Accessing Your Higher Self – Follow the River Within

It often seems that I hold back, not fully trusting myself to move forward with my dreams and inspirations. So not fun! Like being in a straight jacket after drinking 6 cups of coffee and then not being allowed to move to burn off the caffeine. Not that I’ve ever been in a real straight jacket, but the mind itself does quite well to create mental bars far more effective than physical prisons.

Have you ever felt like jumping out of your skin? This doesn’t happen often, but whenever I feel that I’m losing sight of the big picture–getting out of alignment with my goals–the mind does its “bounce around the walls” thing.

Dear Higher Self, please help me to understand and break through to the power that can help me manifest my dreams.

“You know about make-believe and the power of imagination wherein you can imagine any state of mind and feeling. To materialize your thoughts begin by understanding the waking state as a dream. All aspects of creation are a dream construct of solidified energy. You are the dreamer, dreaming a dream of limitation. Change the dream! Rearrange your circumstances by changing the thought patterns of your dream.

“If you gather your energies and channel them in the direction of what you want, you shall accomplish whatever you put your mind upon. Use the power and energies that are with you: emotions and desires. Channel all of these towards the accomplishment of your goals. You are a Creator. Use the energies that are with you now. Not in dissipation but as a way to push yourself beyond the narrow constrictions of limitation. Gather and focus! Focus! What you want is so very close. It just requires an openness and sensitivity to the energies within and the ability to concentrate that power upon any goal.

“As you follow the movement of the creative river within, infinite panoramas of the inner landscape come into view, vistas unlike anything you have ever experienced. Enjoy and bathe in the shower of sound and light that seems to fill all space and consciousness. Go deeper. Do not play in just one pool of the infinite ocean. Can you feel the swirling eddies of the laughing joy within? They move in ever-expanding circles of dancing colors. Feel deeply this play that goes on within. Listen to your bones as they vibrate to the sounds and lights of your environment. Feel your blood coursing through your body. It is all music! As you listen and follow the sound trail within, you will find friendly essences of an infinite spectrum of consciousness. As you befriend the many parts of yourself, so much is revealed and given to you. Accept with gratitude and make an offering of your friendship and love. Allow all creation to partake in the meal of your joy. It is a banquet made from the offering of your heart, of all your cherished fears that you now gladly release as kindling to the great bonfire of Love.”

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