Creative Inspiration – What to do When Feeling Stuck

Dear Higher Self, sometimes I get to a point where I feel stuck in my writings, devoid of inspiration, not knowing what direction to pursue.

If you ever feel stuck in your writings or any creative endeavor, take a pen and just start drawing quickly and calmly without mentally editing what you draw. The idea is to move energy, to let the pen in hand flow across the paper. Draw what you like to draw, or just scribble without judging the form. This is about getting outside of the linear, logical mind and allowing for the possibility that we are connected with an energy source that is boundless and tireless.

Look at what you draw (or scribble). They open up certain realms and dimensions for you to explore. What you put on paper is an expression of your energy and it can help trigger thoughts and feelings to help give power and manifestation to your dreams.

Gaze calmly and deeply into your drawings. Allow the shapes and forms to coalesce into visions of what you pray for. Do not ignore the impressions that may arise.

You wish to expand your sound healing practice to larger groups. See yourself meeting with groups of individuals in a setting that is what you want to experience. Hold the vision of how you want to feel and then gaze into the drawings you have created. You can also do this while gazing into a fire or the ocean, waterfall or fountain. The idea is to merge yourself into the vision of what you want. Create within what you wish to manifest outwardly.

Move energy with intention and then release with the knowing that what you form with powerful intention will manifest. Believe and know that this is happening now. Every breath you take, every wave of the hand has power to project tremendous amounts of energy. Use this knowledge to create, to manifest your dreams. As you build cloud castles in the sky with your imagination, so you congeal energy into manifestation as you focus powerfully upon your vision


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  1. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  2. Thanks, Maximus

    Will continue to write more on this topic as it is key to tapping into the deepest layers of what wishes to be expressed and born through us. The process also brings up some of the darkest parts of ourselves that we may oftentimes not want to look at…and yet these things can be powerful movers of creative energy…

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