, knowing I would take care of them. There seemed four, barely moving near the mini pond area, but I could visually see only three (fourth one was in the north east corner far from eye-sight). The glass box had fake plants but the water in the pond had dried out since long. It felt like the turtles were either dead or dying due to dehydration.

    I immediately got up and poured water in the miniature stone pool up to half. The sound of the water pouring immediately got two of them active. One on the north edge of it dived in immediately and struggled to get out too. The height was too much and by the time I thought of placing a rock inside for easy in and out access, he jumped out on the pond’s mossy stone wall to dive back in and out. The one on south of pool jumped in too. I was thinking of placing the third turtle (in the far west) near the water and that’s when I woke up satisfied knowing they were alive and so active.

    I would love to hear your interpretation of it. Thanks!

    • Thank you Bets! Beautiful dream! I’m wondering if you’re feeling any kind of inner stirring to remember some ancient ritual of healing? Perhaps an inner call to remember your ancient lineage? There is so much in your dream that points towards this, but what also comes up for me is a call to remember and listen/feel the ancient call…getting away from the “glass box..fake plants,” returning life to your primal creativity that is “dying due to dehydration.” Thanks again Bets! Seems that you are being called to completion (four)!

  146. Ashley

    I stumbled onto your site while looking for a meaning to my dream. You have great insight and I was wondering if you could help me. I had a dream a couple weeks ago and I remember It as if I dreamed it last night. In my dream it was a beautiful day. Sun shining through the trees and the wind blowing in my face. I remember the smell of the air crisp and clean. I felt happy and peaceful! I was walking barefoot with my sister in a very small crystal clear stream. It’s possible that it was a run off from a close by river. When we came to the end I turned around and saw myself holding a sea turtle. I asked my sister where her turtle was. She responded by saying “It’ll catch up.” It felt like we had a turtle race going on. I was about to tell her to go get it because I didn’t want to wait that long. Within a blink of an eye Her turtle was there at her feet. It was a turtle smaller than mine but it was smooth black. Possible a mud or snapping turtle. I felt startled at it’s speed. I felt like it was sneaky and evil. That’s when I “woke” up. My sister has been going through addiction and mental instability and I have been dealing with a lot of stress and a difficult time balancing my responsibilities and work load. I just wanted to know what you think my dream is trying to tell me.

    • Ashley

      I’d like to add that when her turtle appeared it felt like she had a type of dark magical energy circling her. I could see her hair blowing in the direction of the wind but I couldn’t see the power. I could only feel it. It was really powerful.

      • Thanks Ashley! Very powerful dream! A lot of symbolism here, but what caught my attention was the “dark magical energy circling her. (your sister)” You also mentioned that her turtle was “sneaky and evil.” I can only speak from my own experience and perspective.

        The realms of of entities, dark magic, sorcery can be extremely powerful, sticky, alluring and seductive. I believe that those who suffer from addictions and mental instability are oftentimes “corded” by entities, some powerful and some not so powerful.

        It is important that you do whatever you can to protect your energy field from these intrusions. Call in your angelic protectors, Higher Self, etc. Do rituals, meditations, “smudge” yourself and do prayers for protection. You can do the same for your sister, but it is important to keep yourself clear of toxic and sticky energies. Trust your heart and voice of love/compassion. It is connected to higher dimensions. It just requires listening deeply, feeling deeply…with sensitivity to subtle vibrations/feelings…and with mental/emotional neutrality. In this way you will be guided!

  147. I just had a dream that left me quite shaken…at first I had a snake on me and I was wanting it to get off of me…only to turn around and see some small animals fighting. I went to break up the fight and found that someone had driven nails into one of my mother’s turtles and I was trying to pull them out of it’s shell….I remember pulling out 4 nails but there were more left before I awoke….needless to say my head is pounding …

    • Thanks for sharing your dream Jennifer! Very intense indeed! It seems to me that interpreting the dream is not as important at this time as doing rituals and prayers for Divine protection, morning, evening and many times during the day. Call upon your Angelic Guides, Higher Self, in whatever forms are most in alignment with your temperament.

      Take notice of your environment, including all the things, people, etc. Clean? Energetically clean?

      Take notice of the subtleties of your thoughts and feelings through the day. It is important to listen and feel deeply!

