Using Sound and Vibration to Propel Your Creative Vision Forward

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Sound and vibration are everywhere. Learn to tune into the different frequencies that correspond to the different body parts and chakras. Tuning into various frequencies, you will learn the qualities of each and also be able to project those frequencies into others for healing. Use the mind as an instrument to propel your creative vision forward!

Everything gives out sound, vibration and resonant fields that affects the environment. Tune into these fields and learn to feel and intuit the relative vibration of all things you place your attention upon. Let it be a way of tuning into the consciousness that can teach you the things you wish to understand. It flows not in linear fashion but as dynamic currents of resonant frequencies that can instruct and guide. In this room, for example, there are two individuals who appear to be ill and disheveled. It is quite noticeable that no one chooses to take any of the tables around them. The vibration seems to scream, “Stay away!” You remain on just the periphery that is somewhat tolerable, but it seems the vibration will soon drive you away.

Is there a way to change the vibration of the room?

Of course you already know that you have your own field that can change the relative “feel” of the room. Understand, though, that your intentions must always be based upon a loving desire to uplift, and not from a desire to manipulate and control. Also understand that your field must be strong enough to deflect any negative energy that may be in the environment.

Observe and just be. Calm the heart and mind and allow its innate power to send out waves of love and light. Your body and voice are like bells or gongs that can affect every atom in the room. Your hands and arms can also project waves of kinetic energy that can change and uplift any space you may find yourself in.

Call upon the angels to help you in your work. Learn to see and feel the petals of light that falls upon you and those around you as you consciously ask for this to be done. Let this light fall upon all, not limited by any phantoms of negativity that should appear in proximity.

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