Creative Inspiration – Listening on the Inside

Runaway Monk

It’s good to start the day by sitting quietly for awhile, just listening on the inside, silently observing any thoughts and feelings that may arise. As you listen, you will find that there is a background sound or vibration. Let it mix with the vibrations felt in the body. It might be high pitched or low, it doesn’t matter, just listen and immerse yourself in the stream of its sound. As you continue to listen, allow yourself to go into deep relaxation, keeping the mind focused on the sound without creating any thoughts around it. You will find deeper and deeper levels of subtle vibrations that the mind will want to interpret as being something it is familiar with, such as the sound of the ocean, or “running water” or flutes, or even the singing of angels. That is ok, the mind is just doing what it always does, making sense of things and wanting to categorize. The important point is to allow yourself to expand and move with the inner sound. You may begin to hear musical chords that go on and on with infinite texture and progression. When you are in this deep state of relaxation, it is then easy to create, to immerse yourself in the creative stream. You will then understand that your creativity is boundless.

It is easy to sit like this upon awakening in the morning. The body is rested and the mind is usually calm. At first the mind may fight and want to get up and move around, but with even a little bit of practice, you will see how wonderful it is to take time to listen and feel on the inside, and just hang out with your “Higher Self.”

Just now, there was an earthquake, need to get out. Wow! Hope everyone is ok. It lasted quite a while. Bye for now!

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