Accessing Your Higher Self – Awakening from Dreams of Limitation

Dear Higher Self, there’s so much I wish to accomplish and create: writing books, playing music, painting, doing Taiji, Qi Gong, overtone chanting. It goes on and on. The healing arts are also very important.

“The energy is strong and wishes to manifest in infinite ways. Keep your intentions clear. Continue your efforts to remain relaxed and open to the energetic channels within. The energy of itself will create a path for you as you continue to move forward with confidence and knowing. Your efforts will burn grooves of magnetic pathways that will draw to you the conditions and circumstances necessary for success. Keep up your prayers, intentions and actions. You will find that all doors will open. Do not stop or hinder the process for fear of what you may believe to be insurmountable difficulties. Your mind and body are never too old or inflexible. You are building strength and a powerful foundation that will support any dream. Age is never a deterrent. Open wide; your experience counts for much. Do not compare yourself with the minds of young people. You are as youthful and flexible as you will allow yourself to be. Great powers of concentration are yours. Believe in your ability to manifest, to be the creator that you are. Awaken now from the dream of limitation!

“Create everyday! Do this with great joy. Write with the energy that speaks through you. Feel deeply the thoughts and subtleties of breath and heartbeat. Ride along the pathways of your mind as it courses through the body. Go deeply within and feel! Create and practice everyday!

“Work and play are not separate. You can practice your art at all times. Listen for the cues as they arise in your consciousness. No limitation! Discard all thoughts of limitation. Focus upon the power that is always with you. Practice and feel the very electricity of your Being. It is there. Observe and touch the essence of that which animates you. You are the River of Energy that flows uninterruptedly. It is a river unstoppable in its course.

“Create from the deepest part of your Being, without restraint or restriction concerning worldly standards. Learn and develop technique but allow your wisdom and inner guide to give birth to the Creation that wishes to manifest. Create not from the vantage point of what others impose upon you but from the deepest fountain of your own inspiration.

“Currents of creative abundance swirl all around you. Visualize and hold clearly the path you wish to travel. The Universe responds to action! Hold a clear picture and intention of what you want. The life you envision is nearer that you can imagine. Do not let your fears and limited thinking imprison you into narrow bands of existence wherein options are at best extremely limited. You are a Creator! Shake off the dream of narrowness and limitation. Open up to the wide expanse of Freedom and the unlimited realms of imagination where all things are possible. Manifest now! Create now!

“The world is not really what you think or fear. The play of consciousness that is your world is a distillation of what you have come to believe in and accept. Change the pattern by letting go of the thoughts you hold so tightly to. Thought patterns have created grooves of energy that are difficult to dislodge. You can, however, create differently by focusing and feeling on a vastly wider and creative plane. It is all within your understanding and ability to do so. Move energy powerfully in the areas of your life you wish to expand upon. Learn to feel deeply, to gather and collect the creative electricity that will help build the environment and perceptions you envision for yourself. Hold to the vision and feelings of the life you know can be yours!”

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