Conscious Dreams – Who are the Giants?



Dear Higher Self, who are the Giants?
We are like the rainbow that can be seen when the sun shines at a certain angle through the raindrops. And just like the rainbow, as you get too close, we disappear! Not really gone…just filtered out by the mind. If you look too hard and depend mostly upon your physical senses to detect us, we disappear altogether. We can be seen with your eyes but not in the way you might expect. You can be with us easily in dreams because your protective logical mind is not so much in the way and deciding what can and cannot be seen. In your waking state, we are sometimes right in front of you, but you may miss us because of not knowing how to see us. It is strange that sometimes the most obvious is the most difficult to see.

There are no “impossible” forms. We may be “Giants” to you but that term is relative as you may very well be “Giants” to smaller life forms. Your minds seem to want to gravitate towards what is comfortable and what “makes sense.” It wants to be able to identify and place all things in neat categories. For things it cannot wrap its mind around, it will either ignore or not allow. There are hundreds of books about the various life forms on your planet, and many forms are quite mysterious, especially the ones that roam the deepest parts of the ocean. Even on your earth plane, there is incredible variety of forms, an explosion of life! There is even evidence of giant creatures that walked the earth millions of years ago called “Dinosaurs.” What creative imagination came up with those forms?

Isn’t it funny that the mind will make ultimate, far-reaching judgment calls about whether or not something can or cannot exist according to the laws and boundaries of what is known on the narrow earthly dimension? Humans do not even know all that lives on the bottom of the ocean, let alone in the vastness of space. And so little attention is paid to the possibilities of “other” dimensions even though physicists are now talking about them.

Giants, fairies, ghosts, ETs, etc…In conscious dreams they are just as real as any “physical form” can be. Do they not “exist” because they are just phantoms of dreams?

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