The Great Alchemist, Love – An Answer for World Peace

Dear Higher Self, there is such warfare, anger and hate on this planet! What can we as individuals do to help alleviate this?

It takes each individual to ask themselves this question and we thank you for asking.

Although it takes every individual to work together to bring about global peace, each individual has world-shaking power to catapault all nations towards a higher consciousness of nonviolence. Do not underestimate your power to move the hearts of nations towards this understanding!

As you learn to drop to your center
where the little self falls away, you will feel your connection to all hearts; and with the understanding of that connection, you will also know how to project your love into hearts now burdened by anger, sorrow and hatred.

The vibration of beauty as experienced in Nature has the power to permeate the hearts of those open to its light. Those who are closed off to that light have locked themselves into their own self-created prisons. And yet from their prisons they are still able to send out missiles of hatred that destroy lives and maim bodies, perpetuating hatred and anger in the lives of people around the globe.

The power of hatred and its explosive power are not more powerful than Love. Souls encased in their prisons of anger send out bombs of hatred. Lovers of the Great Spirit can also send out missiles that can break down the thickest walls of anger and hatred. It can even shoot down missiles of hatred from the skies!

If you realize the power of love to accomplish this, then your power as an individual is manifested in a divine way. The problem usually is in believing in your own power to do so. It is divine power borrowed from God. Love is not weak. It can answer anger and hatred blow for blow, not with force and brute strength, but through its transforming power. Love is the Great Alchemist, transforming dark hatred and delusions of separateness into the beatific experience that we are all of One Consciousness, brothers and sisters of One Light, separated for only a short time by dreams of sorrow.

Love is usually thought of as being a weak response to hatred, a turning of the other cheek. It can be that, but it is also strong enough to prevent harm! The forgiveness of Love is powerful, and Loves’ power to prevent bodily damage is practical. Both are necessary. It just takes individuals—one by one—to awaken from the dream nightmare of separation. And—one by one—as you help to awaken others from their dreams of suffering, it is not a far step towards the global awakening wherein the nightmare of war and anger fall away quickly, sloughed and cast aside like heavy blankets no longer needed.


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2 responses to “The Great Alchemist, Love – An Answer for World Peace

  1. VickyTS

    I agree and understand with what you have said here in this post..
    Although, I want to ask.. do you think that if the world knew the truth to why everything exists will the world find peace?

    I believe that love is the reason to why we all exist on this world and to why everything else exists as it stands. I see the the risk that we all maybe are at.

    Is that if humanity continues to destory mother nature, not only will we be extinct, but every other living creature, plant, organism will die; so the result is that the world will be a lifeless place that continously burns like hell. (because of the increase of CO2 will cause more Co2 to be released, and therefore the world’s temperature would increase like wild fire) Not only that, the result can not be reversed.

    I also want to ask.. do you know anyone else that knows what I just said to you and that wants to spread the word about the truth? I want to start a community or a group somehow that could maybe plan a way to spread the word and help make everyone realize whats at stake here, and what needs to be done to prevent it..

    Because I think if the world doesn’t change soon.. then everything dies here.. and there’s no turning back.

    Will you please help me? I’d be honoured and grateful if you could..


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