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Turtle Medicine

Dear Higher Self, what are the patterns and archetyopes that are wishing to express now in my life?

Creative patterns can appear anywhere. Listen and feel for what is around you. There is such beauty. Observe the swirling mass of energies congealing and disintegrating in constant expression of light and sound!

All things will speak to you when you learn to unlock the mysteries of the creative patterns that surround you. There is never a time when this energy is away. Do not stop the process. Listen and learn. You can create at all times and in any place. Can you sense the dimensions that we speak of? The more you allow yourself to relax into the flow of the creative river, the more you will have access to what we speak of.

Move towards expansion. Do not go towards what you know to be stifling to the soul and that does not speak to your dreams. You are meant to fly! Release the heaviness of fear! Release and relax into your true nature. Create everyday! This you can do! Create and know that you are a divine manifestor of dreams! With your powerful mind you can tune into any nuance of thought and inspiration no matter how subtle or fine. Receive the most sublime aspects of creation. Allow yourself to receive and express the creative stream!

Do not hold back! Absorb the power that you feel within and send out the vibration of your prayers! Feel the swirling energies of the inner sound. Your journey need not be slow and step-by-step. Allow the momentum of what gains power within to move you forward into a different mindset and environment now! Allow the Universe to grant your noble dreams. It wants you to receive your heart’s desire.

Manifest now what you only believe takes time and much labor. The Universe creates easily and quickly when you know the laws of manifestation. Drop your narrow attachments to the body and your beliefs. Release the dream and awaken into the infinite sky of your Being. You are Infinite Consciousness! Receive this now.

You are constantly sending out waves of your thoughts and feelings that coalesce to create the environment that you live in. Again we say, “Create everyday!” Whether in areas of art, music, or writing, you must create everyday. The more you create, the more powerful the current of creative energy becomes. There will be no stopping the river. It will flow quickly and easily, in a torrent of inspiration. Step out of the way of what wishes to flow unimpeded. It is a powerful vibration that shatters all timidity and hesitation. Do now what you were born to do. Create now! Allow and relax into the flow of the powerful river! It will dissolve all barriers! Do not think yourself limited in any way. You are like the Sun in its fiery course across the sky of creation; and yet also like the Moon that floats quietly in dark skies of tranquil beauty!

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