Accessing Your Higher Self – Its always helping

Dear Higher Self, where are you?

Can you feel all that is in your immediate environment? It is speaking and revealing things beyond what the senses can pick up. It reflects back to you energy patterns that you are constantly sending out. Behind the white noise of all the comings and goings of the environment, there is the vibratory “standing waves” of the inner landscape that overlaps and meshes with the outer. Much energy is required to maintain this dream existence.
Feel the flow of this electricity through your body. Drop the concept of form that it implies. You are more than the body!

Close your eyes and feel the expansiveness of formlessness. Go deep beneath the layers of thought and form and feel your connection with the underlying power. Can you rest in the place within where thoughts fade away? Release the constant parade of thoughts that keep you tied to the world of distractions. Watch them come, and then watch them fade away, revealing the river of your infinite Being.

Release the hold you have on limitation! Take your finger out of the hole in the dam and let the powerful current of your creativity sweep away all fears and thoughts of lack. You are already free but dream you are captive in this dream world.

Well, it doesn’t seem to be enough to just affirm or think my freedom. I’ve been affirming and praying for years, visualizing and endeavoring to feel myself as already having what I desire. Somehow, there seems to be a missing ingredient in my efforts. What is it?

Can you understand the concept of momentum? Letting the energy of your creative thoughts move and manifest, bringing into form the very atoms of creation. The atoms can be brought together to build the castles of your creative thoughts. Let it flow; do not stop the power with your worries and doubts.

And yet, the money issue is very frustrating. I need some major shift to happen!

Yes, your whole mindset is in need of a major shift. You are still affected by the illusion of lack. It is real to you because your mind is still in the dream of lack and narrow money focus. It is still in the bottom line thinking that somehow money is separate from your inner life of creativity. You are still not convinced that your inner life is connected intimately with the outer manifestations of your financial life. When you are able to see the energies within as it interacts outwardly, you would see that your circumstances correspond directly with your inner life.

Our help is very near and constant. There is no need to worry! Again, it is our way to take you to the brink so that you will know and experience that our help is with you. Do not despair! Our help is near! Create! Do not close down into yourself. As you move energy, our blessings are magnified. Believe and create. Do not stop the process. The magnet is being charged. The shift of perspective will be so complete that you will not recognize yourself!

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