Accessing Higher Creativity

Can you feel all the energies in your environment? They swirl and play and create resonance that can be felt as a particular state of consciousness. Can you feel the subtlety of thoughts, especially the ones on the farthest periphery of your consciousness? Watch the breath. Observe the levels of awareness that are connected to the different types of breathing patterns.

Sometimes it feels I’m not connecting with the creative energies inside. Why is this? I sit and nothing seems to want to express.

The energy is always wanting to flow and express creatively. When it runs into a blockage of fear or doubt, there is no way for it to express. The levels of creative inspiration are infinite. The mind and consciousness must be allowed to sink into deeper levels of relaxation and trance. You already know many ways to do this. Drumming, chanting, meditation, listening to music….These are just a few of the ways to access deep layers of the creative plane. In the deepest states there is no separation from inspiration. You can access the storehouse of incredible manifestation. Allow and receive! Feel what is dancing upon the stage of your creative dreams. So much is missed because of attachment to what is familiar and known. There is so much beyond the periphery of your known world if you would only allow yourself access to what is already within yourself to embrace and feel.

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