Creative Inspiration – Beyond the Intellect

It doesn’t matter that your mind gets stuck, or that you’re unable to write in steady streams of inspiration. When you depend only on the intellect to express creatively, a time may come when you may feel a blockage. Do not think that inspiration has been completely spent. Do you know that you can give voice to all things in your inner and outer environments and learn the language of creatures, stones and trees? There is no separation from these aspects of your Self.

All things have a voice! But do not expect a conversation in the same way that you might have with other human beings, or with creatures and stones. And the language of the stars and moon will surely be different from the language of the flowers and trees. But know that the consciousness of all is borrowed from the One Source.

As you write and come to a point where you cannot go any further, you can tap into a different vein of inspiration. In this way, your creativity can be a continuous flowing of energy. When you focus upon a different aspect of your Self or the environment, a different vibratory center is accessed which has a particular state of resonance. Each center has a unique consciousness that expresses in different ways. For example, the music you hear has a certain rhythm and sound that conveys a certain consciousness. Feel this now. It is also interacting with the environment—the light, colors, people, etc. Feel how this is all dancing within. Can you feel how deeply it goes? Follow the trail to your center, where the preoccupations of superficial thoughts fall away, allowing for the expression of the Higher Self to manifest.

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