Accessing Your Higher Self – the Creative River

Drop into the stream of the Creative River. Let the little self dissolve and allow the real to emerge. Your life is connected to universal currents that have no limitations. Feel the connection with Mother Earth. You are not separate! Do not let beliefs and thoughts of limitation keep you locked in a small room of wants. Take up your wings and fly! Drop the hold upon little baubles of smallness. There are no limits to what can be accomplished if you only realized the connection you have with the angelic beings that help and guide all along the way. Such power and blessings are with you!

If you feel disconnected from this power, drop for a few moments your hold upon thoughts; go deeply where they no longer hold sway. Listen and feel and then allow them to dissolve. Breathe deeply and stay in peace where thoughts no longer distract or hold you captive. Let peace spread throughout your Being. Allow yourself to rest in the embrace of deep joy where thoughts are no more. It is possible to do this. Just drop to your center! Feel your connection to the depth of silence. Be in silence where Love resides. Absorb and feel the environment, but do not hold on to it. Go deeply where thoughts percolate. Just watch! If you stay at your center and observe thoughts with detachment, your connection with the base of creativity will be strong, and the ability to attract to yourself all things will arise.

The dream of struggle and lack is falling away.
It will be a distant memory. When you are able to stay at your center, patterns of energy will coalesce to uphold and support you. What you struggle and fight for now will no longer be apart from you. The things you fight for requires so much struggle to attain because you dream they are separate. They are not! Awaken from this dream and know that you are a creator. At this stage, there is no need to fight and struggle. It only creates tension and builds walls that keep you apart from what you want.

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