Creative Inspiration – The Divine Artist

When you are in the consciousness of your true nature, there is not even a hairbreadth of distance between you and creative inspiration. It is closer to you than breath and heartbeat. The magnificence of the stars and moon on a clear night can only dimly speak of the unimagineable power that is behind the universe of the Divine Artist. In every instant and in every breath the song of the Divine is singing its song of Love and Beauty.

Breathe-in the moment, breathe-in the Infinite Beauty. Whatever you wish to name or call the Divine Intelligence is but a mental construct of what cannot be fully grasped. It breathes in the sublime moment, and the moment is All. It cannot be added to, and yet the Infinite Song goes on it its play of creating universes upon universes!

Can you feel how it works? It flows of itself. All that is necessary is for you to step aside and allow yourself to receive the avalanche of blessings that come in torrents to wash away all doubts and fears. Allow! Do not stop the process or impede the flow of the river of song that wishes to carry you on its wave of creation. It flows in ever-expanding ripples of harmonies that can be used to break down all walls of resistance.

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