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Just start writing, without mental editing, allowing the energy within to flow in a steady stream, like a river flowing smoothly to the ocean. When you feel like you can go no further in your writing, draw something. It doesn’t have to fit anyone’s idea of what art is “supposed” to be. Allow energy to express in whatever ways it wishes to. Get out of the way! Move from one medium to another and express according to the attunement you have with the inner voice of creativity.

When you draw or scribble, it is sometimes good to use a pen so there is less likelihood to erase what you may not like. Again, the idea is to get out of the way and let energy express. It is for your eyes only to learn from. However, you may get to a point where your “creations” take the form that you would like to share with others, because it is an expression of your energy that speaks of something that may be of interest or value to others.

I include here some of the “drawings” that I did in my “writing” journal. Most of what I write is with my non-dominant hand. I write out questions to myself with my dominant right hand and then answer with my non-dominant left hand. This helps me to detach from any habit that might be there to censor any thought that may not seem logical.

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 As I write, certain symbols may come to mind that I can then explore more deeply. If I feel in any way stuck or if there is a feeling of sleepiness or boredom, I may start drawing or do mindmapping, just free form associations and stream of consciousness practice. When it’s time to stop, I just know when that time comes.

Symbols, animal totems and archetypes often make themselves shown through my scribbles and drawings. When that happens, I just ask questions of them. These forms seem to have consciousness that can then be accessed by deep listening and feeling.

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