Places Beyond the Mind

There are places of mind so far beyond the range of the physical senses that in order to experience or get an idea of what is involved, the mind would have to be prepared for a totally different way of thinking, beyond the present capacity of the mind to grasp. The hard shell of body and physical sense identification keeps you confined to a narrow band of existence. Break that shell and experience the freedom you long for. Freedom is yours! Do not deny the gifts that are being offered. Receive!

The world seems to be a constantly repeating loop of worries and fight. Get off of the merry-go-round and stop torturing yourself with the recurring nightmare of limitation and lack. Receive now the gifts of freedom. Look beneath the waves of distractions, beneath the surface of worries and sadness. Go beneath the waves! You are not the frustrations that you bind yourself to. Release them and gather up the power that is your true inheritance.

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