      Do not get sucked into toxic entanglements! Break especially the habit patterns that feel toxic, that do not serve your highest calling. It may not be so easy, but if you listen deeply you will always be offered a direction. Listen and feel deeply! Sending Love!

  148. I recently had a dream that my single red eared slider had lots of babies, & I kept trying to save them from my cat & other animals, I kept putting the babies which were all different sizes into things & they kept getting out , I would find one walking across the floor here & there, I finally got one of my big white bowls with water in it to put them all in, one bit my right pointer finger and I remember in my dream it took skin off, I remember getting them all in the bowl & they would be trying and getting out, & another ( or the same one) bit me again in the same spot in my right pointer finger, I just remember thinking in my dream, how did she have all these babies with no other turtle??? And just trying to get them together so they would all be ok, and they were all different sizes, I mainly remember the one biting me and taking off skin, & trying to get them all in the same bowl & still some getting out here & there.

    • Thank you Tonya, for sharing your dream! I’m wondering if perhaps there might be a power/authority issue (getting bitten on your index finger) going on in your day-to-day? Or, what does your pointing finger represent to you? Your “pathway?” Judgments?

      Seems like there could be a lot of creativity happening in your life and getting all the turtles (ideas, energies ) all together and going in the same direction (pointer finger) is challenging?

  149. I just had a dream of a large turtle walking along the road outside our home. When I saw the turtle I called my 4year old daughter, who was standing along the road with her baby sister. She likes animals, she immediately ran towards it and was bitten on the head. I hurriedly took her away and saw that her right eye was also affected. It seemed that she was bleeding behind the eye because of the impact of the bite, this got me panicking. She could lose her sight if I won’t intervene. I am a doctor and I know what to do, but I suddenly felt that I am just dreaming. I asked my aunt if this is just a dream and she started yelling at me.. so I took my daughter and ran to the hospital on foot. Our hospital is located just near the house. Then I woke up.

    What terrifies me is that I also had a dream about 2 weeks ago that both of my daughter’s feet were fractured and she was crying. Being a mother having dreams like these terrifies me! Any help on this will be much appreciated. Thank you!

    • Thanks for sharing your dream, Teenperez! Very understandable that having such dreams would be terrifying! Here are my thoughts; and I can only reflect from my own experience and understanding as if your dream was my dream, as they come forth from the unconscious and use the language of archetypal energies.

      In my experience with terrifying dreams where either I or someone close to me were injured/killed, in most cases the dreams did not come true as in the dream. However, in many cases, the dreams were trying to get my attention nudging me to look at or consider certain areas of my life.

      Having turtle in your dreams indicates to me some very primal energies that are bubbling up to get your attention. Perhaps it can be a warning for you to look into the condition of your daughter’s eyes, feet, etc. –and it can’t hurt to do so…but most likely she represents an aspect of yourself (the inner child) that is calling you to protect and nurture?

      I would suggest that you take some time to tune into and ask that child (in your dream) what it wants and needs. I do this all the time whenever I have scary recurring dreams. I sit with the feelings that come up and then ask the dream characters what they want and need…along with any wisdom they can impart. I always write these out and give thanks to the inner wisdom.

      It is important to go deeply with this, as in a meditation…to feel deeply and allow the nuances of thoughts and feelings to be expressed…without judgement! You would be surprised at what can be revealed through this practice!

  150. Lang

    I dreamt of one dead turtle which seems empty with no eyes as it can be lightly lifted as I try to walk past it which was lying on an elevated wooden crate that’s at my waistline..then I continue to detour past and avoid puddles of blood on the ground which does not know its origin…I feel really affected by this dream which woke me up and I came across this website if you can help here..thanks

    • Thanks for sharing your dream Lang! I believe our dreams to be ways for our subconscious and unconscious to relay information to us that may otherwise get covered up by our strong focus on our narrow intellect.

      I believe “Dead turtle…with no eyes” represents what we’ve done to ourselves and to Planet Earth. As human inhabitants of Earth, we all share in the degradation of our bodies and environments that has occurred when we’ve consciously or unconsciously cut off our connection with Spirit. In a sense, we’ve all become the “dead turtle…with no eyes.”

