Creative Inspiration – Accessing the Dream State

Wild Man

As you learn to keep your attention centered more and more in the moment, greater access to conscious dream states will occur. Observe the symbols and subtle thoughts and feelings that occur as you drift off. You will then find it easier to remain aware of your dreams and will be able to communicate in a meaningful way with your dream characters and symbols.

Feel the overall state of your consciousness from moment to moment. In this way you will access different parts of your brain and develop greater capabilities and skills. Do this regularly and become familiar with the feel of the deepest states of consciousness.

Any state of consciousness exhibits a signature pattern that can be cognized inwardly and communicated with. There is no need to remain on one level of awareness that is buffeted by laws of cause and effect, that keeps the mind captive in a narrow spectrum of possibilities. Use detached awareness to free yourselves from mental bondage. Break out of the straight jacket of narrowness and one-dimensional thinking!

You can pick up on the creative anywhere and at any time. There is no time element involved. You can plug into the current and drink freely of its waters. Breathe in deeply, exhale and relax into the center of your power and merge with the inspiration that expresses in infinite ways. Any avenue you wish to explore is open to you. Just get out of the way! What area of mystery do you wish to explore? What wisdom or knowledge do you wish to imbibe? It is all there for you.

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