Higher Self – Visit from Grandfather Hawk

Grandfather Hawk 1

Grandfather Hawk paid us a visit yesterday. The bare-bones story that would be told by my critical, analytical mind is this:

Yesterday, I went out for a jog during mid-afternoon. As I approached the lake, a lady waved me over. A Coopers Hawk was floundering in the water, unable to make its way out. The lady had dialed 911 to send someone from animal control to rescue the helpless creature. When the person from Animal Control arrived, she used a net to scoop out the unfortunate bird. Luckily, the sun was out and within an hours time, it was able to fly away.

My more imaginative, Higher Self speaks a different story, one that includes all the unspoken inner feelings that cannot be separated from any experience:

“Grandfather Hawk paid you a visit yesterday. The beautiful Lady of the Lake called to you that you might behold the messenger of the Earth Mother. Overcome by waters of sorrow brought on by those who care not for the creatures of Earth, Grandfather Hawk was almost swallowed up beneath the waves of disregard. And yet, the Lady of the Lake did not want to drown the voice of this most beautiful of creatures, for his song is of great and wondrous things! With hands of compassion, she lifted the winged messenger to safety. All Nature seemed to work in harmony to save this beautiful traveller of skies…the clouds parted to let Brother Sun shine in full warmth to dry the wings of Grandfather Hawk. And as he began to regain his strength, he started to sing the dance of the Ancestors, singing to all who would listen:

“It is time for you to receive the gifts that have been planned for you since the beginning…since the Moon first shone upon the dewdrop cycles of time…since the valleys were first forged from the tears of Brother Bear! Take up your wings and follow me to your home amongst the Ancient Ones! It is time…It is time!!!”

And then, off he flew…renewed by those who took the time to listen…who took the time to care.

Grandfather Hawk knows…

Special thanks to Melissa Iida, one of the beautiful “Ladies of the Lake,” who compassionately rescued the unfortunate hawk. She is a Community Services Officer with Animal Control. Thanks also to the other beautiful “Lady of the Lake” who contacted Animal Control (unfortunately I did not get her name).

Grandfather Hawk 3

Grandfather Hawk 2


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2 responses to “Higher Self – Visit from Grandfather Hawk

  1. VickyTS

    Whoa… I wonder, if there is a connection here between our positive paths. Recently I found that I was on a different route in my life.. What ever it is.. the result is going to be extremely positive. Thats what’s going on right now.

    I think this could be a message towards those who are trying to save this world. (if not, then I think this could be a sign somehow..)

    Anyway thats a incredible experience there..


  2. Yes, it was an incredible experience to be in close proximity to this magnificent creature. You can sense its sheer wildness and connection with the elements. It is also sad that most of the people passing by took not the slightest interest nor stopped long enough to partake in the wonder of what was being offered. Its too bad because when standing before such beauty and power, the mind is brought quickly to the moment and we get a glimpse of the magnificence within ourselves.

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