      I also believe your dream to be a calling for you to take notice of where you are in connection with your creative/intuitive energies, with Spirit! Perhaps it’s a calling for you to revive, bring back to life and open the eyes of your intuitive connection with your Primal Life Force!

      • Lang

        Thanks Bruce for your insights. I am actually feeling very drained in life but seems not able to get out of this vicious circle. My long hrs almost everyday at work with several hrs of sleep is taking a toil out of me, however I am not sure what else to do except repeating the cycle day to day. I am a hard core, persistent and almost perfectionist workaholic at close to 40 and single, at middle management, working for survival like any others, however feels really empty. Having someone I really like but cannot pursue as I don’t really have faith in relationship and although yearn for one but yet also likes to stay as a hermit, contradicting and incomprehensible being. Does the dream hint to me that it is time to stay in touch with life and stop avoiding and come to terms with myself??

      • Thanks Lang, sorry for this late reply! My heart goes out to you, as I know life can be a tough road to navigate while feeling drained and caught in a vicious circle! I do believe your dreams are giving you valuable information…and you’re spot on that it is “time to stay in touch with life and stop avoiding and come to terms with yourself!”

        In my own experience (and in the lives of so many others that I know), when it came time for me to make major life-changing decisions, my resistance created situations that made life intolerable to remain static (status quo). The challenge was that during the time, I felt trapped, unable to clearly see my way out. I realize now that in difficult situations, we are usually not given clear instructions, step-by-step guidance. For me it was a matter of taking imperfect actions, even before I felt ready, moving forward…daily!

        It seems that the path gets clearer and clearer as we step out in faith, even before we feel ready. I know that if I waited until I had a clear/safe plan before acting, I would still be waiting for that perfect time to change/act!

  151. Poppy

    I am fascinated with your posts a replies and enjoy reading them. I have always felt my dreams were more like visions as so many have come true in my life and the truly bizarre ones are the ones that years later I realize they were more like premonitions.
    When I was about 6 I once dreampt of watching a young girl of about 13 as if I was spying thru her past a fish tank and I only saw a blurred vision of her as she watched tv on the floor of a living room I had never been in. I remember being jealous that she was up late and able to watch whatever she wanted.
    It was about 7 years later that I got the creepiest feeling that someone was watching me … As I lay on my floor of my mother’s apartment; behind me a fish tank that sat on the sofa table behind the couch. It actually scared me.
    I always had such vivid dreams of spying into homes and jumping from house to house as if I was superhuman and fearless but that all stopped as I grew up.

    • Thank you Poppy! I’m glad you enjoyed my posts! Thanks also for sharing your dream experiences. It seems you’ve been blessed with some intuitive gifts that have gotten covered over through the years. I can imagine that they are still there, waiting for you to reconnect with them. Do you keep a dream journal? I believe our dreams are ways for our unconscious/subconscious to communicate with us. They can sometimes give us guidance, but oftentimes in ways that our intellect may not understand…so it is important to feel deeply into them.

  152. Aishwarya Sharma

    I have seen dreams of (sea)turtles four times(on different days) . The first time I saw it, I saved the turtle from people trying to kill it (and it was the last turtle in the world in that dream). At that time its size was really small, almost the size of my palm. The second time I saw it, it lead me to a place where it lived(I was holding it with both hands as it had increased in size),it was a freshwater pond and it told me that it lives there and rules it, and had showed me its residence. It seemed as if that turtle wanted to tell me every secret he had but couldn’t do so (I was talking to me and seemed anxious). The third time I went to look for it in that pond but couldn’t find it. I was really worried at that time. And the fourth time, there were four red coloured turtles. Their size was three times the size of a six feet man. They were near an area of waterfall. I was watching them from a cliff just opposite the waterfall and they were swimming upwards. And this time also I felt that they wanted to tell me something but didn’t because of the presence of other people there. What does this mean? And why is their size increasing each time?

    • Thank you Aishwarya, for sharing your dream! Lots to consider here, but what comes up for me is that you are connecting with the collective/archetypal energies building up on the planet at this time. There is always a personal element involved, but to me, turtle energy has deeply primordial, collective symbolism.

      Symbolically, in healing yourself you also help to heal the world. In your dream, you “saved the turtle from people trying to kill it.” It was also “the last turtle in the world.” With each dream, the turtle got larger.

