Accessing Your Higher Self – Your Life Song

Immerse yourself in the vibrations that swirl and dance within. Drop to your center and create! Can you feel the note that plays? It is an echo of the music that reverberates throughout the universe. Everything has a signature vibration, a note that comes out of the resonance of all that vibrates within and without. When you play the crystal singing bowls for groups, the resonance of each individual contributes to the overall resonant frequency. All that you are resonates as the note and song of your life.

Listen for and feel the vibration within. Out of your inner receptivity will emerge a note or vibration that is predominant over all others. This note is the total of all sounds swirling within and around you. If you continue to listen, you will notice certain harmonics emerging out of this conglomeration of sounds; music that can be heard. This is your song that goes out as a prayer. The more you allow and release this song, the more powerfully it will attract for you. This song is a prayer that has been wanting to express and attract since the beginning.

Everyone has their unique song. It is the sum total of all that a person is, along with all the desires and fears that may be attached. Chanting and the use of bells, gongs and singing bowls help to relax the attachments you may have to fears and desires, and also allows you to see and accept with detachment the lessons that come.

Is there a meditation that can be developed around the use of the bowls?

Yes, allow the bowls to balance and integrate your life song. Let your life note be magnified and cleared of all heaviness, dark fears and unnecessary attachments. Focus on the inner note and feel how it resonates with the bowls. Allow it to be magnified and sent out as your prayer. In a group setting allow that note to become part of the symphony of all notes playing, traveling out to touch the lives of all creatures and beings.

Your life note can be heard in all conditions and circumstances. Even now as you sit in your chair with noise and music in the background, still your song can be heard if you listen deeply within.

Familiarize yourself with the feel and texture of your unique note. It has a certain feel to it that can be used as a way to move your dreams forward and to melt away all blocks that you may run up against. Breathe in deeply and fall to your center just as in a deep meditation. Feel deeply the energy that plays within. It is your song. It goes on in its dance through all eternity and will guide and help you the more you allow yourself to melt into its vibration. Don’t let your worries and fears of the mind short-circuit the onward march of your intentions and dreams. Sing your song! It is the song of the Universe singing its melody of love. Let the false fall away. Move in the world as a free soul!

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