Accessing Your Higher Self – Dropping to Your Center

Dear Higher Self, please tell me something about your world.

We are in-between worlds so to speak, somewhere between ocean and sky. We are always with you but humans rarely catch glimpses of us. We are not easy to see except when you allow yourselves an opening to receive. We don’t sense the world as you do. We ride upon waves of color and feeling, light and sound. We take form only that you can relate to us. Otherwise, you lose us in the gaudy lights of worldly troubles. It’s somewhat difficult to talk as words are limited. We communicate mainly through dreams and symbols, when you are half asleep, when barriers of the logical mind are less able to prevent you from experiencing us.

Drop to your center and allow us to speak. Observe what comes to you. A flood of symbols and impressions flow. See into the patterns of what you desire, what you feel. Sense all that surrounds you in the vibratory worlds of sound, lights, music, dreams and fleeting thoughts. See deeply into these patterns and linger not on the periphery. What percolates up to your consciousness comes to you from realms beyond normal access of logic and reason. So much is pushing outwards, and yet in order for these forces to gain channels to express, your sensitivity to these energies must go inwards, following pathways inside that require fine sensitivity.

Listen and receive! There is an ocean of light that pours upon you when you are at your center, when you drop the attachments that keep you a captive of limitation. Open and receive! There is no end to what flows within and wishes to give. There are no limits! It is like music that flows like a gentle river bathing you in power and beauty. And it moves in a flood of cosmic light, drowning your little self, sweeping away all impediments that hide the beautiful face of what you have sought for eons.

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  1. David C

    What a wonderful little gem!

    I find that going through the motions of daily life often gets me so stuck in my conscious mind that I need to take time off every day to remember to silence it and give my intuition and spiritual guidance a chance to speak.

    One particularly helpful trick I learned from this article:

    Was that if you let go of the notion that you and your Higher Self are separate, it makes it easier for you to hear your higher self. At least that’s the way it works for me.

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