      Some of my thoughts: In your fourth dream, the turtles were near a “waterfall.” To me this represents your astral spine. The turtles were “swimming upwards,” meaning your consciousness is moving up the spine. Red represents the base chakra at the bottom of the spine. The number four represents humankind and the Earth, swimming/ascending into the higher dimensions, higher frequencies of Spirit.

      You also felt that they wanted to “tell” you something but didn’t because of the “presence of other people there.” To me this represents that you will not receive the deeper wisdom/teachings from people, but rather from your own attunement with the subtle realms.

      Thanks again Aishwarya! Beautiful dream!

  153. Takeia young

    I learned a lot from this article thanks!I had a dream last night about a fish tank with dirty water.there where small orange fish swimming in it and baby turtles at the.bottom of the tank.my husband ended up standing with me.i said wow!are those fish and turtles?!he said,”yes”.there was no more fish food so I saw leftover chicken,ripped it up and feed it to the fish and turtles.what does That mean??

    • Thanks Takeia, for sharing your dream! As with any dream, there are many layers to any dream symbols. The “fish tank with dirty water” can represent the lower abdomen, stomach, sacral areas of the body. This came up for me when considering that your dream included feeding “leftover chickens” to the fish and turtles.

      I don’t know if you’re planning to have a baby with your husband, but the “fish tank” with “small orange fish” might also represent the womb. The “orange fish” represents the sacral/sexual area of the body.

      Perhaps the dream is calling you to “feed” your creativity, the “fish and turtles” that swim in the “fish tank” of your unconscious. Or, it can be telling you to clean up your diet/health and make clean the “dirty water” of your stomach/intestines, etc. I believe only you can get a sense of what the dream is calling you towards. You’ll get a clue by tuning into the feelings that came up for you during the dream. One of openness or one of contraction?

  154. Kylie B

    Loved reading this article!
    I dreamt the other night of being on my grandmas property, walking outside and seeing a big turtle just lying on the ground. To the side was my grandmas red car which must of hit the turtle because a big chunk of the turtle shell was indented in the cars hood. The turtle was hostile and was attacking my grandma like bitting her neck. I ran inside and watched through the window but my aunt told me to go help her. I was pacing and debating but went out to stop the hostility then it all ended.
    I have a great relationship with my grandmother but do have my own frustrations I don’t express, and learning to let it out.

    • Thanks Kylie for sharing your dream! Some thoughts/recommendations: meditate and then journal about this. Ask turtle spirit/energy what it is wanting/needing at this time. When I journal, I ask questions and then write without editing, judging…going into a kind of “stream of consciousness” where at some point, the body/mind/feelings go into a deep state of relaxation and peace and then thoughts/feelings can be expressed effortlessly. This takes just a little bit of practice/play.

      When you get enough facility with this, you’ll know and become more and more familiar with that “inner space” and will recognize that you are in touch with what to me feels sacred. I think you already have insight about your dream from what you’ve written about your “own frustrations” towards with your grandmother and “learning to let it out.” Perhaps something about letting yourself express feelings.

      Thanks again Kylie!

  155. Gianna Mangione-Magyar

    I had a dream yesterday I was sitting in the drivers side of my truck, the door open me facing out of the truck. There was an intersection in the background. Theis flock of different colored and species of birds were floating near me. They were light colors of blush and white and beige, they were doves, sparrows and a few others that i did not recognize. There must have been more than 6 of them…. I whistled to them to call them closer and one turned to me and was actually a sea turtle. Her skin was whitish with pink undertones and her shell was different neon colors of pinks, oranges, blues, and purples…like a sunset. I reached out to her and embraced her drawing her to me then kissed her and set her back into her formation. In my dream I felt blessed. Then I woke up…
    I tend to have very vibrant dreams and can recall them most of the time, but I never dreamt of birds in this way nor ever a turtle. This made search for meanings and most said the birds are peace happiness… but the turtle was harder to figure out…I am sure the vibrant colors mean something but there is no mention of it in any of the sites I searched. What are you thoughts?

