Dropping to Your Center – Connecting With the Infinite

Drop to your center quickly! When you stay up in your head that is when worries are able to consume you. Don’t think of the mind as being just up in the head. Mind and consciousness are spread throughout your body and into the Universe. When identified with the small body you feel limited and cut-off from the vastness that is the Universe.

Drop Down, put your energetic roots deeply into Mother Earth. Listen and feel. This does not require special technique, a special time and place. Do this now! Feel the connection. Let time and separation fall away. Let attachments to body and location fall away. They are no more real than the dreams you have at night. Awaken from the nightmare of lack and limitation. They are not yours!

But this is what I wake up to every morning!

Again, fall to your center! This is as close as we can get with the words and concepts you are familiar with. Go to the inner silence where words fall away. Feel the vibrations and currents of the earth. You are not apart from them. When you can lose yourself in dance and song you will begin to understand your true nature. The little self will fall away, allowing for the river of universal currents to flow through.

Understand your connection and you will never be bothered by worries and thoughts of limitation again. There is no end to the depths of what can be felt or intuited. It can go to the deepest and finest nuance of feeling. Understand this: you are not limited to the body and your beliefs! Touch the stars and stardust, be caressed by winds that whisper songs of infinite Love and Wisdom!

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