Accessing Your Higher Self – Playing With Energy

Your power is infinite! There are no limits save in your hesitancy and doubts. Create and allow the river of the Abundant Source to manifest the life of your dreams. Believe and allow. Let your doubts fall away. Play with energy. Mold it with your mind and even your hands. Create first with your imagination and then do not stop the flow of what comes forth. In your thoughts you can drink and eat what you want to manifest. In other words pretend you are eating and drinking abundance, in whatever form it may take, even in the form of money. It is all energy anyway. Visualize this and then feel the energetic flow of what is drawn to you. The magnet of your heart will attract whatever you desire. But be sure to draw to yourself clean and pure energy, energy untainted by the restlessness of greed and unhealthy attachments.

I’m realizing how much I want to create; to play music, write and paint. (I’m sitting here at Starbucks sipping coffee, writing and enjoying the songs by Marvin Gaye. I love the energy of funk and groove! It goes through the body and uplifts the spirit.

Do you know why today is so different from yesterday? Today you are resonating with the energy, the wave forms of beautiful music. Music is like receiving a shower of cleansing rain, an immersion into the river of healing vibrations. Isn’t it interesting that you cannot help move your body and legs in rhythm with the music? This is resonance and you can see that if you keep your thoughts and feelings on a particular intention, the power to move that intention forward is magnified. Use this knowledge to create what you want. It is another doorway for you to explore.

Why do you think you have always been attracted to the funk and groove of the bass guitar? Why do you think young people are so attracted to the stong beat of hip hop? It puts them into a deeply hypnotic state! Unfortunately, the messages may oftentimes communicate disharmony and restlessness to the subconscious. However, the very same medium of music can also be used to powerfully uplift and help individuals create at a high level if used in a way that stimulates the higher centers of the body and when meshed with positive thoughts and intentions.

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