    • Thanks Gianna, for sharing your dream! To me the overall “meaning” of your dream seems to be summed up by your having “felt blessed.” That you dreamt of the “flock of different colored and species of birds…floating near me” is significant. They were in water? Ocean? To me, the element of water (ocean) represents the primordial “soup” of Spirit, whence all things come forth. The birds (of the air element), as well as the “light colors of blush and white and beige” represents higher frequency/vibration of Spirit, connected with Crown/Spiritual Eye area.

      Now, to me the Turtle represents more of the Earth frequencies, connected with the lower energetic centers of the spine (coccyx, sacral, lumbar)…Primal creative energies. That you were in the “driver’s seat” of your truck seems you are perhaps connecting with and “driving” creative energies that wish to be manifested in your life at this time. Thanks again, Gianna! Hope this helps!

  156. luna

    Had a dream last nigh that a was been served a “cooked turtle”. I held its warm (not hot) body and it was alive! I felt a little scared, disgusted and confuse… then someone grabbed his/her head and decapitated the poor thing… the head stretched to bite my left hand to suck my “bad blood”… it was at that point I realized it was to help me heal from something… uhmmmm..I have been dealing with some blood abnormalities recently…

    • Thanks for sharing your dream, Luna. In my approach with dreams, the feelings that come up are significant. To me, it seems a natural reaction on your part that you “felt a little scared, disgusted and confuse(d)” when served a “cooked turtle” that was “warm” and that it was still “alive!” I would certainly have felt the same things.

      Now I would be curious about who that “someone” in your dream was that “grabbed his/her head and decapitated the poor thing…” Perhaps in understanding what the “someone” represents in your dream might shed light on your “blood abnormalities” that you’ve been dealing with?

      I often engage in written dialog with dream archetypes that show up in my dreams, using dominant/non-dominant form of writing. I ask questions with my right (dominant) hand and write out what comes up with my left (non-dominant) hand. I get a lot of insight using this form of writing.

      Thanks again Luna!

  157. kate de wolf

    I had a dream last night that I found turtles in the ground, lots of medium sized ones and a big one. I was amazed by how beautiful they were, initially not sure what they were, and started picking them up, and in doing so realised they were turtles, and they awoke and started coming out of their shells and were all fine and healthy. I was a bit surprised that I hadn’t injured any when I dug, it was then that I realised I must have been digging and uncovered them.
    any thoughts…?
    I also recall something about my left hand and me holding it up, and there was some other completely different dream but alas I cant recall it…:-(

    • Thanks Kate, for sharing your dream! The sense I “get” from your dream is that your primal, creative energies, long-hidden until now (as represented by the turtles “coming out of their shells) are beginning to surface (uncovered) in your life. That you were “amazed by how beautiful they were” and that they were “all fine and healthy” suggests that you can rest assured that it is your time to receive and step into your creative power.

      Also, that you held up in your “left hand” what you “uncovered” seems to be a process connected more with your “intuitive” nature (non-dominant left hand, if you’re right-handed).

      Thanks again, Kate!

  158. Milly

    I had a dream last night that I was watching three turtles on the sand. There was a mother turtle and two small turtles following behind the mother turtle.
    They were walking in the formation of a triangle. Like the mother in the middle and the two last turtles behind. if that explains it.

    Around December 2018, I had my first dream that I was watching many big tortoises (multiple) swimming in an aquarium and in order to see them I had to walk down a ramp and I was very excited to show people the tortoises were swimming in the water/aquarium.

    Please let me know, yours thoughts.

    Thank you!

    • Thanks Milly, for sharing your dream! The approach that I use in interpreting another person’s dream is to consider the archetypes involved and to feel into the dream as though it were my own…and so the “interpretation” will be skewed towards the meanings that make sense to me.

      For me, “Turtle Energy,” as manifested in your “three turtles on the sand” dream can be a simple energetic representation of “Mother and two children” moving powerfully together (strength of the triangle) through time (sands). It would be up to you to ascribe meaning to all the iterations of what Mother and two children mean in your life.

      The “small turtles” could also represent the creative gifts that you are meant to “Mother,” to nurture.

      In your first dream in which you were “watching many big tortoises swimming in an aquarium” might perhaps be your primal gifts manifested and you were “excited” to show people.

      Hope this makes sense to you as well as stimulate your own connections with your dream!

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